How to Upgrade Your Restaurant Business Using SpotnEats Restaurant Management Application

If you are running a restaurant, you would definitely know that the business now is not what it was 10 years back. It is because of the shift in the restaurant business to online food delivery, on-demand food delivery, etc apart from increased population and people’s adaptation to cuisines. Even a stalwart in the restaurant business requires innovation to be relevant in the business.

Not to mention that many traditional businesses like taxi industry had to undergo drastic technological change to avoid becoming obsolete. So, if you would like to upgrade your restaurant business with some technology, I would recommend a restaurant management software.

Restaurant management software improves the overall effectiveness of your business. The best way to use a management software is to have an app-based food ordering system along with a management system.

How the Restaurant Management Business App Works

See, as I said earlier, the restaurant management solution has a food ordering app inside it. So, it has a customer app, restaurant app, and delivery agent app.

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Customer Application

The customer app keeps track of all the customers who have visited the restaurant or ordered online from the restaurant. It sends frequent rewards, loyalty points, cashbacks, and offers.  


With GPS tracking in place, the customers can easily track the restaurant to dine in. In case of online ordering also, the customer can track the location of the delivery agent in the app.

Table Reservation

During peak hours and weekend, the demand in the restaurant will be high and to those who want to dine inside there may not be enough tables to use. In such cases, the users can reserve the tables beforehand by specifying the time and no. of seats. A step further, the users can even order the foods during table reservation itself.

QR Code

While being inside the restaurant itself the customer can order food using the app without any intervention at his own time. The customer just has to scan the QR code in the restaurant with the customer app in his smartphone. Even the payment inside the restaurant can be done using the mobile.

Online Food Ordering

With e-menu in the app, the user can order delicious food and it will be delivered at his doorsteps in minutes. As said before, tracking and payment can also be done on the app.

Customize Your Food

Using the app, the customer can customize the food according to his taste. Suggestions can also be made to the chef on cooking method etc.

Cancel Order

Due to some unfortunate reason the customer has to cancel the order. Without any hassles, he can cancel the order.

Payment System

Multiple payments can be done in the app. Digital payments, debit/credit card, ewallet, UPI  payments can be done with a tap.

Kitchen/Restaurant Web Panel

In a restaurant, there will be waiters,  chefs, and many workers. Managing them along with the orders(online/offline) from the customers is a big task. With a restaurant dashboard in place, both the efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out everything is increased. The restaurant panel is controlled by an admin.

Allocating Online Order to the Delivery Agent

As soon as the restaurant gets an online order, automatically a delivery agent is assigned. The delivery agent picks the order and delivers it to the concerned customer.

Allocating Waiter

The admin assigns a waiter to the table if it is occupied by a customer. The admin can use the web panel to view the total number of waiters and can assign them to a table.  

Chef Notification

As said earlier, the customer can choose the ingredient, and customize the menu. This details of customization of an order will be sent directly to the chef. The chef get a notification and cooks the food as per the instructions.

Menu Management

  • You can create recipe banks by mapping relevant ingredients which are in different amount.
  • Accurate food costing with costing reports along with variance. Recipe costs can be arrived based on the utilization and wastage at the end-of the day.
  • Dynamic recipe made possible with features like adding substitutes, modifiers, classifiers, style, and design.

Inventory and Production

  • The restaurant app tracks the approximate number of orders per day and frequently ordered food to help you to calculate how much inventory of ingredients is required for preparing the food.
  • Using the app you can make easy day-end auditing of inventory made with physical inventory methodologies which enables an accurate measure of pilferage.
  • Accurately get reports of what ingredients were issued, actual production, wastage and costing. This helps to reduce unnecessary costs.

Web Based Accounting with Latest Analytics Tools

  • Get accurate status on cash, bank balance, salaries paid, production cost, etc on the app with one tap.
  • Age-wise outstanding for customers and suppliers to help you to have better visibility.
  • Space rent details and outstanding amount details.
  • Manage your incoming and outgoing costs, payables and efficiently track deposited, bounced and post-dated cheques.

SpotnEats is an exhaustive restaurant management solution which houses features more than what is mentioned above. Our team of adroit developers has diligently and painstakingly worked to create these solutions. SpotnEats is separately available as an on-demand based online food delivery application also. This solution can also be used by a person who is not even in the restaurant business as an aggregator model.

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To know more details about our restaurant management solution, Please connect with our expert team drop us an email to [email protected]. We have a dedicated business team who are available 24/7 to clear your queries.

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