How SpotnEats Waste Management Software Solution Assists You to Run a Better Recycling Business and Contribute to Creating a Sustainable Environment?

‘Smart City’ concept has evolved everywhere to provide a good quality environment for human beings. The major requirement for the application of smart city concepts is waste management. A growing population will increase the waste products extremely and suitable management is required. In general, waste management simply referred to the enterprise’s activities from the production to the final treatment. 

Dumping of wastes like municipal, hazardous, e-waste and radioactive polluted the environment drastically and hence the entire world moved on to the go green concept in order to preserve the environment and handover to the future generations. Collecting from the respective locations, transporting and disposal of them meet drastic challenges and issues. The digital platform plays an important role in waste management activities and resolved the issues one by one. 

Smart Waste Management includes the smart dustbins, smart vehicles in order to collect the and disposal of waste products from industry and individuals. Connecting the recycle centers with the wastage truck owners, customers through the cutting edge technology is required to efficiently manage the wastes. In the year 2025, the global market value of waste management is predicted to be $ 530 million, which is more compared to 2017’s say the value of $330.6 million. Hence, the right time to enter the waste management is now with the suitable recycle management system. Prior to looking for recycling business software, let’s have an overview of how to get the business benefits from the waste management trends. 

How to Acquire Advantages from the Waste Management System Trends?

Incurring the new cutting edge technologies in the waste management practices explored the new financial opportunities for earning.  Being the new startup owner, you must keep on the latest technology trends applied to waste management practices and their differences based on the industry. Performing sustainable technical practices leads to high profitability with the social cause too. 

The common trends observed are listed as follows: electric vehicle deployment, connected equipment, and outsourcing. How to take advantage of these trends as a startup owner. Let’s see one by one. 

  • Investing in the electric vehicle leads to challenges like high cost and lagging of time. To resolve this challenge, the recycling centers are instructed to do a tie-up with the local disposal services instead of buying the new electric vehicle. 
  • Smart bins used in the smart waste management alerts the recycle center when it is full in the connected strategy. After alerts or requests arrived, the recycle centers enabled the garbage collectors to move on to the respective place and collect them. During the collection stage, feasible route calculation from the suitable software helps to reduce the unnecessary driving and overflow of dustbins.
  • Outsourcing is the last and most important trend observed in the smart waste management platform. To reduce the capital and extra-beneficiaries for the employees, municipalities outsource the collection and recycling activities to the private companies and this increases the financial burden for the waste management companies. Making short lease terms with the collectors who own their vehicle resolved the financial burden and opened the gate for the numerous players to be involved.    

In addition to the above trends, one more observation is to incorporate the computerized methods for waste management. As you know the various types of wastes are there in the environment, categorize them into either recycle or not recycling is the initial stage. GPS -operated based collectors offer a feasible solution in route selection. The evolution of sensor technologies plays a numerous role and the chipped dustbins are ready to create alerts to the recycle center effectively.  

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What are all the business benefits going towards “Zero Waste”

Growing awareness about preserving the environment among the peoples initiates the number of startups to perform the collection, transporting and disposal in the waste management process. ‘Going zero waste’ is the recently evolved term that thrived in many stores to design the principles for the zero-waste process. Either the reduction of waste products or changing the methodologies of the waste management practices are the ultimate tips towards zero waste movement. 

Recycle centers who are involved through your startup employ the going zero waste concept avail the following business benefits in common. 

  • Adding the promotional value to the recycle centers who maintain the zero waste concept that increases the environmental consciousness among the customers.
  • Centers that keep their eye on sustainable environment construction make their brand value in the waste management market and that leads to an increase in the retention rates.
  • Based on the number of trips covered over the region, the familiarity among the user’s side increases more contracts to be processed during outsourcing. The number of contracts directly increases the revenue of your own startup.
  • Proper facilitated operation with enough technical resources and the disposal partners has a huge economic potential for public and private entities
  • Besides the new job opportunities, the direct on-time collection and disposal of the waste create a better quality environment for human beings. Sustainable waste management through the digital platform helps in reducing the health risks due to the timely collection of wastages and this makes a social impact for you. 

To avail of these benefits, creating the best waste management software solutions is the prominent step that turns your mind. Prior to opting for the finest software for your startup, let’s have a quick review of the issues observed in smart waste management. 

What are the issues that bugging you: Know how to resolve it through recycling software development

The digital-driven world has numerous solutions for the problems we are facing. When you implement the waste management startup in real-time, then there will be more technical issues raised. This section clearly demonstrates the issues and the associated techie-solution for effective waste management. 

  • Lack of realization of working 

When you give your solution to customers’ hands, they may be unaware of technical things. Going program by program leads to confusion in the usage and causes the burden to the customer’s side. To resolve this issue, the simplest tools are required and this allows the users to separate the wastage and how to dispose of them correctly. Simplification of everything makes more people use it and gains the familiarity of your software within a short period of time easily. 

  • Lack of real-time metrics

Alerting the municipalities with instant notifications regarding the waste containers and the waste collector behavior is the must feature for the software. Then, the lack of geolocation facilities, problem reporting feasibility degrade the brand value of your startup and thus leads to a reduction of revenue. To resolve these issues, creating the software with the needed real-time features like push notifications, geolocation connected facilities, immediate problem reporting feasibility is the only solution. 

  • Lack of Communication Infrastructure

Lack of interaction between the municipalities or the waste management companies with the customers affected the workflow and led to overflow in the dustbin. Moreover, the reporting about the behavior of waste collectors either comes periodically or not requires a suitable communication platform. 

  • High Operational Cost

When the private waste management companies take part in the disposal process, they focus on implementing the GPS technology and the remote sensing systems. The lack of proper remote sensing leads to excessive driving that leads to an increase in fuel cost. The time required to collect the waste is also more. Finding the optimized routes tracking the truck position also helps to reduce the financial burden for the waste management companies. 

After you have gone through the above discussion, you are familiar with why suitable waste management software is required. Among the number of developers in the market, SpotnEats is one of the finest solutions which covers a wide range of real-time functionalities with the customizable interface. 

How SpotnEats Waste Management Software Contributes to Waste Management Companies  to fetch leads 

Realizing the practical difficulties in the waste management process, SpotnEats launched the suitable waste management software that includes the location of recycling centers, updates or notifications from the peoples,  reminders to the peoples about when to put them out. SpotnEats, a location-based interface that offers the best digital link allows either households or the companies to schedule their waste collection services conveniently. Besides, the following features of SpotnEats highly contribute to waste management companies. 

  • Simplicity in Operation

The SpotnEats is the customer-centric platform and it enables the peoples to search the recycle centers in nearby locations easily. The simplicity in the workflow of the software helps the people to know where the things to be disposed of, when they put them on the containers, whether the container is in overflow state or not easily. 

  • Employing Real-time Metrics

As you are aware in the previous section, the absence of real-time metrics leads to degrading the performance of the software. Alerting the wastage company or the municipalities or the recycle centers when the nearby container is in overflow state with the instant notifications with the geolocation connected feasibility increased the brand value of your own startup. 

  •  Cost-Effective

The most prominent issue of waste management is the lack of optimal route information increases the operational cost and excessive driving. Employing GPS technology in the SpotnEats allows the peoples or companies to track the locations of the container.  Allowing GPS technology offers optimal routes when the number of routes exists to the drivers that reduce excessive driving and thus the fuel cost is reduced.

  • Cutting the Revenue Leakage

With the inclusion of digital payment options like the mobile wallet, payment gateways, and the credit cards in the SpotnEats, better replacement of manual-based revenue collection and it assure the transparency level in a transaction that increases the brand value for your startup among the customers. 

Final say

Well. After the in-depth analysis of the waste management practices in this blog, you gained the detailed information regarding how to gain the advantages from the latest trends, how the business profits obtained going towards the going zero waste movement, how the mobile app resolves the issues in the smart waste management. Finally, the effectiveness of SpotnEats waste management software through the unique features stated. No worries regarding the new startup for waste management. SpotnEats there for you at [email protected]. To create your brand value. 

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