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Thanks to the more number of online solutions, the food delivery sectors are the big revenue-generating platforms in the UK. On account of the various demands like ready-to-eat food, professional preparation, and online ordering, the restaurants in the UK switch over to the online mobile app platform to provide the remarkable delivery services to the users.

The ordering process is a differing one from region to region in the UK. Selection of food, drink, and the socialization at a home largely access the mobile app platforms that provide valid revenue growth for the food delivery business.

Since the market trends are continually evolving and the customer’s access points are varying, the update of the business flow is an essential thing. With such an updated workflow and many features, the takeaways food delivery market in UK meets the specific growth each year.

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  • According to the NPD Group, the market value of the food delivery direct to home is 4.2 bn € from 2010 to 2020. In the next 2 years, the NPD group predicted that the takeaway delivery market will surely grow 17%.
  • Overall the total population is around 65.6 million, reported in ONS. Among them, 18% are aged 65 and 2.4% are above 85. This value assures the demand for the food delivery app development for the proper home delivery of delicious and healthy food services.
  • In 2019, the overall delivery count via the food delivery app in UK is 7.5 bn €. The NPD Group report stated that the increasing percentage of the food delivery is 39%.
  • According to the statistica report, the market value of the food delivery market is attained at 8.5 bn € and the overall number of the food delivery users is 11million. The projected value of the market value of the food delivery business is 15 bn € in 2023.
  • From the food delivery stats in UK, the demand for the food delivery app for startups in UK observed more and this turns many players to come into the market. Brits are conscious of selecting the best food delivery app in UK. They expect some of the basic things before the use of it.

Based on click-and-collect, the food delivery software in UK must improve the footfall. To establish a stable connection and present the services and products, retailers pointed out that the on-demand food delivery app in UK is the best choice.

During the busy hours, the customers asked to wait for purchase in a traditional type of business. But, the arrival of readymade food delivery apps in UK provides the time-setting options to the customers. Also, the sudden switch over from one to another is needed. Food delivery business apps in UK must scale up the revenue through the increase of customer base.

Besides the above expectations, modern trends also brought new changes in the food delivery market in the future. The knowledge on the trends, top players, and the key takeaways to increase the customer base are necessary things to develop the best-fit food delivery clone app in the UK.

Aware Of Modern Trends That Drive UK Food Delivery In Future

Due to the revenue-generating, the food delivery business is familiar in UK regions. This makes the entire market be a competitive one. To withstand the competitiveness, the perfect app for the food delivery business in the UK covers the following trends.

Focus on UK Millennials

Among the growing UK population, the highest share is observed from the Millenials and they are the top-priority audiences for the business. Implementing the perfect ordering channel and the inclusion of delivery options are the top-metrics to cover Millenials.

Expand the ordering Channels

Due to the increasing population and the ever-increasing needs, the orders are huge and hence the channels for orders are also to be increased. The diverse channels, like social media with advanced scheduling options also required. Among the UK population, the55% of the adults prefer easy online app-based ordering.

Trendy Delivery Options

In the future, the entire business sectors move towards providing accurate delivery via limited labors. Drones, robots are coming into play in the delivery process. Hence, the digitized platform opted to cope up with these smart devices also.

Enabling of New Niches

The food delivery process brings new niches for every year. Farm-based food ordering, organic meals, pet food delivery, etc are the new evolving platforms. The app selected for the food delivery addresses these additional options and provides a comfortable experience to the users.

Besides, data collection like road traffic, customer history, smart payment modes are the additional things that arrived. Coping with such trends is the important one for the food delivery service providers. The top players available in the food delivery market of the UK are JustEat, Food Hub, Deliveroo, UberEats and they are the competent players of new food delivery business launches in the UK.

Top Five Apps for Food Delivery Business in UK & Their Key Points

Normally, the food delivery apps are falling on one of the following categories aggregators, logistics-integrated, and the full delivery service. With the proper app, a high-level of control over the better customer experience is achieved and this increases the corresponding ratings of the services. The short overview of top players and their important tactics followed to capture the customer’s heart are highlighted as follows.

Just Eat

British-based online food ordering and delivery service provider launched in London. The business model of Just Eat includes the specially dedicated options for both restaurants and customers. The locally available restaurant easily partnered with this app to treat the customers with the advanced options.

  • Customers have the right to set their own profile, host the review and read the reviews individually.
  • Access to a large customer base, build the networks easily are the specific options to the restaurant owners.
  • Secure payment gateways and fast delivery attract many customers in the market. They covered 221.2 million orders according to the report from 2018.

Food Hub

With the launch of in Fenton, it supports widely available restaurants according to the location information from the customers. This allows the restaurant owners to showcase all the varieties of foods on a commission-free basis. This provides the chance for easily building profitable deals with the other players or customers in the market.

  • The multiple payment options like the card, cash-on-delivery are included.
  • Equipped with the meal tracker options to track the food from kitchens to the doorstep
  • The inclusion of order history allows the customers to book the orders easily on the regular basis.
  • In 2020, it will deliver 20 million meals in various favorable ways.


Founded in London, Deliveroo has seven years of experience in the food delivery sectors. Deliveroo allows the customers to place orders in top-rated restaurants like local hot players, national favorite restaurants. The categories for the selection are available in the following manner: cuisines, restaurants with high-user views, and the popular meals in the specified area.

  • The inclusion of live updates regarding preparation to delivery attracts the customers in real-time.
  • The scheduling feature allows the customers to set the time for the food delivery in now or later scenarios.
  • Tracking and secure payment options and the bills downloaded are attractive options from the customer point of view.
  • They hit around 6-10 million customers from 2018 to 2020 respectively.


One of the other familiar online food ordering platforms in the UK is UberEats that allows the customers to search the nearby restaurants and place their favorite food orders. Picking the food based on customer needs, a selection from the menu showcased, and tracking the food till to reach the customer’s place are the top activities in UberEats.

  • Tracking of orders on map-basis
  • Secure payment options via either UberCash or cards. The enabling of promo codes based purchase or discount attracts more number of customers.
  • Equipped with the notifications or alerts, UberEats makes the customers attentive on each instant. According to the 2020 report, UberEats covers 3.5 million users in the Uk region.

With the objective of capturing more customers and acting sustainably in the market, the above-mentioned players provided various options to the customers.

Takeaways to Increase the UserBase via Food Delivery App Development in UK

From the short view on available players, the common takeaways for the successful launch of food delivery startups in the UK and increasing the customer base are listed as follows.

Easy Way of Searching and Locating –The takeaway business model incorporates multiple restaurants to provide limitless delivery. The app for the food delivery startup in the UK must hold the options to select the most favorite restaurants in the market.

From them, categorical based ordering like a favorite, most recent, top-rated, and organic are also to be included in the food delivery business app in the UK.

Meal Tracking Options -The tracking options must include things in every food delivery app after the penetration of GPS technology. The map integration within the app and the navigation options are also considered for your success.

The tracking options are also included in the app to provide the minimum distance coverage information to the delivery drivers. Hence the total trip from the restaurants to the customer location is low.

Fit into Future Trends- As per the trend analysis, the developed app should include attractive options to cover Millenials, convenient ordering, support to more delivery channels, and efficient data handling.

Notifications & History Information-To retain the customers for the long term, the applications also hold the options of maintaining the customer’s order history, alert options. With these, the attention to the food delivery process and the easy order placement in the successive times are achievable things.

Secure & Multiple Payment Modes-The whole food delivery process ends in the payment process. The app selected for the food delivery startup in the UK includes the multiple payment modes cash, card in a secure manner. With this easy payment, many customers are engaged in an online app-based food delivery process.

Graded Options of SpotnEats Food Delivery Business App in the UK for More Customers 

The SpotnEats is an experienced player in the on-demand food delivery application development process having enough knowledge in the delivery options. The graded options of SpotnEats food delivery software solution listed as follow assist the restaurant owners to increase the customer base.

Interactive Searching

The food delivery software from the SpotnEats solution includes the various searching options as per the Brits needs. Restaurants in nearby locations, favorites, and the top-quality are showcased to the customers to expect the feasible orders.

Real-Time Tracking of Orders

With the enable of GPS and smart location navigation options, SpotnEats food delivery software allows both the customers and the restaurant owners to experience the minimum distance benefits. This makes the delivery person handle more orders and revenue too.

Attentive to Future Trends & Customer Needs

Due to the customization and scalable options, SpotnEats is the perfect choice to build the top food delivery clone apps for startups in the UK. This also includes alert options, trendy supporting options, secure payment modes with the multi-currency nature, etc to bring the new advances to the food delivery market in the UK and increase the customer base.

Bottom Line

With the increasing population and the Millenials count, the online food delivery process is emerging in the UK. The giant players already provided the top-quality food delivery services to the Brits in the UK.

With all such demanding options and the needed features, the SpotnEats is the perfect choice to get either your food delivery app or clone apps of top players to increase the user base for your food delivery startup. By filling the form below and mailing your queries to [email protected], you can get details on the food delivery business.

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