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Frequently Asked Questions Before Building an Online Food Delivery App for your Restaurant Business with SpotnEats

Before deciding to start an on-demand food delivery business along with SpotnEats, please go through these FAQs on SpotnEats, food delivery business, services similar to food delivery, technical details of SpotnEats, and many more. Most of these questions are commonly asked by many entrepreneurs like you. At SpotnEats, we have tried to answer to the best of our idea.

Why On-demand Food Delivery Business?

On-demand food delivery business is cost friendly and relies on less ownership model. So the risk associated with it is very low.

What is SpotnEats?

SpotnEats is a flagship product of our app development firm. SpotnEats is a food delivery app similar to UberEats and FoodPanda.

How Many Apps are there in SpotnEats Food Delivery Solution?

The customer app, delivery person app, admin dashboard, and restaurant web panel.

How Does it Work?

Enter the app and type your address to find some of your favorite local restaurants available for delivery. Select the items you would like to order. Pay with cash, or credit/debit card or any digital payment. The order goes to the particular restaurant and they start to cook. After some time a delivery person is assigned and he picks the order and delivers it to the customer.

Do I Require Programming Knowledge to Maintain the Food Delivery App?

Knowing a programming language is not really necessary since the app is readily made by SpotnEats. In case of any changes or doubts, you can contact us with an email.

Is Online Food Delivery Business Profitable?

Compared to other on-demand businesses, food delivery is profitable. Another reason for choosing a food delivery business is it is based on less ownership model. So, the risk involved is less. Similar to food delivery model there are other business services you can try.

Is the SpotnEats App Clone Same as that of the UberEats, FoodPanda App?

At SpotnEats we can make food delivery apps similar to UberEats or FoodPanda. With a tweak in the app, we can provide a food delivery app much better than the original app.

Is the SpotnEats Reselling App Clone Scripts?

No, we have a dedicated team of programmers who work arduously to develop a food delivery app similar to other giants.

Do SpotnEats Update their App & Intimate it to their Clients?

We constantly stay updated and are in line with the latest advancements. Yes, we update the SpotnEats food delivery app. As soon as the new update is released we instantly intimate it to the clients.

Do You Offer After Sale Technical Assistance?

One of our ultimate selling proposition is the after sale support. We provide free technical assistance for six months. After that, we provide support for a nominal fee.

Can SpotnEats Apps be Used for Other Services?

Yes, SpotnEats food delivery app can be customized to be used for other similar services like grocery delivery, bakery delivery, water delivery, flower delivery, and many more.

Is the SpotnEats App Secure?

We follow the utmost security standards in our app development.

How to Get the Demo of SpotnEats?

You can get the demo of our SpotnEats food delivery app by requesting our business team via an email. We will schedule a demo at your convenience.

What is the Refund Policy at SpotnEats?

Our services and products are so good that we haven’t received any request for any refund from our clients. Also, as per our company policy, we don’t have any provision for refunds.

Is the SpotnEats App Available with a Single Payment?

Yes, you can pay once and get our complete solution. For any after sale customization, you have to pay extra.

How Often Does the real-time Data Gets Updated?

The data gets updated for every thirty seconds.

What are the Technologies Used in SpotnEats?

WEB: PHP, WordPress, CakePHP, YII, Zend, Magneto, Laravel, Codeigniter,   AngularJS, NodeJS, etc.

Android: iPhone native, Android native, IONIC, PhoneGap.

Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, GraphQL, Firebase, Golang.

What Differentiates Hybrid and Native Food Delivery App?

In the native app, we have good security and offline mode. Multi-Platform compatibility, high speed and access to various hardware/software capabilities are the features in hybrid apps. At SpotnRides, we create both hybrid and native apps on clients requirement.

What are the Top-most Features in the SpotnEats Food Delivery App?

Delivery person location tracking, real-time push notifications via. SMS and email work on multi-language and multi-currency, admin dashboard with data analytics tools.

Will the Business Plan and Payment Details I Present to You be Safe and Confidential?

From SpotnEats we assure you that all your details will be safe and secure and we don’t disclose it to anyone at any circumstances.

What Does the Installation Cost?

The deployment and installation of the solution is completely free.

What are the Server Requirements?

We are always open to suggest some servers from our side. Also, we are ready to use any servers purchased by you.

Apart from this, you may have other questions regarding our solution. If you are looking for a quick response team to clarify your doubts instantly about your new business venture, please connect with our expert team at Whatsapp or drop us an email to [email protected].

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