Become the Best Profitable Meal Kit Delivery Player with SpotnEats

Become the Best Profitable Meal Kit Delivery Player with SpotnEats

The utility of mobile applications has surged significantly in the past few years, in that the food industry has shown a complete transformation with the help of on-demand food delivery app solutions. This brought many food delivery business models like online food ordering & delivery service, online grocery delivery service, restaurant table booking service, etc.

In this on-demand service, a new meal kit delivery business model has been added. This meal kit delivery service takes away the burden of busy people. Yes. This gradually neglects the grocery shopping plans, and scheduled meal ideas of the week. This convenience has made the meal kit delivery service a billion-dollar sector in the new norm market. 

If you’re a business person, then capitalizing on the emerging trend will make your business a profitable one. This blog gives a detailed view of the SpotnEats meal kit delivery business model and how our app solution makes the business more profitable.

Why is Meal Kit Delivery Service Better than Eating Out?

Going out to eat needs numerous decisions to be planned and getting ready as fancy to meet out the real world. On the other side, it also costs petrol charge and consumes more time on choosing the restaurant. These things can be completely changed by the meal kit delivery service within a short span. 

The main goal of the meal kit delivery service is to provide nutrition and high-quality food to the customers, that makes them feel like the meal is home-cooked. This meal kit delivery service allows the customers to plan for their entire week and fix the delivery timing according to their needs. The fixed delivery can also be modified at the end period. 

Here are some of the top online meal kit delivery service in the current market as follows,

  • Hello Fresh – It is a European-based meal kit delivery service that serves Germany, UK, France, and the Netherlands.
  • Plated – A NY-based meal kit delivery service startup, it is commonly known as flexible meal orders. 
  • Hello Chef – A popular Dubai-based online meal kit delivery service that gains huge popularity in the local market.

As the meal kit delivery service has driven convenience, there is high traction of customers from dining out to online food delivery service. Moreover, nearly 35% of the market shares of the food delivery industry were meal kit business models in the United States. It is also expected to grow a CAGR of 12.3%, during the forecasting period of 2018 to 2023.

By now, you might be curious to know about the business model of the online meal kit delivery services app. Then, the upcoming section is for you. 

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What Business Model do Meal Delivery Services Use from SpotnEats?

SpotnEats online meal kit delivery service offers a convenient way to order high-quality meals filled with nutrition. Our developers have designed the portals of the restaurants to let the customers view all the fresh and high-quality meals with in-depth details. Every week,  the meal kit options can be changed by the restaurant and the changes will be taken to the customers directly. 

Online Meal Kit Delivery Service Business Model:

  • Step-1 Once after the profile activation, the customer can easily view and select the meal from the restaurant’s weekly menu. 
  • Step-2 After placing the order for the meal-kit, the restaurant owner will be verifying it.
  • Step-3 If the order has been approved, the customer can check the payment and payable options. 
  • Step-4 Can prefer the best payable mode and pay for the meal kit, once the payment is done successfully. The customer can trace the order in real-time. 
  • Step-5 Automatically, the nearby delivery agent will be assigned and after the meal-kit is delivered the customer can review it. 

Benefits of choosing SpotnEats Meal-kit delivery service:

  • Customers can choose their preferred meal kit,
  • Allowed to customize the meal-kit according to the customers need,
  • Can check the details of the ingredients manually in-detail,
  • Recipes can be checked at any time.

We at SpotnEats made a Meal kit delivery app with advanced features like weekly menu updates, recipe catalogs, meal pages, custom meals, and subscription fares. These features help the admin to run the service smoothly without any hassle in between the service. In SpotnEats online meal kit delivery service, you can also get all other delivery-based basic features as a complete set of packages. 

Though the features make the service high quality, lifting the revenue needs more possible revenue schemes. Taking that into consideration, we have integrated many revenue-generating schemes and those are explained in the upcoming section. 

How to Become a Profitable With Unique Features?

Besides the commission charge on each meal-kit delivery as the primary revenue channel, the following revenue schemes generate high revenue and are able to be a long run in the on-demand space. 

  1. Hosting Advertisements – By joining the ads, the service providers are able to get quick recognition in the market. 
  2. Surge Price Marketing – The cost keeps changing according to the time, during peak hours, the delivery charge will be high. 
  3. Franchise fee – Once the platform gets popular in the market, you can invite other brands to connect with your service and earn additional revenue.
  4. Selling Related Merchandise – Additionally cookwares and merchandise can also increase the revenue percentage. 

The above-mentioned four revenue-generating schemes fare percentage can be fixed separately by the admin (business person) and collect the allocated fare from the connected service providers on a regular basis.

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The online meal kit delivery service is gaining high popularity in North America and European countries. By launching the well-developed meal kit delivery app, it will easily take you to the right targeted customers and enable brand visibility in the market. In SpotnEats, we develop the best meal kit delivery app according to the current market analysis. This helps you to quickly launch the right product with all amenities. 

If you’re okay with our meal-kit delivery business model, then fill the form to reach us with your demands. Or you have any queries regarding the above-mentioned business model then drop a mail at [email protected]. Our experts will clear your doubts ASAP.

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