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You can immediately start your food delivery or online food ordering system without building an app from scratch.

Food Delivery Software
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This food ordering software is all you need

You can kickstart your online food delivery or restaurant ordering system in a matter of a couple of days, even in a few hours for that matter! No need to look for another restaurant management software or even restaurant mobile app developers. This restaurant management system works out of the box (of course, branding changes are required). Here are more details:

  • Everything you are possibly going to need is incorporated already.

    Everything you are possibly going to need is incorporated already.

  • 100% customizable and complete branding.

    100% customizable and complete branding.

  • An unlimited number of users and admins can use the app at the same time.

    An unlimited number of users and admins can use the app at the same time.

  • Works across the spectrum – Android and iOS.

    Works across the spectrum – Android and iOS.

  • Built by a team of software programmers who has spent years making cutting-edge applications.

    Built by a team of software programmers who has spent years making cutting-edge applications.

  • Customization and implementation services come with the purchase.

    Customization and implementation services come with the purchase.

  • Completely scalable solution.

    Completely scalable solution.

  • Full support to run your app seamlessly.

    Full support to run your app seamlessly.

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Our Work Speak Louder than Words

Our customers love what we do

We love the satisfaction we get everyday by assisting our customer and launch their dream venture! Here some of our feedback from our valuable customers,

We love to tell several success stories heralded by SpotnEat, but here is just one of them.

Here is how Kabir not only saved his restaurant business, but built his empire with our hotel management software...

Kabir was running a small restaurant in the heart of Berlin. Things couldn't be better. There was busy traffic on two sides. People could see his signboard from a mile from both sides. Whether people were going to work in the morning or coming back in the evening or just passing by during any other part of the day, there was a constant hubbub inside the restaurant and even on the pavement where he had placed a few tables and chairs to let his loyal customers enjoy the sun.

Suddenly, a couple of years ago, his cash register began to worry him. In the beginning, the shrinking margins weren't alarming, but within a few months, there was a visible change. Fewer people came to his restaurant and even those who came, just wanted to sit in the sun and have some snacks and beverages. There was a 50% reduction in the inflow within four months and within six months, he could count on his fingers the number of customers coming to his restaurant.

The way people had food was fast changing. Nobody had patients to drop by, sit, order the food, and then wait for it. His girlfriend who worked in an IT consulting company, told him that a couple of online for delivery apps had been launched by two start-ups in Berlin and most of the people preferred to order their food and beverages through the apps.

In the beginning Kabir couldn't understand why people were using apps rather than visiting the restaurant and enjoying the ambience. Then he read a few articles in the New York Times about how people's preferences were in a constant flux and these days instead of spending time in a restaurant, people would rather do something more productive and get their food delivered wherever they wanted. Within a few taps in a mobile phone or through a website, food can be ordered whether one is in the office, at home, or even when luxuriously sitting in a park.

Another benefit of using mobile apps, especially from the point of view of restaurant owners and hotel owners was that less space was needed for customers and instead, that space could be used for preparing and storing different varieties of food items and beverages. He couldn't wait to have his own food delivery management software developed.

By the time he realized that fewer customers were coming to his restaurant and his margins were shrinking, he had already wasted almost a year. He didn't have much money left to hire a team of competent programmers and developers who could build him robust the restaurant management software that would enable him to control his business through his mobile phone from a 360° angle. He was also aware that no matter how great a team of developers is, there is always a chance of the entire project going haywire, wasting time and money in the process. Therefore, he wanted something that could be used out-of-the-box and yet, completely customizable.

His girlfriend who, as we have told above, worked in an IT consulting company, told him that he must check out SpotnEats, a fully functional food delivery and food ordering software that will enable him to completely bypass the need of hiring a restaurant app development company. Her own IT consulting company had recommended SpotnEats to a number of international clients.

After carefully going through the details and having an interaction with the promoters of SpotnEats, he was ready to purchase the software within an hour. Aside from providing the details he didn't have to do much. The promoters of the restaurant online ordering system installed the software on their own and carried out all the branding changes. They even customize the admin dashboard, incorporated the digital wallet and created the digital menu for him.

He immediately realized the immense potential. Once the app was set up and was made ready to be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple's App Store, he started calling up his old customers and prompting them to try out his app. He also used a local PR agency to get flyers distributed in the middle part of the Berlin city from where most of his customers came.

His restaurant was already loved. People loved his food. People remembered him as a pleasant person. Once they came to know that his food was available through an app, they lapped up the opportunity very fast. Soon he was cooking and delivering as much food as he was selling when people used to throng at his restaurant. In fact, even the foot traffic increased now that people knew that it was very convenient to get food and beverages from his restaurant. Within a few months he was selling more food than he was selling before the introduction of the mobile apps and the consequent reduction in the footfall.

Once he grasped all the functions of his hotel management software, he realized that the sky was the limit when it came to delivering food and beverages. People could get delivered food, flowers, bottled water, bakery items, pharmacy products, and even alcohol and medical marijuana for that matter.

There were a few more restaurants and eateries who were going through the same experience but were not comfortable with the idea of getting a food delivery management system of their own. Kabir visited them one by one and offered to manage their online delivery business for them. All they had to do was cook the food and hand it over to the delivery boy or delivery girl. They were ready to give him a small cut. Even that small cut turned into a very big amount when the number of online orders increased.

It's been a year since he purchased SpotnEats food ordering and food delivery management software. He is negotiating to purchase another restaurant across the road.

Why should you need this food delivery management system?

  • SpotnEats is as cutting-edge as it gets. It is constantly being upgraded to add new features expected by tech savvy users.
  • All forms of digital payments including digital wallets, debit and credit cards, net banking and in many cases, even cryptocurrency options are available.
  • The delivery software can be diversified to accommodate every OnDemand business.
  • It is completely customizable. No one will ever be able to tell you are using off-the-shelf delivery software.
  • 100% support is available. Right from installing the software on the server to customization and App Store listings, the promoters of SpotnEats offer you a complete solution.
  • The native technologies that are used to build the software enable your users and administrators to use your mobile app on their preferred device whether they have an iPhone or an Android-powered device
  • Customized dashboards for different admins.
  • Supports multiple languages so, no matter where you are, you can use our food delivery management system in your own language
  • Change menu and delivery rates on-the-fly: even if you have multiple hotels and restaurants their individual prices can be set.
  • Real-time data is available to different users according to their access levels.
  • Multiple admins can run their own teams under them.
  • Ongoing support available even when the software has been installed and is running.
  • Future upgrades are available.

Download the software now and build a robust food delivery business within hours.

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SpotnEats gives you a complete set of features for all user levels

Simple & Elegant UI

Simple & Elegant UI

Make your users fall in love with your food ordering app. Smooth functions, striking appearance, fully utilizing native abilities.

Easy to Order

Easy to Order

Ordering food and other items must be as easy as consuming them. Orders can be placed within a few taps even amidst massive distractions.

Live tracking & ETA

Live tracking & ETA

Reassure your customers by allowing them to "visually" track the food delivery person and giving them an estimate of in how much time the food will be delivered.

In-app feedback

In-app feedback

Within the interface SpotnEats allows your customers to leave feedback on the quality of the food and even on the quality of the delivery, with zero difficulty.

Speedy interface and quick orders

The success of every app depends on the ease of use and the speed of various elements. Both attributes provided by SpotnEats by default.

Credit card processing integration

SpotnEats users can either use their credit cards to make payments after placing orders or they can save their money in the SpotnEats wallet to make payments even easier. We can help with integration.

Preferred restaurants

To speed up the food and drinks ordering process, your customers can save their preferred restaurants.

Custom profiling

After creating the accounts, your customers can manage their own profiles without much fuss. These profiles can also be managed by administrators.

Online/off-line status

Availability management

The delivery drivers can manage their own schedule using their dashboard. It makes it easier for them as well as other stakeholders to manage deliveries.

Route optimization

Route optimization

The speed and efficiency of your food delivery system depends on the routes your delivery drivers take. The app can help them optimize their routes for speedier and maximum delivery.

Instant orders

Instant orders

The delivery drivers can receive Visual menu building so that they can either contact the pickup points or modify their routes as per requirement, saving time in the process.

Connect customers by call

Connect customers by call

The delivery drivers can call customers from within the app to confirm orders or get additional information. Even customers can call the delivery drivers within the app.

Elaborate menu details

This feature helps the delivery drivers take extra precautions when delivering certain food items to make sure that they are not spoiled during transit or don't get cold due to an erroneous route.

Accurate earnings

Earnings being a big deciding factor in employee satisfaction, the delivery drivers can maintain and monitor their earnings in real time.

Complete order history

The delivery drivers can go through the complete order history immediately after logging into their account, helping them plan better and improve their delivery routes.

Profile management

The delivery drivers can manage their own profiles including contact information, photo ID, educational background, work experience and testimonials.

Performance analytics

Performance analytics

Find out how your business is growing in real time and where you can incorporate improvements.

Visual menu building

Visual menu building

An intuitive and visual interface to create custom menus with multiple images and pricing.

Quick access to orders

Quick access to orders

Restaurant managers can quickly access the orders to coordinate multiple deliveries according to the best possible routes and the availability of food and beverage items.

Unlimited orders and categories

Unlimited orders and categories

There is no limit to the number of orders that can be accepted under different categories and no limit to the number of categories that can be created.

Branch-based management

Restaurant chains can manage multiple branches of their outlets and delivery points within a single interface.

Set additional tax value

Restaurant owners can add additional tax values that can be changed per the requirement for either individual food items or complete orders.

Commission management

Individual restaurants can decide on their own how much commission they want to pay to the food delivery system or individual delivery drivers.

Flexible menu management

The menu items can be changed on the fly. Multiple food images with their variable pricing systems can be added and modified as and when needed.

Automatic logistics

Automatic logistics

Admins can assign tasks, organize and manage schedules, oversee dispatches and manage multiple orders through automating repetitive tasks and creating batch processes.

Customers management

Powerful analytics

Real-time data analysis and report generation to help admins formulate best possible routes and organize fleets of delivery drivers.

Supervision of customers, delivery partners and restaurants

Supervision of customers, delivery partners and restaurants

Everything from a single interface but through multiple dashboards. Monitoring is possible to minutest details of every aspect.

Sales report generation

Sales report generation

Daily, weekly, monthly or custom duration reports can be generated to know the performances and the amount of business being generated by your business as a whole or by individual restaurants and food outlets.

Accurate financial statements

Facilitate accounting from within the system to make creating balance sheets and financial statements easier as and when needed.

Track sales

Keep a finger on the financial pulse of your business by the ability of tracking sales organized under different restaurants and different branches.

Cloud-based system

Manage everything through a cloud-based system, freeing yourself from PCs and other devices. Work from multiple locations without duplicating data.

Multiple branches for a single restaurant

Accurately track and manage food supply outlets even when these outlets belong to a single restaurant through the multiple branches management system of the food order delivery software.


Add-on features of Our Food Delivery Management Software

Instant Customer Support Service
Gift Cards and Loyalty Program
Blockchain Payment Mode
Subscription Mode of Restaurants
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Custom features and add-ons that can be incorporated into the SpotnEats software solution.

  • Multiple mode registration

    Allow your users to register themselves using their mobile number, email ID or even their social media profiles. They can register from their mobile phones as well as your website.

  • In app wallet feature

    Allow your users to add money to your wallet to enable them to pay on-the-fly when ordering food and beverages.

  • Book your own table

    You can allow your users to book specific tables before they visit a restaurant or hotel to save them time and inconvenience. Provisions for hotel owners and customers within the interface to achieve that.

  • Order food as guest

    Even if some of your users don't want to register and maintain their profiles within the software, they can order food as guests.

  • Eagle view to track orders

    The customers can see, graphically, the delivery driver moving along the digital map to see where he or she has reached

  • Schedule your food delivery

    You can create custom schedules that cannot be defined using conventional scheduling methods.

  • In app promotions

    Promote restaurants, food items and various other promo codes to increase your business and encourage people to join your mobile app.

  • Currency as per the restaurant

    Individual currencies can be assigned to different restaurants if you plan to run your mobile app for different countries but from a single location.

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Different ways to make money with the SpotnEats food ordering software

  • Commission for every delivery

    You can charge a commission for every delivery made by the member restaurants and hotels.

  • Promoting restaurants on homepage

    You can charge different restaurants and hotels to showcase their listings on the homepage of the mobile app or even on your website.

  • Food suggestions

    You can charge a fee for suggesting foods as soon as people log into your mobile app.

  • Banner ads

    You can allow restaurants and hotels to display banner ads based on regions and categories

  • Menu creation

    In case some restaurants and hotel owners are uncomfortable with creating visual manuals, you can help them and charge money for them.

  • Referral commission

    You can share revenue with delivery drivers and restaurant and hotel owners for recommending customers and members to the app.

  • Extra customization

    If some hotels and restaurants require extra customization and branding, you can do that on your end and charge them extra.

  • Profile maintenance

    You can maintain profiles of restaurant and hotel owners for them to optimize their listings and help customers find them quickly.

  • Customer recommendations

    You can recommend individual customers to hotels and restaurants, charging a commission in the process.

  • Using digital wallet capital

    Not everyone will use the money that they add to their SpotnEats digital wallets. You can use this money to grow your business further.

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What is included in the Food Delivery Software?

  • Food delivery app Food delivery app
  • Both Android & iOS versions Both Android & iOS versions
  •  Web/browser admin panel Web/browser admin panel to allow you and your users conduct business from PC and laptop browsers
  • App interface for users Web & App interface for users (for placing orders and tracking orders)
  • App interface for restaurant owners and managers Interface for restaurant owners and managers
  • App interface for delivery partners and vehicle owners App interface for delivery partners and vehicle owners

This is the best food ordering and delivery software you can get anywhere, it is as good as it gets.

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Our online food ordering and restaurant management software development process

You are in the food business or any other business with a probable distribution system. We understand that you're not in the business of software development and exactly with this understanding we have built our cutting-edge restaurant management system and food delivering and food ordering software.

Although it works out-of-the-box, every serious business needs some level of customization and branding. We can help you with installation. We can help you with customization. We can even help you with listings. Just let us know your requirement and we are pretty sure we are going to be able to meet it. Along with the food ordering software, you will get

  • Installation and setting up of the software.
  • Customization and branding completely specific to your business.
  • Customization and designing of individual screens to any level of requirement.
  • Tailored maintenance contract based on your needs.
  • Testing and deployment of the entire software module and its various components on multiple platforms including iOS and Android (and Web – cloud).
  • Final stress testing, deployment and approval and afterwards, ongoing maintenance (for a fee, contract-based).
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The SpotnEats technology stack

Frequently Asked Questions

What is food ordering system?

The food ordering system comprises an admin web panel and mobile apps for customer, delivery partner, and vendor that enables end customers to order food and get dishes at their doorstep.

Does this online food delivery management system come at a fixed price?

The basic price is fixed but the final pricing depends on the level of customization and branding required and the handholding required afterwards.

Why is it better to purchase the software solution rather than build one from scratch?

When you build a software solution from scratch you are never sure how it is going to end. How capable is your development team, you never know unless you have worked with it for a few months and by the time you realize that things are not working, you have spent lots of time and money. Also, for a layman it is very difficult to conceive all the features that are typically present in a delivery software solution of such a scale. Since we have developed this full-fledged framework, every possible feature has been included, including the possibility of adding add-ons. If you build such a system from scratch, you will end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and many months, and even after that, it is not sure that you will have a viable product in your hand.

What is the advantage of online food ordering system?

The advantages of using an online food ordering system include convenience, increased sales, better customer experience, improved efficiency, and access to customer data.

How does food delivery software work?

The software transmits customer orders to restaurants which then prepare and package the food. A delivery driver picks up the food and delivers it to the customer. The software supports this process with its seamless features.

Can I run international operations with this restaurant online ordering system?

Yes, you can. This restaurant management software accommodates multiple currencies and multiple languages and even different tax systems for that matter.