How Must the Online Food Ordering & Delivery App for the Future Look Like?

Among the on-demand services, food ordering and delivery has the potential to become huge. Going by the current trends, the total revenue is estimated to reach $140billion by 2023. But, the online food ordering app we use now will not be the same in the future. Growing tech advancements will make it inevitable for online food ordering system to adjust.

What will be a Future of Online Food Ordering and Delivery Apps?

Fortunately, new techs will give a positive effect to the food app and many present-day demerits like food wastage, tampering, poor food quality, etc can be easily observed and rectified.

Let us now see the potential features that can be seen in future food apps. Each feature is explained with examples to give good understanding.

Smart devices integration

We no longer use internet-enabled mobile phones and tablets alone. Almost all devices like TVs, cars, watches, refrigerator, etc can be connected with the internet. 

Food delivery apps can be integrated with these smart devices. By the way, what benefit can a user derive by integrating with it?

For example, a user can order food from his smart TV while watching TV without even using the smartphone. Another exciting application is that if it is integrated into a smart fridge, the food app notifies and give quick order option if any must-have food is missing. Interesting isn’t it? More such things are yet to come.

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Crypto wallet 

Access to cryptocurrency was next to impossible some years back. But now it is increasingly seen in daily usage in some places and the day is not far where it will be integrated into the payment system.

Crypto wallets can be used to pay in the food app and some food app makers are already in the process of integrating it and such is SpotnEats.

Artificial intelligence food suggestion

AI is a broad term and many things like data analytics, machine learning, and predictive learning come under it. Applications of AI are numerous in food delivery app and one such exciting application is smart food suggestion.

Smart food suggestion uses the past history of the user and suggests food based on it every time the user orders food.

Already this feature is used in UberEats. More features using AI can be seen in food apps in the coming days.

Blockchain based tracking 

This tech-first originated from cryptocurrency. Blockchain is the only tech which has beneficiaries like admin, customer, and restaurant. Quality of food is deteriorating in many foods being delivered and this affects the credibility of food app and the restaurant.

Using blockchain, from the origin of raw material, food preparation until it is delivered to customers, every detail is sent to a decentralized system. The app admin, restaurant, and the customer can access it to check if their respective expectations are met.

For example, the admin can verify if the food being prepared has prescribed ingredients in the right quantities and the right preparation method is used. All this can be seen from the centralized system which cannot be altered without access to it.

Drone delivery

I think this doesn’t need much explanation. Food delivery using drones is in the testing phase and it is yet to get clearance from many regulatory bodies. Food delivery firm Zomato used drone food delivery for the first time in India but it is yet to be made mainstream.

This tech can simplify the supply chain which at present costs more for food delivery firms. 

Geo-targeted push notifications

This tech is already in use by most of the food delivery startups. But, this tech needs more accuracy. Geo-targeted push notification use geofencing technique to manually mark any area and send custom notifications to users in that area.

But, unnecessary notifications, repeated messages are sent to users for which the food startups may face their wrath. To be more precise and accurate in push notifications, data analytics, machine learning can be applied.   

Cost of bringing these changes

The cost of applying cannot be said in absolute terms. Many of the above said technologies are not made mainstream and are very expensive. For example, drone technology is expensive and a lot of regulatory obstacles are there.

Surely, the cost will come down drastically in the future. On the other side, some techs like AI and sensitive geo notification require only a tweak in the existing app solution. 


A food app solution provider who has experienced, up to date team with good hold on the latest techs can apply the above-said changes. That said, SpotnEats, which is a top food delivery solution is one such app maker which has experienced and up to date team.

SpotnEats app is being used by many businesses and a long term commitment is maintained so as to bring changes to the app whenever needed.

SpontEats at present is available as an updated version with some latest techs like accurate geo-based notification. 

If you are yet to start a food delivery startup, then I strongly recommend SpotnEats keeping in mind your startup’s long term sustainability. To know more about SpotnEats, drop a message to [email protected]. We are looking forward to partner with you.

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