Aggregate A Wide Range Of Floor Cleaning Equipments By The SpotnEats App Solution To Scale-Up Flooring Business

We all know that time is money, and if we keep wasting our time by providing all our energy into cleaning the floor, then we are not able to do other priority tasks in our day to day life right? Yes, so getting adapted to the modern floor cleaning equipment is the solution that will benefit you to save time and save money for a long period of time.

  • The industrial survey on the floor cleaning equipment’s market size was valued to be 5.38 bn USD at the end of 2018. 
  • It is also expected to show a further growth of 8.5% CAGR from the year 2019 to 2025.

The rise of the floor cleaning equipment has also brought the demand for the delivery business model too. If you’re interested in upgrading your business or looking for an on-demand delivery service then you’re at the right place. This blog is all about the floor cleaning equipment delivery business and floor cleaning equipment delivery app solution.

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Demand For The Floor Cleaning Equipment In Today Market

For many people, brooms and mops are the greatest way to clean the floor but for many businesses, the labor costs more. It can be associated with the manual cleaning machines which give greater experience and make your floor more better than a broom cleaning. It doesn’t mean that buying a broom than a machine is saving costs.

You’re wasting your time by buying a broom and mops from the store, commercial cleaning equipment are easily eliminating the dirt and dust in a few minutes without any effects. Today,  there are plenty of options in the floor cleaning equipment which have long-lasting batteries and gradually remove the dust from the floor.

Reasons why you should get adapted with the cleaning machines than brooms and mops as follows

  • Reduces the labor cost – Mostly the labourers are used to charge the pay according to the floors. They won’t consider whether it is a small or large floor. For example, they used to charge the same amount of pay for the 13,000 square feet floor and 4,000 square feet floor. But, a machine cleans more than 100,000 square feet in an hour.
  • Brooms and mops don’t make the floor clean – Mostly, when we are moving the mops from one area to another some dust will be retained. When you get adapted with the machine it will make the floor evenly clean and clear. The survey has proven that mops and brooms only make the floor 65% clean but a machine can make it 95% clean.

People are in need of the doorstep service. If you’re already owning a floor cleaning equipment business, then it is the right time for you to upgrade your store with an on-demand application to double and triple the business growth for more profit. Here, in SpotnEats, you will be getting one such service with all amenities.

How SpotnEats app solution helps the floor cleaning equipment delivery service startup

In SpotnEats, you will be getting an app solution at a reasonable price with all amenities to run your business more successfully. The main function of the SpotnEats mobile app for floor cleaning equipment delivery is to match the service providers and delivery agents more fast with the possible ways. 

In addition to the fast matching algorithm, the SpotnEats floor cleaning equipment delivery app solution offers a number of benefits for both the service providers and the customers. Here let me list out the aspects you will be benefited by choosing SpotnEats product for your app-based business.

  1. Quick and attractive – Usually the delivery process will take nearly 24 hours due to poor development of algorithms. This has been covered in the SpotnEats app solution by matching the right delivery agents who are nearby and ready to take the order. The app is developed with the latest designing tools so gathering attention is made simple with our app solution.
  2. Convenient and simple – Spotneats gives 100% convenient to the customers from placing an order to paying the service charge for the placed orders.  In between these processes, the customers are also allowed to track their placed orders in real-time. To gather the attention of all aged groups, our application interfaces are also made simple with the understandable icons and clear text.
  3. Transparent and cheap – To make the service more effective we have integrated the mutual rating system so that it brings the better visibility and trust. Moreover, the service providers and you as an admin can monitor those feedbacks. Since the on-demand model is getting adapted with the independent delivery agents, Our app solution is affordable and saves the cost for the delivery agents.

In SpotnEats for floor cleaning equipments delivery service startup, you will be getting four interfaces namely Shopper’s application (iOS and Android), delivery, driver’s application (iOS and Android), Retailer’s application (iOS and Android), and Centralized admin panel. These four interfaces act together to enhance business growth and revenue.

Your app works the same like that of the on-demand food delivery service, the customers have to download and do the account activation to begin the service. Then, they are allowed to check the nearby service provider to place their needed things for floor cleaning. Once they place the order they have to pay for the ordered equipment.

The essential features of SpotnEats floor cleaning equipment delivery app solution bring all benefits to your doorstep

  • Service authentication – Nowadays, most of the application has a social media integration to make the login purpose and service activation faster. This lets the customers get their needs quick and simple with just a tap on their social media accounts. Your application also gives the same feature with multiple social media choices.
  • Matching algorithms – One of the niche things that has been rightly developed in your app service. The delivery agents will be matched according to their distance and order to the nearby stores. This reduces the long-distance and it reduces the time consuming to give effective results.
  • Order basket – This feature includes the ability to place the orders by the customers as much as they need. There is no limit in the order basket features therefore the customers are also allowed to buy the bulky orders. This feature also includes basic info namely pick-up and drop location, price, dealer’s info, etc.
  • Correct GPS track – Your application gives the ability to the customers to track their order process and location in real-time. They get to know about the order’s acceptance, packages, and the time of arrival in this feature itself. This is considered as one of the core features in the on-demand delivery business so it has been crafted very finely. 
  • In-app message/call – To bring the trust among the customers and the service providers, this feature has been developed and integrated. The customers are allowed to re-scheduled their orders or contact the driver with this feature. This won’t let you reveal your personal number but it can be done once the order is accepted by the service provider. 
  • Possible payment options – Today cardless payment (online payment) has become a common thing and that has been gaining popularity among the people. Your application has both the flexible options either the customers can pay for their orders through online or direct cash after delivery.
  • Personal profile and push notification – This feature includes the order history and the service rating they have given to the service providers and delivery agents. Other than that it shows the personal info and their payment details. The customers are also allowed to get the instant updates and offers in this feature. 

Bottom line

Choosing SpotnEats will be your best first step to lay on the solid on-demand industry with the best app solution. In the SpotnEats floor cleaning equipment delivery app solution, it includes all the necessary features and good visual prototypes to give a clear vision of your product. 

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