How to Set Up Delivery Service for Your Restaurant Chain at Low Cost?

The race for providing food to customers quickly and conveniently through a food delivery mobile app started a few years ago. Yet, the businesses in the restaurant industry are running in this race. Most of all appetite customers choose only the front runners as they provide food more quickly at their doorsteps. 

If you are an entrepreneur in the restaurant industry who hasn’t participated in the race, it’s time to join. To help you to get success in the race, here we provide a detailed explanation about the necessary gear that is called the “UberEats Clone App”. 

Let’s get into the blog to acquire some knowledge to create online food delivery services for your restaurant or restaurant chain at a low cost. 

Why Should You Provide Food Delivery Service Online?

If you are here, you probably know the importance of online food delivery services. Even a startup in the restaurant industry has been providing an online food ordering facility with the help of an aggregator platform. If you are following the same, then you must increase your exposure. That means you should explore the benefits of having a dedicated online delivery service for your restaurants in recent days. 

Most restaurant owners thought delivering the food through an online platform is not necessary after the pandemic and another set of restaurant owners thought that they are comfortable participating in such a public marketplace. But only a few restaurant owners are thinking about the positive aspects of having their own food ordering and delivery system. 

When your restaurant chain or single restaurant has this facility, your customers can order your food anywhere anytime. So, in case any customer who couldn’t dine in your restaurant but wishes to eat your food can utilize this online ordering system. 

  • You can avoid competition when you are listing your foods on your food ordering platform. 
  • You need not pay any commission for any listing services to list your food products.
  • It can increase your brand visibility. 
  • You can also cross-sell your other products on your food ordering platform.
  • Listing your foods on your own online food ordering platforms has a high possibility of conversion. 
  • You can increase your loyal customer base with this solution, etc.

So, for these reasons you should consider providing food delivery service for your restaurants. It’ll break your dependency on any other third-party listing site.  

Essential Elements to Enable Online Food Delivery Service

Setting up a delivery service for your restaurant means, allowing your customers to order their favorite dishes online and get them at their doorstep. To do that, you should have an effective platform that should be easily reachable through mobile. That’s why I should develop a mobile app for food ordering. Such food ordering applications should have some essential and advanced features of the following. 

  • Endless Listing – The app solution must allow you to list all of the branches of your restaurant chain with this app solution. So, the customer can choose the restaurant which is located nearby them. 
  • Manage Online Restaurant – It must have unique options for the manager at each branch of your restaurant chain to manage the dishes available and its price in real-time. 
  • Restaurant Management – The restaurant app should have a feature that supports customers who want to reserve a table for dining and also who want to order a special dish on-demand for dining.   
  • Estimated Time of Arrival –  It is the most important feature of the online food ordering mobile application. It shows the approximate time to deliver the food to the doorstep of the customers to keep the satisfaction level of your customer high. 
  • Navigation – An elemental feature of a driver application of your online food delivery system is navigation. It allows the drivers to know the exact place of the customer who orders the food. 
  • Multiple Payment Option – This feature will extend the limitations of the payment system of your restaurant business. 
  • Review and Rating – When you need to increase the customer experience in your online food delivery service and maximize the reliability of your brand, you should include this rating and review feature. Through this, you can know your customer’s perceptions easily. Besides that, a high rating of your dishes and services can increase the reliability of your brand among potential customers. 

Besides this, there are many more features like social media integration for easy logging in, a real-time tracking facility to track the order status, promo codes, referral program support, multiple language support, and others that should be included with food ordering and delivery applications. You can add any additional features with this online food ordering system. 

All these are the elements that are necessary for an online food delivery application. But beyond that, you need to set up some infrastructure to make the online food delivery system for your restaurant. 

  1. Delivery Vehicles –  You should procure the vehicles for food delivery. That means you have to bear all the costs to maintain the vehicle like maintenance costs, fuel, and others. 
  1. Hire Delivery Persons – To do they deliver on time, you should hire delivery persons to provide a seamless delivery service. 
  1. Admin for Delivery Process – Besides the restaurant manager, and the delivery person you should hire an admin for the delivery persons to assign the delivery process. 

But, it may cost you a lot to establish such infrastructure and manage it. For example, you should pay for maintaining the vehicle, salary for delivery persons, and delivery admin, regardless of the number of online orders you get. 

In some seasons, you may get very few online orders, but in some seasons, you’ll get more orders. In such a dull season, you have to spend an equal amount of money to maintain your delivery infrastructure. In the busy season, there is a possibility of a lack of delivery people to complete all orders on time. Let’s check how to tackle this problem with an effective idea. 

How to Reduce the Cost of Setting Up Delivery Service for a Restaurant Chain?

By executing the right strategy with the right app solution, you can reduce the cost of establishing the delivery service. Let’s check the strategic plan in detail. 

Instead of hiring delivery persons, you can aggregate each delivery person as volunteers like UberEats, DoorDash, and other on-demand delivery businesses. That means the individuals who have vehicles and are interested in doing the food delivery can register with your online food delivery system as drivers.

The drivers who are approved by you will get the delivery job notification when the customer requests food delivery. The driver who accepts the request will visit your restaurant and get the parcel delivery. Then they complete the delivery as per the customer’s request. 

To complete this process, you can reward the driver with a commission. So, you need to spend your money to hire and procure resources to make the delivery service infrastructure. It’ll reduce cost and the delivery can also be done at the right time even though any peak hours. 

So, you can choose a mobile app solution that has a customer app, restaurant manager app (service provider), delivery person app, and admin panel. But, to develop such a custom mobile app solution, you need to spend more money and time. Instead, you can choose the UberEats clone script. That means, developing a mobile application with the exact features and workflow as UberEats. It’ll reduce the app development cost and can be launched in no time. Let’s understand this better.

How is SpotnEats Unique in UberEats Clone App Development?

To streamline your hybrid delivery services, the UberEats clone script has four elements; customer app, delivery person app, restaurant app, and admin panel. With these elements, you can streamline your delivery services. You can also ensure your individuality by customizing the UberEats clone application. 

That means you can include any custom features or UI with the ready-made UberEats clone script. SpotnEats is one of the eminent firms that provide customized UberEats clone scripts for years for many entrepreneurs. As we can provide tailored food delivery app solutions with customized UberEats clone scripts. 


Establishing an in-home delivery service needs a high amount of money. Instead by following the aggregator driver model with the UberEats clone app solution, you can cut the cost to set up the online food delivery service. SpotnEats can help you to make this possible with a customized UberEats clone script, that can extend your monetizing limit and productivity.

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