How To Make an App Like UberEats in React Native?

Having an online restaurant marketplace like Ubereats is the hot startup idea right now. Many techies are resorting to this idea because of its potential and future prospects. Developing countries and their cities and towns are big markets for online food ordering and delivery. Users in such markets are looking for unique, easy to use apps.

Everything from design and performance is observed by users in these places. So anyone who likes to launch Ubereats like app startups in these markets, it is high time to focus more on the app solution development.

We recommend them to either develop the app from scratch or get pre-built solutions from experienced makers. Whichever way you choose, it is better to get the app made to React Native.

React Native

React Native is an open-source javascript framework used to develop Android and iOS mobile applications. React Native is a flexible platform that allows the developer to code once and replicate in other platforms. 

React Native is a cross-platform app development that is true to the phrase, “Work once and code anywhere”.

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Why React Native for your Ubereats like app solution?

  1. React Native is a time-saver; it helps the developer use the same code components for multiple platforms of different devices. On-demand food ordering apps require frequent updates and with React Native it is faster and easier. UI components can also be added to the existing code and get published.
  2. Non-technical persons looking to start a service like Ubereats shall easily understand the working and customization of apps made using React Native. One need not require complex programs to maintain and work on the solution.
  3. Overall maintenance cost comes down by at least 30% since the same code is easily modified and used.
  4. For small-time entrepreneurs who want to develop a solution with a quality similar to uber eats and at a moderate budget, React Native development is the right choice. iOS and Android apps can be developed with a single code without much change.    

Advantages of React Native app development

  • React Native offers effortless support for third-party APIs. On-demand apps generally require a lot of APIs ranging from payment systems to maps. 
  • Simple UI design makes it easy for users to navigate and browse the app. This applies to both the customer, delivery agent and admin.
  • The stability of the app is a bit better when it comes to React Native. Frequent bugs and issues are a thing of the past when it comes to React Native. It ensures agility and resilience to external attacks.

Developing food delivery app using React Native

The basic workflow for app development using React Native is common for all. Here I am explaining unique points to take a not while developing the food delivery solution.

Multi-currency and multi-language

Multi-currency support is a must at present for any on-demand food apps. It has been found that people prefer apps which offers multiple payment system with multi-currency support. Foreign nationals are a new customer group and this feature helps to attract them.     

React Native has libraries with sufficient localization to support multi-currency. The same applies to the multi-language features.

Google map and other API

Like I said before, it is easy and quicker to incorporate APIs into React Native apps. On-demand food apps generally hosts a slew of API for different purposes like customer retention, customer engagement, and many more. 

For example, Google Maps offers API to be used on other applications. On-demand food ordering apps need it for navigation and tracking. The point here is to say that, Google map API gets updated frequently and React Native development accommodates such updates seamlessly. Google offers Place Auto-completion API for React Native. You have to use it to fetch regional data with accuracy at locking longitude & latitude. The API also locks the subjects (TSP and the client) allowing them to track each other.

Modular architecture

React Native is a modular program in which each functionality is separated into several individual blocks called modules. Modular architecture is characterized by serviceability, flexibility, and upgradability. 

Any new functionality if you wish to add temporarily to check its usage shall be easily added/removed in React Native. 

While operating an on-demand food ordering app solution you would be coming up with new features and the app solution must have space to accept it without affecting the core function. Fortunately, React Native app development gives the necessary space to make new changes.  

SpotnEats UberEats Clone

If you choose to be on the safer side and decide to get a React Native developed food app solution, get a finely built solution from SpotnEats. SpotnEats is made up of teams who are skilled in React Native and can make a perfect solution that suits all kinds of devices and platforms. 

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Final say!

There cannot be a better way to deliver an app like Ubereats other than using React Native development. For more technical details regarding The development, send an mail to [email protected]

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