A Ready-to-go Grocery Delivery App Script to digitize grocery business

Turn grocery delivery software services into smarter with the excellent online grocery delivery app script and attain healthy growth quickly. SpotnEats provides an excellent grocery delivery app script to uplift single vendor or multi-grocery chains towards high-revenue.

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How does Grocery Delivery Software help to Grow Your Grocery Delivery Business?

With the basic objectives of time-saving and convenient grocery shopping, the online grocery delivery business has a noticeable boom in the market. SpotnEats offers you the advanced Grocery Delivery Software that makes your workflow easily manageable, and synchronizable to the customer’s needs. The advanced Grocery Delivery Software includes the imperative feature-set to make the ordering and delivery as comfortable and convenient respectively.

  • Dedicated Interfaces for Android and iOS

  • Attractive Front-end

  • Customized Dashboards

  • Easily manageable workflow across countries

  • One-stop solution for all grocery delivery app models

  • Superior back-end capabilities

  • Flexible, Secure Payment Options

  • Hassle-free bulky orders handling

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What is the complete workflow of our Grocery Delivery App Script Development

A prior optimal business plan is an economical thing where we clearly analyze the business idea, app structure, features included initially. As per the clear plans, the attractive app design with the intuitive UX/UI is included. After the front-end design gets finished, the developers turn to implement the strong back-end with all the functionalities. With the advanced tech-platforms and the test cases, the testing of the app-flow is carried out and makes the app free of bugs

If the green signal from the testing team is received, then the app is ready for launch. The top-essentials to prove the effectiveness of this against other development companies are

  • Strong experience in the delivery field with various applications
  • Customer-centric design through the use of cutting-edge technologies
  • Tailored infrastructure and it is customized as per business needs
  • Scalable, customizable solution provider
  • High-quality app interfaces with the seamless functionalities
  • Complete pre-post launch support

How Our Grocery Ordering Software App Makes You Deliver Groceries Accurately to the Customers?

The world is getting ready for a ‘new normal’ where the traditional Grocery Ordering Software requires new advancements and processes to run the business closer to the customers’ needs that demand Grocery Delivery App Script highly. People also look for alternative options for convenient grocery shopping. These scenarios turned the online grocery delivery app to have a sharp increase in the market.

This will be the golden opportunity for the entrepreneurs to launch their own grocery delivery business via perfect grocery delivery app script and register their space in the grocery delivery industry. Thanks to the technology innovation and the cutting-edge premises, SpotnEats offers you the innovative Grocery Delivery App Script to bring your potential customers back and attract new customers too. A well-crafted online grocery deliver app script from SpotnEats increases your app downloads and makes you a competitor for giant players in the grocery delivery market.

How Does Our Grocery Delivery Software works?


What are all Awesome Features of Our Grocery Delivery Software to Make You Stand Out?

  • Our Grocery Delivery App Script ensures timely-delivery options where the delivery executives get the optimal routes to reach the customer's place within the allotted time-period.
  • A special section included in our grocery delivery app script has the necessary details for the customers to ensure the accuracy in delivery.
  • Special batches for safety inclusion makes the customers easily recognize the one who offers the safety grocery purchases.
  • Our grocery delivery app script allows the admin to perform screening of delivery players and grocery store owners to ensure trustworthiness.
  • To avoid human contact, customers can have the multiple payment modes that make the customers pay the charges easily.
  • Dedicated modules for each player allow them to handle the tasks in a smart way and ensure quickness in delivery.
  • Branding, customization and the scaling options allow you to scale your grocery delivery business into new dimensions.
  • With the platform compatibility nature, run the grocery delivery business on any platform is an assured one.
  • One-effective-model for all grocery delivery app platforms like single grocery shops, big grocery marketplace, and multiple grocery store chains.

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What are all the Power-Packed Features We Offer in the Grocery Ordering Software?

Multi-Store Accessibility

Customers access the multiple stores located nearby after the completion of the hassle-free registration process in a convenient way.

Easy Item-Searching

Customers can easily search for the grocery items needed in the selected store quickly.

Complete Grocery Detailings

Customers acquire the all-around details of the products in the grocery shops like the type of products, price, features, brand name, expiry details, etc.

Easy Filtering

Select the grocery items via multiple filtering options like recently arrived or packed, top-accessed, high-rated, etc.

Complete Tracking

Tracking of the grocery items after the package, during delivery trips, etc to make further processing plans

Instant Notifications

Customers have instant updates regularly right from the grocery shops to the doorstep within the app itself.

Secure & Multi-Payment

Customers have multi-dimensional payment ways internet banking, COD, UPI, and card-based.

Ratings & Feedbacks

Customers host the review or rate their shopping experience within the app itself and this enables the participation of new users.

Simple On-boarding

The documents like the driving license, experience, and credentials are uploaded directly and make them on-boarding after verification.

Incoming Order Notifications

After the grocery package is ready, the delivery drivers have the notification about the new order from this option

Order Accept/Decline

Based on the current status, the delivery executive can accept or reject the orders from the grocery store easily.

Aware of Grocery Shop Updates

Getting the updates regarding the package is ready for out with the location information in real-time.

Trip-Updates to Customers

After taking the grocery items from the shops, the trip status is intimated to the customers consistently.

Smart Navigation Options

The in-built location tracking and the GPS enabling options allow the delivery executives to know the current location and the distance easily. This helps them to cover more orders with less time.

Anytime call out option

This callout allows the delivery person to contact the customers or the grocery store owners at any time and complete the action within the app itself.

Earning History

After the successful completion of delivery, the meaning details are recorded and the delivery person can view them at any time anywhere.

Store Detailings

Being the new grocery shop owners, one can show the store name, image, and supporting details easily with this option.

Grocery Listings

After the initial registering of grocery stores is over, the items included in the store are visualized to the customer’s template.

Category-based Split Up

The arrangement of groceries is one of the attractive options for customers. As the vendor, you can list the grocery items in various categories in an easy way.

New Customer Order Alerts

For every new customer order placement, the grocery shop owner will get instant notification for the completion.

Create best-seller Lists

The list contains various groceries from the best sellers to make the customers make the smart purchasing decision.

Contact Options

Instantly contact options included in this interface allow the grocery store owners to call and intimate the grocery orders to delivery drivers and the customers effectively.

Complete Earning Analysis

After the grocery orders are completed, the earnings for each order have been recorded and they will be helpful for the accurate earning report.

Grocery Availability Status

Grocery store owners use this option to list the grocery items individually available and also provide restocked information to the customers.

Eye-View Dashboards

The information related to the grocery vendors involved in the business, marketplace owners, shopping details, grocery items available details for the seamless operations.

Grocery Store Owners / Vendor Profile Analysis

Either the multiple grocery shops or the big marketplace, the admin can manage all the activities of the shop owners easily.

Customer Order management

Admin can manage all the customers and their grocery orders by simple access to their profile information.

Grocery Fleet Management

Admin has the controllability of a complete fleet management system and the involved delivery personals for successful order completion.

Optimize settings

As per the number of customers or the grocery shop owners or the delivery partners, the settings in the business operation are optimized easily.

History Analysis

This option allows the admin to analyze the entire history of previous orders from the grocery shop, order completed, or still in the delivery queue remotely.

Efficient Service Quality Check

The service variations as per the customer, delivery drivers, and the grocery shop owners. Keep tracking all their services and assure the high-quality during services offered are tracked in this option.

Smart Analytics

For every order completion, a detailed analytical report formed and this allows the admin to track workflows towards high-profit.

Unique Features Added(As per Clients’ Requisition)

Chat Integration
Fixed Payment Model
Smart Gateways for Hassle-free Payments
Real-time Metrics for Customer Satisfaction

What are all Distinct Features in Our Grocery Delivery Software?

  • Ease Of Use Payment Modes Integration

    With the inclusion of multiple payment options like wallet-based associated with the standard options like COD, card, our online grocery delivery app script makes the payment as easy and also provides the in-app credit preferences.

  • Reference-Based Earning Options

    If satisfied customers refer this Grocery Delivery Software to their friends, then they can earn special offers and a specific percentage of money for each reference.

  • Effortless Store Inventory Management

    The specific inventory management module included in our Grocery Ordering Software allows the grocery store owners to easily perform the inventory analysis and fill the unavailable items immediately.

  • Customer Engagement Socially

    The consistent tracking of customer’s behavior and interests via social media platforms through the Grocery Ordering Software allows the grocery store owners or the aggregators to update their workflows accordingly.

  • In-app Messaging

    The specific option included in our Grocery Delivery Software allows the grocery shop owners to send the push message regarding the package directly to the customers from the app itself.

  • Hassle-Free Account Management

    The accounting module included in the aggregator panel of the Grocery Ordering Software allows them to easily track and maintain the earnings of both the grocery stores and the delivery executives.

  • Loyalty Building Options

    By building a stable connection platform and greet the customers with attractive offers or discount information in the Grocery Delivery Software, our grocery delivery app script offers loyal value to your business

  • Collapse-Free Order Handling

    Since all the order placement, processing and completion are in the digital form with high-accuracy. Priority-based order handling option included in the Grocery Delivery Software allows both the grocery shop owners and the delivery drivers to handle the orders without any collapse.

Grocery Delivery Software

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What are all Elements in our Grocery Delivery App Script?

  • Grocery delivery appGrocery Delivery App
  • Grocery delivery appAndroid & iOS
  • Grocery delivery appWeb Panel for Admin
  • Grocery delivery app App Interfaces for Customers
  • Grocery delivery appApp Interfaces for Grocery Store Owners
  • Grocery delivery appApp Interfaces for Delivery Partners

Get the best Grocery Delivery app from us and launch an advanced grocery delivery business in an advanced way.

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Technologies used in our product


What is Grocery Delivery App?

It is an on-demand grocery delivery app that acts as the interconnecting digital platform among the customers, grocery store owners, admin, and delivery executives. With the inclusion of the latest tech-features and the necessary platforms, the Grocery delivery software provides a unique grocery shopping experience to the customers via an advanced grocery delivery app.

How does Grocery Delivery App handle grocery delivery business dimensions?

The commonly available grocery delivery business dimensions are a single grocery shop, a big marketplace, or multi-store chains. The perfect managerial activities, complete tracking options included in the Grocery delivery app script allows the admin to manage all the activities remotely without any hurdles. The digital form of accounting reports assures transparency in the market.

Is the Grocery Delivery App script customizable and scalable?

Yes. Since the app structure is in a pre-built form, customization and scalability can be assured. Get in touch with our expert and tell us about how the app looks and the features required.

How can I earn money with the Grocery Delivery App?

The primary revenue is generated by the sale of the products. Besides, the app also includes the major premises like membership, subscription plans, reference-based earning, a commission from delivery drivers as per their request to show at the top of the searches. If you are an aggregator of the business model, the sponsorship shows and the advertisement-based earnings also possible with this Grocery delivery app script .

How am I benefited from Grocery Delivery Software?

A Grocery delivery Software can help you to create a grocery delivery service business that can multiply your revenue more times. The app script also supports your existing grocery business to do doorstep delivery.

Will I get support and maintenance during post-launch?

Definitely, we will do it. We will provide you the complete timely customer support services based on the package you selected.