Satisfy Your Hunger Customers and Boost up the Sales with SpotnEats Doordash Clone App

Various companies started to boost their sales with an automated solution. This reduces the manpower as well as increases the efficiency of the service. The food delivery industry is one among them, which witnessed a drastic shift in the market. The impact of the food ordering and delivery service has been increased over the past few years. 

Satisfy Your Hunger Customers and Boost up the Sales with SpotnEats Doordash Clone App

When it comes to food delivery service most entrepreneurs prefer clone scripts smartly. A well-developed clone script reduces the cost and improves user experience. As a result, the entrepreneur can easily brand their service among the other competitors in the market by gathering the attention of potential users. 

Speaking of clone script, there are many top brands like UberEats, Foodpanda, and others. But choosing the best clone script like DoorDash will be the right solution for the startup entrepreneurs. In this blog, we have covered all the detailed things about the DoorDash clone.

What Is the DoorDash Clone App and How Does It Suit the Restaurant Business?

DoorDash clone is a food delivery platform for the restaurant to grow their restaurant business and reach new customers on a regular basis. It helps the restaurant owners to provide top-notch services to the customers timely with the latest technology integration. That seamless the restaurant service and improves the restaurant brand quality.

Since the DoorDash clone is a flexible app solution, it suits any type of restaurant size and demand. The restaurant wonders can customize their DoorDash app according to their restaurant business model and additionally add new revenue schemes to build more profit shortly in the marketplace. 

The simplified workflow of the DoorDash clone app script as follows

  • First, signing up with the food delivery service with any of the preferable methods either filling the details one by one or directly signing up with a social media account. 
  • Once the signing up process is finished, the app will fetch for the nearby restaurants according to the customer’s preference. 
  • After choosing the restaurant, the customer can add their needed meals to the cart and check out. 
  • The next process after check out will be the payment, the customer can pay their bill either through direct cash or online. 
  • The app will automatically dispatch the order to the delivery agent and the customer can track their placed order. 
  • As an admin, you can over check the entire process in your web panel regularly.

Novel Features That Can Be Expected in the App like DoorDash 

  • Auto Fetches Nearby Restaurant – App will automatically fetch the restaurant details situated in nearby customer’s location, once the customer has signed in to the DoorDash clone app and after the specification of location. 
  • Promo Codes Option – The customers can make use of the promo codes to get additional discounts and offers on their meal orders. This adds additional benefits to using the DoorDash clone app to gather the customer’s attention.
  • Referral Code Option – Other than the promo codes the customers can also use the referral code option to invite their friends and family circle to install the app and get worthy offers. This increases the customer base regularly.
  • Meal Booked History – This key-feature helps the customers to check their previous orders in detail. This increases the food ordering and delivery service transparency compared to other competitors in the market. 
  • Repeat Orders Option – To make the customer’s order process simple and easy, the DoorDash clone app script includes the repeat order feature. This feature helps the customers to place their previous order again with just a tap. 

These are some of the basic key-features that can be found in the ready-made DoorDash clone app. There are many more DoorDash clone apps with more metrics that have been built by the latest tech stacks and SpotnEats is one among them. SpotnEats have an enriched DoorDash clone without any compensation in quality.

Explore Uniqueness with SpotnEats DoorDash Clone App Script

SpotnEats DoorDash clone app is a pre-developed solution that has been built with full flexibility. So that our DoorDash clone can be customized according to the entrepreneur’s restaurant business requirements. We have also included some additional features in the DoorDash clone app script to make the service unique from others. Few of the features have been listed below.

  • In-build Chat Option – We have developed the DoorDash clone with a simple in-build chat option to break the barrier between the end-players. This feature helps the end-players to chat and clear their queries without sharing their personal identity. 
  • Wallet Payment Option – Our DoorDash clone app has been integrated with the digital wallet option. This key-feature allows the customers to pay for the food they have ordered without using their credit or debit cards.
  • OTP Verification – To increase the security in our DoorDash clone app. We have developed the OTP verifications before submitting their orders. This verification step reduces unwanted orders.

Other than the additional feature, SpotnEats business model also gives flexibility to the users. In SpotnEats we have developed the DoorDash clone app with the Y structured business model.

In the SpotnEats DoorDash clone app script you will be getting a Y structured business model that helps you to give focus on all three sides of the users. This helps you to build elegant coordination between the end-players (restaurants, customers, and delivery agents). This structured business model empowers the users to track their service in real-time. 

Perks of choosing SpotnEats DoorDash Business model as follows 

  • Ability to track the delivery agent after placing the order, 
  • Instant customers service can be done easily around the clock, 
  • Easy to cover massive no of customers through a single platform, 
  • Extending of the customers base has made it simple, 
  • The cheap and fastest way to prompt the services regularly,
  • Digitized menu cards for regular offer and discounts update,
  • Good opportunity to increase sales and profit, 
  • Help to build a wider platform for small restaurant owners. 

Before entering into the on-demand food delivery service, it is better to know or understand the mode of revenue generation through it. 

  • Get Commission on Each Order – SpotnEats DoorDash clone app script, let you as an admin to gain revenue in a commission-based model. The orders that take place in your application platform will be generating the commission charged from the restaurant. The commission charge will be automatically credited from the restaurant. 
  • Advertising on Application Platform – Besides the commission charge, the admin can also earn additional profit in the form of promotion. Yes, the restaurants are now able to prompt their services in-app by paying promotion fare. This promotion fare can be fixed by the admin and the promoted restaurants will be on the top of the app. 
  • Meal Delivery Charge – The meal delivery charge can be collected from the customers according to their order. If the order is from a long distance or during peak hours, the delivery charge will be a little bit higher. Normally, every food delivery service used to charge 15% to 30% from their customers. 

In SpotnEats, we have utilized the latest technologies as much as possible in the DoorDash clone app script and it will uplift the restaurant business shortly. 

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Utilizing the technology in the restaurant business today will improve brand quality in the future and be able to reach a wide range of customers. We, SpotnEats provide you one such solution with a scalable option so that you can modify the app according to your restaurant demands. 

Looking to start your own food delivery business with the DoorDash clone app? Then, fill the below form to get your customized DoorDash clone app script. 

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