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How to Create a Coupon Code Strategy for a Restaurant with Food Delivery Software?

Coupon Codes. Is there anyone who doesn’t love to use them? Most people, especially those who utilize the online food delivery application to get their foods, love to grab fine deals. As per the recent report from Statista, 

“Nearly, 83% of U.S. shoppers use online coupons while buying.”

Maybe, you are also one of them. Promo codes, offers, and discounts are the top picks of consumers but, as an entrepreneur in the food processing or restaurant market, can you get any benefits from them? 

Absolutely yes. Let’s check the statistical data again.

“As per that, a brand can sell up to 73% more by providing offers.”

Then you can also boost sales in your restaurants easily by executing a perfect coupon code strategy. Need help with it? Here, through this blog, you can get all the details about the promo code strategy and its execution process with the help of food ordering software. 

What is Coupon Marketing Strategy?

In a single sentence, it is a marketing strategy that focuses on driving more customers and buyers to boost instant sales. Usually, this strategy has been implemented by the brands to offer discounts to their special customers or all customers to increase sales.

It can benefit a restaurant, to reach its objectives in sales and RoI in a short time. It can also help restaurants to grow their customer base and awareness. In the case of the best offers accompanied by the best service, the restaurant can obtain a high success rate and more loyal customers in a short time. 

Knowing the positive traits of coupon code strategy can help you to plot a marketing strategy for your restaurant. At the same time, you should know the risk factors behind it. In case of any failure in the execution process, it may cost you brand damage, high cart abandonment, bottom line risk, and others. 

Whether you provide a high offer with low quality of service, you may only get a high number of one-time buyers. Simply, you should execute the coupon code strategy properly to obtain a high success rate. 

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How to Market Your Eatery Business with Coupon Codes?

The coupon code strategy is one of the best ways to seek consumer attraction directly in a short time. Usually, most of us come across such offers at least once in our lifetime as a consumer. But as an entrepreneur in the restaurant industry, it is quite natural to have many doubts and confusion to execute the coupon code strategy. This part of the blog can clear your doubts by explaining how you can market your eatery with the help of a coupon code strategy. 

Valassis recently released a report regarding the role of coupons in restaurant businesses. As per that, consumers who utilize coupon codes use eatery services seven times per month on average compared to non-coupon users who eat out just 4.8 times per month. That indicates coupon codes encourage people to consume your services and foods. 

In the US, 54% of diners usually visit the same eatery. But, among them, 20% switch restaurants based on promotions or coupons. So, a coupon code strategy can promote your business and convert more consumers to penetrate the market. As a bonus, whether your restaurant provides a low price after a discount, then you can get an additional conversion rate of up to 12%. 

Through these ways, the coupon code strategy can help your restaurant business to increase sales and conversions. Now, it’s time to explore how it can be executed. 

Food Delivery Software: A Feasible Way to Execute Promo Code Strategy

In this part, we can discuss the working model of the promo codes. It is nothing but a sequence of alphanumeric characters. It is available in digital form and physical forms. But nowadays most coupon codes can be utilized over the internet when purchasing a product or service. 

The customers need to enter the code in the dedicated box at the time of checkout to get the discount. Each coupon has its unique terms and conditions depending on the brand. Although it seems like a discount, it is completely different from that. 

Discounts can be done by the restaurant on the price of the food. But coupon code allows consumers to do the process to get offers; it may be a discount or add-on service, cash back, or others. Even though discounts attract customers, coupon codes attract more new customers. 

So, concisely, you need an optimum platform to accept and support the coupon code system and strategy. For instance, if you are providing online food delivery service with the help of a mobile application, then it has the potential and proper functionality to execute a coupon code system. 

That’s why a restaurant management system is essential to provide coupon codes for your customers. It contains a food delivery software system (food delivery app), a food ordering software system (food ordering app), a restaurant app, and an admin panel. 

The food ordering application is providing high-end features to the customers to order food online, track their orders, pay online, rate the food and services, and more. The food delivery application has the potential and features to help the delivery persons to get the order details, consumer address, navigation facility to locate them, and others. Restaurant applications aid the kitchen manager or the branch admin to streamline online orders, delivery history, and others. 

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How to Create a Coupon Code for Your Eatery?

  • With the admin panel, you can optimize online restaurant services quickly. 
  • Through the panel, you can create in-app marketing campaigns like coupon codes, user engagement programs, and others. 
  • As the admin, you can choose the sequence of the coupon code, its terms, and conditions, expiry date, and percentage of the discount or the benefits of customers. 
  • Once you define the conditions of the coupon code, you can launch it in the market. 
  • As the admin panel has in-depth analytic tools, you can get complete data on the marketing program. 

But ensure, your restaurant management system has these effective tools and elements. But from where and how can you avail of such effective software? It has been discussed in the next part.

How to Develop an Exceptional Food Ordering Software?

Usually, entrepreneurs like you are wishing to avail of a restaurant management system from a SaaS firm. Choosing such a solution may cost you on a monthly basis. Moreover, it’s not the exact tailored solution for your restaurant. Other than this, you can prefer custom app development.

Whether you are looking for an app development company to craft it from scratch, then you should note such a development process may cost you high. In the case of choosing an ineffective app development company may lead to your operational failure. 

To avoid such errors you can prefer customized readymade solutions like clone app scripts. From SpotnEats you can avail of the best ready-to-use food ordering and delivery system for your restaurant. Through this, you can get a top-rated restaurant management system for your restaurant with effective and customized features. 

It also can be modified to support the coupon code strategy and other in-app marketing processes. Through that, you can get the potential to attract more than 67% new customers for your eatery business as many people love to use coupon codes. 

A majority of consumers (67%) are more likely to visit an eatery for the first time if there is a coupon offer. 

Final Note

We hope through this blog you may get points regarding the coupon code best practices, methods to implement the promo code strategy with a tech solution for your restaurant, and many more. Last but not least, an availing restaurant management system from SpotnEats can obtain coupon marketing strategy benefits in real-time for your restaurant. 

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