How to Utilize Micro Mobility to Fasten the Last-mile Delivery For Your Grocery Business?

There is nothing to wonder about while witnessing the digital world also updating its grocery delivery methods. We in the 21st century are experiencing most technological advancements like the fastest transportation, network facility, hybrid workspaces, and many many more. 

With this fast-paced lifestyle, most of us may not even note that the mobility of the delivery persons is also updated recently; but you should do as you are an entrepreneur in the grocery industry. If you missed it, need not be worried. Instead, this blog can help you to visualize the next-get grocery delivery services. 

The flow of this blog starts with the micro-mobility services and ends with the best grocery app development company that can update your grocery delivery service. Let’s visualize.

Is Micro Mobility the Future of Delivery?

First of all, let’s know a little about the term micromobility. It denotes small kinds of vehicles like bikes or scooters, and others especially electric ones that are used to travel from one place to another place in the locality. Simply, it is a self-transportation solution for commuters. 

The adoption of such micromobility has been increasing in recent days due to the advent of electric motor vehicles, awareness of global warming, and sustainability. Usually, such small vehicles are using electric power for acceleration. 

Currently, in developed countries, electric motor vehicles and small vehicles can be borrowed by people for a short term from mobility renting platforms like Bolt and others. It can be availed from a separate parking space by validating the request through a QR code and online requests. At this point, you may doubt the relation between the last-mile delivery and the micromobility.

Let’s clear it up now. Rising in the number of motor vehicles that emit smog-forming emissions, such as nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and others that spoil the environment more. Along with this, it also costs you high for regular maintenance and fuel. To reduce both challenges, micro-mobility is introduced. 

As many businesses are preferring eco-friendly solutions for their businesses, there is a high possibility of adopting such EV-based micromobility. In some regions, startups and businesses are preferring such micro-mobility for delivering their products to the end customers. 

As per the recent press report, front runners that use logistics and delivery services like UPS, FedEx, and Amazon are trialing some form of EV micromobility to deliver parcels. So, such a transportation solution will be the next phase of the advancements in the supply chain and logistics to reach the end-users. 

How to Fasten the Last-mile Delivery for Your Grocery?

Following the traditional way to deliver groceries couldn’t work well to fasten the delivery process. Your grocery store or supermarket chain should be powered by a sophisticated solution. That means you need to automate the complete processes of the grocery delivery process that starts from getting orders from customers to dropping off the grocery parcel at the mentioned address. 

Developing a grocery delivery application can help you to do this effectively. Usually, mobile app development for your supermarket or grocery store is preferable when you are looking for a way to extend or upgrade your business. To automate the complete grocery delivery process, you should develop or avail yourself of a custom grocery mobile application that has the following features. 

Customer Application –  It is an online platform that can be accessed by mobile customers to check the available products of your supermarket and their details. It has the following features to do the online grocery ordering process. 

  • Easy sign-up and profile management services, 
  • Powerful search tools like find, sort, and filter,
  • Digital shopping cart and effective cart management tools,
  • Simple and quince checkout process, 
  • Multiple ways for online payment,
  • Review and rating options, etc.

Store App – This application is developed for the store manager of your supper market. Through that, the manager can optimize and update the real-time availability of the stocks in the supermarket. It has the following features. 

  • Professional dashboard to manage inventory,
  • Price and offer management, 
  • Get orders from customers with effective notification, 
  • Options to accept online payments, etc. 

Delivery Person App – Once the store manages to accept the orders and pack them, they can send the notification to the delivery persons who are available at that moment. Simply, the delivery persons need to pick up the orders and deliver them to the mentioned address. To ease this process, the grocery delivery person app has the following features. 

Profile creation and management,

  • Options to accept or reject the delivery tasks,
  • Online availability status management,
  • Navigation and locating facility,
  • Proof-of-delivery, etc. 

Admin Panel – It is an online platform that helps you to monitor and manage the online grocery ordering and delivery service in a single platform. For that purpose, it has the following features.

  • Content Management,
  • Offer and Loyalty programs, 
  • Chatbot integration,
  • In-depth analysis and report,
  • Commission management,
  • Authorization of delivery providers, etc.

With the online grocery ordering and delivering app solution, you can streamline your online grocery services online in a single window. If you have multiple supermarkets, you can manage all of them through this grocery app solution. 

Let’s get back to the point. By adopting this grocery application, you can automate the complete process of online ordering and delivering groceries. It can fasten the order accepting, processing, packaging, and delivery processes. But, by accepting micro-mobility for your business, you can improvise the last-mile delivery further and it also reduces the time delay in the delivery process. Let’s check how.

Grocery Delivery App: Integrating Micro Mobility and Last-mile Delivery

To integrate micro-mobility and last-mile delivery, you should know the concepts of micro fulfilments and dark stores. Both are common terms used in the logistics and transportation industry. 

Micro Fulfillment – It is nothing but a small-sized warehouse that used to be set up nearby an urban area or the location in which the speed of delivery should be improved. 

Dark Stores – Simply, it is also a form of the warehouse, that is created at the center of an Urban area or very close to the location that needed the fastest delivery services. 

The maintenance cost for both micro fulfillment and the dark store is lower than the managing cost for a grocery store or a supermarket. You can establish any number of micro-fulfillments and dark stores as many as you want. 

All such dark stores and microfulfilments are having a manager and the manager has been provided with the store app of the grocery app solution. So, as the admin, you can manage all of them through the admin panel. 

That means, your local area can be covered with multiple fulfillment centers for your grocery businesses. So, the delivery persons only need to travel a few distances from the fulfillment centers to reach the customers’ location. To cross the distance, you can use the micro-mobility solution. It can fasten your delivery process and you can assure one-hour delivery to your customers. 

This one-time investment can help you to streamline simple, effective, and fastest grocery delivery in your locality. To establish this complete setup, you need to invest money at a reasonable cost. Let’s check an efficient way to reduce the cost to make this infrastructure.

Why Should You Avail of Online Grocery App Solution from SpotnEats?

Developing a mobile application with custom features to streamline the whole grocery delivery process, may cost you high. Instead of this, you can choose a customized clone app script. It is nothing but a replica application of another application that obtains success in the market. 

But such readymade grocery delivery apps can be customizable when you are choosing the best online grocery app development company like SpotnEats. By choosing our readymade grocery delivery app, you can include any custom features and UI design with the app solution. So, that you can get a unique and effective app solution at a reasonable cost. 

We are having years of experience in the app development industry, you can expect a high-end product from us. 

Summing Up

The grocery industry is one of the ever-green markets in which the demand for the product has never faded away. By adopting recent technologies, and strategic planning, you can shine in the industry. Such a futuristic manner can be your identity and can create a core competency in the market. 

SpotnEats is a mobile app development company that helps multiple entrepreneurs, business people, and startups with effective ready-made app solutions. So, we can help you also with an operative and customized readymade grocery delivery app. 

Through the application, you can manage your delivery persons who are backed with micro mobility and stores or micro fulfillments. Simply, it can improve your productivity in a single step. 

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