Start your own food delivery business with this Foodpanda and UberEats clone app

SpotnEats allows you to start a mobile-app-based food delivery business without having to invest in your own app, which can be very expensive and ridden with bugs.

SpotnEats UberEats Clone Script
UberEats or Foodpanda clone app

Why it makes sense to use an UberEats clone app?

Most of such businesses are derailed because it is very difficult to build such an app from scratch. With an UberEats or Foodpanda clone app, you can start your online food delivery business within a matter of a few days.

  • Completely brandable and customizable.

    Completely brandable and customizable.

  • Capable of handling massive activity simultaneously

    Capable of handling massive activity simultaneously.

  • Available for both Android and iOS.

    Available for both Android and iOS.

  • Can be used out of the box with little effort.

    Can be used out of the box with little effort.

  • Completely prebuilt and scalable UberEats clone app.

    Completely prebuilt and scalable UberEats clone app.

  • Tested on multiple businesses and has been performing flawlessly.

    Tested on multiple businesses and has been performing flawlessly.

  • Completely administrable and manageable through a dedicated admin panel.

    Completely administrable and manageable through a dedicated admin panel.

  • Full customization, deployment and maintenance support.

    Full customization, deployment and maintenance support.

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How our UberEats clone app has the potential to completely transform your business

Here is a small story…

The idea of starting a food delivery service had come to Kiran’s mind even before people had heard about services like Foodpanda and then UberEats. He tried a few web app developers. He had his restaurant and fast food business but due to the unsuitable location, he couldn’t grow beyond a point. Whoever came to his restaurant loved his food, but he wasn’t getting many local customers. He thought, if people couldn’t come to his restaurant, he could deliver the food to them.

Thrice he tried to start an online food delivery business but each time the web app failed to see the light of the day. Third time, when he had almost lost his restaurant business because he had spent too much effort and money on getting a food delivery website setup, he gave up.

The arrival of Foodpanda and UberEats again triggered his strong desire to start his own food. Instead of a website, he thought it’d be better to launch a mobile app because more people were ordering food from their mobile phones.

Then he came across SpotnEats.

He spent some days interacting with different app development companies and then finally he decided to hire one.

For two months they worked on the app, but they couldn’t even build a basic version. Besides, an average app has a long list of features, which his development team would take more than a year to implement. No user would use an app that didn’t have the features and flexibility offered by the Foodpanda and UberEats food ordering apps. After spending close to $5,000 he abandoned the project.

Then one day he was searching for similar apps on the web. He wanted to see how other businesses were getting their ideas implemented. In one of the forums he came across a link to the SpotnEats Foodpanda and UberEats clone script.

The app works straight out-of-the-box.

Having tried multiple times to first get a web app built and then a mobile app, and despite repeated failures, he was a bit uncomfortable about using a clone app. But then he read more, on other websites. He read how a clone app is not a rip off, it was just a framework to build something totally unique.

HIn the SpotnEats app, all the features present in any app like Foodpanda or UberEats were already there. These were standard features expected across the board. If everyone wants these features, why reinvent the wheel each time one needs a new app? Why not use the prebuilt framework of the clone app and then through branding and customization, turn it totally into your own food delivery mobile app.

He started interacting with the promoters of the SpotnEats UberEats clone script and within a week, he was able to test his own food delivery script on his mobile phone.

He purchased the script and got it customized from the same food app clone developers.

It’s been 5 months since then. He has been using the app not just to deliver food from his own restaurant, but also other hotels and restaurants in the city, creating a complete, parallel business. The Foodpanda clone app has made him so much money just through food delivery from other restaurants, that he is thinking of opening another restaurant in another part of the city.

Want to know how Rodriguez achieved that?

What is unique and awesome about the SpotnEats UberEats clone app?

  • No technical knowledge needed.
  • Works out-of-the-box so you can try it out immediately.
  • International standards in customization and branding.
  • Very affordable.
  • Works on multiple mobile operating systems and leverages native OS capabilities.
  • Manage multiple aspects of your food delivery business on the fly.
  • Multiple payment solutions including digital wallet and cryptocoins.
  • Different admin dashboards for different sections including delivery vehicles, users and the main admin.
  • Detailed reporting and order/delivery history.

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360-degree features in this power-packed Foodpanda and UberEats clone app

Simple, intuitive user experience

Simple, intuitive user experience

Very important for quick user acquisition. Very easy, very simple to use. Registration just with the mobile phone or an email.

Seamless browsing

Seamless browsing

Multiple and interactive ways of browsing for food items and restaurants.

Multi-angle details

Multi-angle details

All possible details about restaurants and their individual menus with tappable checkout buttons.

Real-time order tracking

Real-time order trackin

Using interactive maps, users can track the movement of their orders in real-time.

Instant notifications

Users can be instantly notified of the placement of their orders, the orders being picked, the place where the order is right now, and the arrival at the destination.

Favorating food items, restaurants and orders

Make it possible for users to order their favorite food items instantly by enabling them to “favorite” their actions and choices.

Easy payments

Multiple payment options available including credit and debit cards, net banking, UPI and digital wallets.

Easy access to order history

Registered users can immediately access their order history.

Online/off-line status

Online/off-line status

Drivers can register their online/off-line status so that no scheduling conflicts happen, and users can receive flawless service.

Instant requests from customers

Instant requests from customers

Drivers can receive instant alerts on their dashboards if a customer has asked for a delivery.

Live pickup and delivery details

Live pickup and delivery details

The drivers can instantly get pickup and delivery details so that they can immediately decide what best route to take.

Restaurant order preparation updates

Restaurant order preparation updates

It immensely helpful to the drivers if they know the status of the food being prepared so that they can optimize their drives.

Real-time updates on driver movement to customers

Customers can track the movement of the driver and consequently, of their order, on their mobile phones, on the live map.

Orders management

Drivers get their individual dashboard to manage and track the orders they have committed themselves to.

Earning management

As added incentive, allow your drivers to track their earnings in real-time with the UberEats clone app.

Profile management

Drivers can manage their profiles using a friendly interface. They can enter their names, vehicle types, nameplates, licence numbers, and other bits of information.

Opening hours management

Opening hours management

Restaurants and fast food joints can maintain their opening hours and the listing is immediately updates.

Instant order notifications

Instant order notifications

Restaurants receive immediate order notifications from customers so that they can start food preparation as quickly as possible.

Menu and food category management

Menu and food category management

All food services can manage their menus and food categories using a well-organized interface.

Pricing management

Pricing management

Hotels and restaurants can decide on their own what food pricing they want to display under their listings.

Pickup arrival tracking

Restaurants get live updates on the status on the driver who is coming to pick up the order for delivery.

Order management

Restaurants can manage active and old orders within the interface of the food delivery app.

Order history

Complete, individual order history is just a couple of taps away, sorted by days, weeks, months and years, and even by food item categories.

Food availability management

Sometimes the food item is there in the menu, but is currently unavailable. The restaurant can easily display such information.

Dedicated dashboard

Dedicated dashboard

All the stakeholders can have their individual dashboards both at micro (users and vehicle owners) and macro (delivery service owner, restaurant owners) levels to manage various aspects of their listings and also to access different bits of information and reporting.

Customers management

Customers management

All the customers can be managed and the information accessed through a single, dedicated command center.

Restaurants management

Restaurants management

All the restaurants can be managed and the information accessed through a single, dedicated command center.

Delivery partners management

Delivery partners management

A single interface allows you to manage vehicle owners and delivery partners.

Payment reports

Access payment data within a few taps from your dashboard ordered by individuals, geographic regions, days, weeks, months and years.

Order history

The entire order history can be accessed based on a wide spectrum of parameters.

Commissions management

Your entire business setup depends on your commission system, which is accessible to you from within your dashboard. You can see how much commission individual delivery partners are earning and how much commission you are earning as a food delivery service.


Here you can manage the overall settings of your entire mobile app including language, currency, creating and maintaining dashboards for delivery partners, restaurants and users and other features that make this script exclusively perform for your needs.


Add-on features (on customer request)

Crypto Payments
One-time fixed payment model. No monthly subscription model
Payment Gateway and Chat Integration
Any on demand features requested by you
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Custom features & add-ons that you can have

  • Wallet customization

    Allow your users to pay using fiat currency or cryptocurrency…everything integrated within your digital wallet.

  • Promo codes and offers management

    Accelerate user acquisition by allowing restaurants to offer promo codes and discounts from within their listings.

  • Multiple languages and currencies

    No matter where in the world you intend to use our UberEats or Foodpanda clone script, you can use custom languages and custom currencies by changing these attributes within your admin dashboard.

  • Chat integration

    Introduce real-time interactivity by allowing your users to interact with your delivery partners and even with your support providers as and when the need arises for quick problem resolution.

  • Log in using social media

    Through this add-on, you eliminate the need for people to create accounts through their mobile phone or email because even small tasks can turn people away. If they are already logged into Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, why not let them use the same login credentials to order food from your app?

  • Dispatcher dashboard for restaurants

    Allow your restaurants to maintain their own customized dispatch dashboards which take care of the unique requirements rather than providing them a generic dashboard interface.

  • Dispute management

    Nip all the disputes in the bud for better customer satisfaction when the problems arise from users, delivery partners or restaurants.

  • Heat View

    This add-on allows you to assign delivery partners according to business activity within your mobile app. These heat views also help your delivery partners organize their routes and schedules more productively..

food delivery script features

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What is included in our UberEats food delivery mobile app clone?

  • Food delivery app Food delivery app
  • Both Android & iOS versions Both Android & iOS versions
  •  Web/browser admin panel Web/browser admin panel to allow you and your users conduct business from PC and laptop browsers
  • App interface for users App interface for users (for placing orders and tracking orders)
  • App interface for restaurant owners and managers App interface for restaurant owners and managers
  • App interface for delivery partners and vehicle owners App interface for delivery partners and vehicle owners

This is the best UberEats clone app you can get anywhere, it is as good as it gets.

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Our food delivery app clone script development process

New-age entrepreneurs and the existing restaurant owners are benefitted by our UberEats clone script in terms of dedicated user-interface with full back end support. The honourable mentions of our clone script are easy installation, customization and user-friendly. Since this script is extremely customized, you can deploy your application in top app stores namely Google Play and Apple. After it has been completely customized and branded, you can make it available on all major app stores including Google Play and Apple App Store.

Once you have purchased the Foodpanda clone script, we will help you set it up on your server using the framework and customize it to your complete liking. The steps includes,

  • A complete understanding and analysis of your food delivery business requirement.
  • Wireframing, prototyping and designing of the individual screens for you/your staff, restaurant owners, users and delivery partners.
  • Installation and deployment.
  • Testing the food delivery app on multiple platforms.
  • Final deployment and obtaining of approval from your side.
  • Ongoing maintenance as per your requirement.
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Technologies used in our product

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be tech savvy in order to be able to fully use the food delivery script?

Absolutely not. This script works out of the box. Even if there is customization and branding to be done, our team of programmers and designers can easily implement them for you.

This is a cloned app, but can I run a real food delivery business with it just like Foodpanda and UberEats?

A cloned app does not mean it is an unreal app. It is a cloned because it has all the features present in food delivery apps like Foodpanda and UberEats. Additionally, instead of being a standalone app, this cloned app is a framework upon which, your unique interface can be built and deployed. So, nothing stops you from running a real food delivery business with this app script.

Can monetary transactions be carried out using this app?

Goes without saying. Since people will be ordering food from your app, they will also be able to pay directly using various modes of payment including debit/credit cards, net banking, mobile wallets and digital wallets (Fiat currency as well as cryptocurrency).

In case I want a Foodpanda or an UberEats-like app developed from scratch? How much is it going to cost?

A food delivery app on the lines of Foodpanda and UberEats may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to be frank. It depends on what features you want. The programmers will charge by the hour and mobile app developers come at a premium. It can be an expensive affair.

Will I need to put in lots of time trying to customize and brand this food delivery script?

No. Our team will carry out the entire customization and branding process.

Do I have to purchase this UberEats clone script?

Yes. To be able to use it to run a food delivery business, you will need to purchase this food delivery app clone script.