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In general, the retailers faced a number of issues in real-time such as consistent updates, new operating ways, unique skills to attract the customers. In the developing economy scenario, the store-based apps are completely replaced with the app-based models to ensure the high-profit market in the competitive market. 

Due to the provision of diverse options, the customers prefer online modules rather than the footstep for grocery purchases. To meet this expectation, the grocery store owners switch over to the online grocery delivery application with a lot of feature-set. Globally, the grocery delivery app receives notable attention from stakeholders, customers, and delivery players. 

In this aspect, the online grocery delivery startup in Malaysia is getting familiar with digital applications. This blog enlightens the preferences of  Malaysia grocery delivery software, the number of top-rated apps, how the SpotnEats assists the professionals to launch grocery delivery business in Malaysia, and the top customer-centric options of the Malaysia Grocery Delivery App to ensure the time availability. 

Get To Know Malaysia Grocery Delivery App Preferences Shortly

Time availability and repeatable customers in grocery purchases are critical things for grocery owners. The main ethnic of Malaysia is observed as Malay, Chinese, and Indians. Hence, their preferences are varied. Satisfying their expectations in real-time with an adaptable solution called the application that allows the grocery store owners to contribute their economy in overall Malaysian economic growth. 

  • As per the Statista’s global report 2018, Malaysia occupies the 2nd rank in the fastest-growing grocery delivery market
  • During the prediction report for the period 2017-2022, the growth rate percentage for grocery sales is observed as greater than 60%  in the market. 
  • Overall Malaysians, the mobile percentage rate of mobile and internet users is 140% and 85%. The ages of the mobile app users for shopping are between 16 to 64 and this constitutes a huge demand in the market. 
  • To cope up with such demand, the selected app for grocery delivery in Malaysia must hold some preferences as follows. 

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Speedy Delivery

Most of the Malaysians expect the speedy delivery of the groceries since they are in need of prior plans for meals. Distribution cost is also varied among the delivery players and hence the optimal price-fixing is the essential thing to be covered. 

In-Line with Malaysian Preferences

Compared to the traditional grocery sales, the e-Grocery sales are now boosting one in the market. This brings a huge range of retailers in the market that lead to a competitive business environment. Staying at the top of the market surely depends on how the grocery store owners or retailers will satisfy the customer’s needs easily. 

Get Rid of Time Pressure

Normally, the shopping time is more due to the large queues in Malaysian supermarkets. They expect big relief from the large queues and are comfortable during the purchases. In the same way, the retailers also need diverse delivery channels and players to make the shop free from long queues. 

Deep Insights of App for Grocery Delivery in Malaysia

With the basic things, customer satisfaction, time availability, and speedy delivery several on-demand grocery delivery apps in Malaysia are running currently. Taking a short look at top grocery delivery apps brings knowledge to the new startup professionals regarding what are all the new aspects to be focussed in the future.


This is one of the best first grocery delivery apps in Malaysia to allow the grocery stores to easel deliver the groceries to the customers in the respected time slots. Normally, the customers book the groceries 3 weeks in advance to be related to event-plans. 

  • The specially designed mobile-responsive interface namely Tesco online allows the customers to set their time slots based on the needs. 
  • The coverage areas are observed as selected cities in Malaysia
  • The delivery fee is varied as per the location and the time slot measures.


This is termed as the first zero-waste store that uses the hive app to allow the customers to order diverse products ranging as food, baking, and lifestyle products. The inclusion of offers and associated deals attract a huge range of customers

  • The coverage areas are selected. 
  • Inclusion of offers and discounts in the product listings
  • Focusing on sustainability with convenient delivery options. 

Jaya Grocer

With the focus on healthy, freshness, and household things, the Jaya Grocer app covers a wide range of delivery services within the limited areas of the Jaya Grocer outlet. The delivery fee is varied based upon the box-selection by the customers. 

  • Single area coverage, limited customer engagement
  • Offering groceries selection range
  • Bring market value to the local dry goods or imported ones. 


With the small difficulty in app layout, the accessibility of the grocery shops is more compared to other platforms. By using the convenient tabs, the shoppers in Klang valley can easily select the products. Besides the groceries, the Redtick also covers the health and beauty items. 

  • Varied delivery time slots within the Klang Valley and out of the region. 
  • The payment options can be multiple forms such as cash, credit/debit, and online banking. 
  • Delivery fees also varied as per the delivery time slots and location. 


The only independent, digital, and online grocery delivery platforms in Malaysia namely MyGrocer has the partnership of full-time trained employees. They are the responsible persons for pickup, package, and delivery to the customer’s doorsteps. 

  • Payment mode variations are direct bank transfers, credit/debit cards from both local and international banks. 
  • It includes the specialized option for family meal planning called family meal kits to make the customer easily access this without any delay.

Summarizing all these, You might be clear on certain things: payment variations, delivery now or later categories, event-based schedule booking for groceries, and the fixing of delivery fees according to the time slots and location are the necessary things focussed to develop grocery apps in Malaysia. 

How to Launch Grocery Delivery Business in Malaysia Seamlessly with SpotnEats?

Since the demand is huge and also customer’s perceptions are more, the number of applications arrived in the market is more. Many new professionals have shown their interest to build grocery shopping apps in Malaysia in recent times. On the basis of this, SpotnEats develops the customized grocery delivery app with the focus on the following metrics. 

Towards More Profit

Most of the online grocery stores running on online platforms faced issues in setting the price margin for goods. There may be a chance of loss while customers expect good offers. These turn the SpotnEats to merge online-offline capabilities to reduce the cost. This also allows the store owners to greet the customers with decent offers without lead to any loss. 

Efficient Storage & Delivery Analysis

Some of the perishable items in groceries need special resources and this turns the store owners to invest their money on such things and delivery men too. When the store owners partnered with the SpotnEats solution, the good inventory analysis and the aggregation of top-rated delivery partners based on customer ratings. 

In-Line With Customer Behavior

Traditional ways of grocery buying made the grocery store owners stay away from the customer’s expectations. Getting to know their present interest and niche products in the market are important for them. 

Recent attention in the market is Farm items, organic products and this turns the SpotnEats to include a special interface for such items. This also makes the partnership between customer and store owners as stable. 

Extend the Delivery Coverage Areas

Normally, the analysis of the mobile applications already in the market shows that they cover the limited regions. But, how far they expand the services brings more benefits to the grocery store owners. 

SpotnEats allows the grocery store owners to make a feasible partnership with the delivery drivers to extend the delivery areas and this turns them to gain more profit.  

The above-mentioned things are essential when the professionals launch a grocery delivery business in Malaysia these days. SpotnEats includes all such options in the business models to cope up with the grocery delivery market demands. Besides, the time-based metrics are also taken into account. 

Top Customer-Centric Options to Ensure Time Availability of online grocery delivery startup in Malaysia

Time availability is a serious concern in Malaysians and fixing of delivery charges based on the delivery time slots are also common variants in the grocery delivery apps in Malaysia. According to these aspects, SpotnEats Grocery Delivery App Clone includes the following customer-centric options. 

Allow to Set Scheduling Slots

Based on the needs either urgent or later, the customers are allowed to set the time slots prior to purchase. As soon as the customer’s schedule process is over, the delivery fee can be visible in their portal. This allows the customer to take the fine decision of delivery players. 

Smart Handling of Multiple Orders

With the enabling of the GPS, the knowledge of the short distance to reach the store and the customer place is gained by the delivery players. With this information, they complete the entire trip in a short span. Hence, the number of orders taken is also more. 

Diverse Grocery Listings

The customized template included in the SpotnEats app allows the store owners to list the products in various forms according to the customer needs. Farm items, fresh arrival, organic, family-meal planning items all are split up into various categories. These categorical orders attract a huge range of Malaysians towards the business. 

Wrapping Up

Come to an end, launching a dreamy grocery delivery venture in Malaysia is the idea of many entrepreneurs in that region. The availability of time, goods, and the skipping of long queues are the major things to be noted in Malaysian Supermarkets. 

To achieve this, SpotnEats includes demanding features to make the entire grocery delivery business model as a prominent and attractive one in Malaysia. Ready to launch the grocery delivery business by partnering with us. 

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