Uber clone app script with more features and versatility than the original Uber app

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Uber Clone
Uber clone app

What is Uber Clone App?

The Uber clone script is a ready-to-use taxi booking app solution that enables entrepreneurs to expand their business by reaching a larger audience. It transforms the traditional taxi booking business quickly and makes taxis available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our white label uber clone script is a customizable solution that can be used by any type of business. Here are some of the obvious reasons why you should choose our uber clone app.

  • Completely white label source code that has been originally written.

    Completely white label source code that has been originally written.

  • Saves you months of hard work with every possible on-dmand feature incorporated.

    Saves you months of hard work with every possible on-dmand feature incorporated.

  • The Uber clone app script is available for both Android and iOS.

    The Uber clone app script is available for both Android and iOS.

  • 100% scalability according to the size of your business.

    100% scalability according to the size of your business.

  • Internationalize with different languages and currencies with just a few changes.

    Internationalize with different languages and currencies with just a few changes.

  • Highly robust and already tested by multiple businesses..

    Highly robust and already tested by multiple businesses..

  • Enables you to spend money on business growth instead of app development..

    Enables you to spend money on business growth instead of app development..

  • Gives you the best of all the cab sharing apps in the contemporary world.

    Gives you the best of all the cab sharing apps in the contemporary world.

Our Work Speak Louder than Words

What Makes Us a First-rated Uber Clone App from Other Providers?

App like Uber have empowered the taxi hailing industry globally and provide endless opportunities for the entrepreneurs to generate high profit in the past few years. Enormous costs have been involved in the development of taxi booking app like Uber and required a team of developers to bring the app into reality.

Our years of experience in developing the Uber clone give us the ability to bring your dream into reality with appropriate taxi booking app solutions at an affordable price. With our white label Uber clone script, you can set up your online taxi booking business faster and get to the current market trends. The listed perks made SpotnEats uber clone app first rated service from other providers.

  • 100% compatibility not just among different operating systems but also among different models and screen sizes.
  • All the mainstream functions of the apps become available to users instantly.
  • Secure transactions with full confidentiality of private information.
  • Instant payments through multiple modes and a digital wallet for easier payments.
  • Highly attractive and easy-to-use layout that makes booking cabs fun.
  • Visual cues to make it easier for users to adopt the app as early as possible.

How Does Our White Label Uber Clone Script Work?

Like a typical on-demand mobile app the Uber clone app script (or rather, the mobile app made out of that) is always at your beck-and-call. Below we have listed the basic flow and functions (capabilities) of our Uber clone app script.

user registration

1. User Registration

The general users and travellers can register themselves by simply using their mobile phones. For drivers and cab owners, the process may be subject to your approval.

cab booking

2. Cab booking

The user or the traveller can book the cab with a single tab. The Uber clone app script automatically picks the location using GPS coordinates.

Cab Availability

3. Cab availability

With the inbuilt location features, the app immediately searches for available drivers in the vicinity.

Driver Alert

4. Alert to drivers

An alert is sent to the drivers in the area who have marked themselves as available to invite them to acknowledge.

User Alert

5. Alert to user

As soon as one of the cab drivers acknowledges, an alert is sent to the user about the availability of the cab.

Map Tracking

6. Map tracking

The user can see the cab icon moving on the map with the location labels. Distance and speed are used to calculate the tentative time of the cab arrival


7. Pick up

The user is picked up from his or her location. Waiting charges are automatically added as per the adjustments.

GPS Tracking

8. GPS

The inbuilt routing feature allows the driver to reach the destination without asking for directions.


9. Drop

The traveller is dropped at the destination once the journey is over. Automatic entries are made into the Uber clone app.


10. Payment

If the traveller is using the clone app digital wallet, the payment is automatically deducted otherwise, debit/credit card, net banking, cash or UPI can be used for payment.


11. Commission

As per the preprogrammed calculations, commission is deducted from the payment the traveller makes to the driver and added to the app owner's account.

12. Review

After the successful trip completion, the traveller hosts the review about traveling experience with this option. This is helpful to identify the top-ranked player easily.

Top Reasons to Choose Our Uber Clone App Script for Your Cab Sharing Business

  • No programming knowledge required.
  • Very short time to market if you want to launch your cab sharing business urgently.
  • Full internationalization with multiple languages and multiple currencies.
  • Very little upfront investment.
  • Same app installation can be used to run localized as well as multilocation cab sharing businesses.
  • Fully customizable and printable Uber clone app script.
  • High-level reporting of all major events taking place inside the app.
  • Hierarchical management of admins and sub-admins.
  • Pre-existing choice of layouts and icons.

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Uber Clone Script

Top Notch Features of Our Uber Clone App


For Customers



Customers/users can conveniently mark pickup and drop-off locations using an interactive digital map.



Users can pick from various categories of cars and cabs available in the area for pickup. These can include exclusive to multi passenger cars.



Users can choose to be picked instantly or they can schedule their booking for some time in the future.



You can use promo codes to encourage users to use your service or sign up for it.



Users can track the movement of the pickup cab when it is approaching their location. The loved ones can also track the movement of the cab once the traveller is on his or her way.



Users can save money in the Uber clone app wallet to make it convenient to pay for regular use.



Multiple bookings can be made for the same location if there are more travellers. Multiple bookings can also be scheduled.



Also, multi currency. This is so that you can run your business internationally, in multiple countries.




Drivers can display their update – whether they are available or not – with just a single tap.



The drivers can keep track of their earnings through their profile or through the dashboard. They can also generate reports.



A user can directly request a driver for a trip and the notification is sent to the driver.



In case there is a need, the driver can contact the customer through the call feature within the app.



Drivers can use the Google or the Waze map navigation system to find their way around.



The drivers can raise a payment request once they have collected substantial savings.



Drivers can send an SOS message with a single tap in case they are stranded or if there is another emergency.



Drivers can rate their customers on behavior and conduct when travelling.

Delivery Partners





Manage referrals from customers and drivers and compensate them for their contribution.



Separate section to manage customers; update details, block/unblock, payment reports and much more.



Separate section to manage drivers; activate/deactivate drivers, evaluate performance, generate reports, verify, and much more.



Create new promocodes and manage existing promocodes to encourage new signups and customer onboarding.



Make payments to drivers. Make adjustments. Calculate commissions. Deduct expenses.



Create and maintain email templates to send out automatically or manually for different triggers and occasions.



Access all your important documents at a single digital location.



Broadcast announcements to all drivers, users and stakeholders. Send out pre-saved announcements.

What are Our New Add-on Uber Clone App Features?

Smart Payment Gateway
Surge-Pricing Model
In-app Analytics
Customization As Per Needs
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High-end Key-features of Our Uber Clone App

  • Push notifications

    Keep your users (drivers and travelers) engaged and informed by sending them timely or automated notifications through their mobile apps.

  • Refer a friend

    Use customer loyalty to grow your business faster. Increase users to invite their friends to use their mobile app for booking cabs and even incentivize them.

  • Surge pricing

    Increase your revenue when there is a surge in demand. You can set up automatic triggers that increases the pricing based on the number of people trying to book the cabs.

  • Banner advertising

    Diversify revenue generation by allowing people and drivers to advertise on your home screen by publishing digital banners.

  • Dynamic document upload

    Documents like toll receipts and licenses can be uploaded in real-time by simply using the phone camera.

  • Heatmap

    Focus on areas that have lots of drivers and users active and manage surge pricing for those specific areas.

  • Ride hailing

    Allow your users to hail cabs from drivers that are present in the area and who are registered in your mobile app.

  • Onetime card

    Users can gift a ridesharing card to their friends that can be monetized when the receiver uses the app for booking a cab.

Whitelabel Uber Clone App

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What will you Attain from Our Uber Clone App?

  • The complete scriptThe complete script and the framework.
  • Android and iOS versionsAndroid and iOS versions as well as the web version.
  •  Web/browser admin panelA fully developed interface/dashboard to manage every aspect of your mobile app.
  • App interface for usersDedicated interfaces/dashboards for admins, drivers, and riders.
  • App interface for restaurant owners and managersAdvanced reporting engine to generate diversified reports.
  • App interface for delivery partners and vehicle ownersPayment integration for real-time payments.

This is the best Uber clone app you can get anywhere, it is as good as it gets.

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This is what the customers have to say about our Uber clone app script.

Technologies used in our product

Frequently asked questions about Uber clone app script

I need to set up my cab sharing business really fast. Can the Uber clone app script help?

It can definitely help you if you want to start your cab sharing business as soon as possible. Everything in the app framework already works. You can have a barebones version immediately by deploying the script itself. Of course, you will need some modifications in terms of branding and customization, but if you can afford to start your business without that, you can allow your users and cab drivers to start registering and using the app within a few days. Then, once people have started using your app, you can make the other changes.

Since it is a clone app, is it just for experimentation or can I run a real business?

This is an Uber clone app script in the sense that it works and functions like the original Uber app. In no way it is something less than the original app. In fact, it has more features than the original app because it has been developed after carefully observing what the original Uber app lacks. You cannot just run one real business; you can run multiple real businesses with our Uber clone app script.

What about handling money? Does this app facilitate monetary transactions?

It does. You will need to get merchant banking approvals of course, but as far as the technology goes, everything you need to handle payments or distribute commissions to your drivers, is present in the app. The users will be able to make payments using multiple modes such as debit and credit cards, your own app-based digital wallet (they will need to add funds first), net banking and cash.

How much is the final cost of setting up the mobile app through the Uber clone app script?

You can contact us to know the pricing of the app. If you need add-ons, they may cost you a bit more. If you want to hire our developers for customization, branding and other business-specific changes, this will add to the cost. Even after adding all these costs, the final cost is going to be way less than getting an Uber-like app developed from scratch.

Will I be able to control everything from a single dashboard?

Yes. Whether you are a single admin or you have multiple admins working under you, everyone gets a dashboard. Through your dashboard, you can control every single aspect of your mobile app business such as drivers, riders, referrals, payments, pricing, payments & commissions, activating/deactivating users and drivers, background checks, document management and reporting

Do I need to be tech savvy to run my cab sharing business with the Uber clone app script?

Basically, you’re running a technology business. A little bit of knowledge is needed although you don’t need any knowledge to get the cab sharing app setup and make it available for people to download and install. You can partner with us for ongoing maintenance. You don’t need to know any programming language. But at least, you should be able to understand how technology in your niche controls the business dynamics. Other than that, nothing much.