Short Survey of Flower Business Platforms and How SpotnEats On Demand Flower Delivery App Features Make You on Top

Greetings with flowers is an interesting one to meet our special people. If it is going to be the surprise means, that people will not forget you in their entire life. Ok. Now you want to give a bouquet to your special one. What is your choice? Either, you spend more time visiting the shop or ordering the flower bouquet through mobile apps. I think customers select the second one nowadays. 

With the new advances in technology like on demand mobile apps, Floral business is an evolving one. Suppose if you own a floral business, you can easily make interaction with the customers only through app development. Understanding the background of the industry and the factors that influencing the business are the preliminary stages of the app development. Here, this blog states the depth analysis of this floral business and must have features for sustainability. 

Is On-Demand Flower Delivery Business is Profitable?

In Depth Research on Floral Business

Growing technology makes the startup an easier one. But, proving your own uniqueness and attracting numerous customers into your business are the dominant factors for growth of the industry. Partners or flower shop owners participated in this floral business named as Florists. They use this technology in an attractive way to increase their sales and catch loyal customers. Flower delivery apps in the hands of customers provide the convenience ordering and prioritize when they want. So your startup acts as the perfect bridge between the customers and Florists. The delivery options like instant or schedule later drive more attention to use these apps.  

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Business reports proposed by the IBIS showed that the revenue generated by the florist industry in the last five years was around $800 million and it will keep on increasing in future. Last year, the entire floral business gained 60 billion US dollars. Suppose if you are in an urban area and have good partners say flower owners with the 1800 variations, you can have the popularity and generate huge revenue in a short period of time. 

Fine. Are you ready to start Floral business?. If yes means, deep analysis of industry helps you to know your position and how to make it your brand as top among your competitors. People say, cost, quality maintenance and what you are going to deliver are the important things for industry. Besides, some more inputs like the nature of the competition due to modern technology, methods used, performance review, satisfaction levels of the customers are added up for your growth. Now, you understand that deep analysis of floral market directly contributes to brand loyalty. After research, you can get the information regarding the factors for the floral business. 

Key Factors for Floral Business

With the huge models available in the market, selecting the right model for your Floral business is the basic thing you must consider. Owning a flower shop requires experience and huge investments to buy the materials needed. Instead of this, the startup online from the home definitely cuts your investment costs and the tiredness in searching the suitable places. Though the Floral business is the timeless industry, developing your product with the huge partners available in market is beneficial to you. Hence, the online floral business model is the perfect one for earning and growing. Before starting, knowing the factors that contribute to your brand value is important for further proceedings. 

Essentials of Business Model: Quality, Quick processing of order and same day delivery are the basic essentials of the floral business. The first two things are common for any business, But, the last one same day delivery is the necessary stage of floral business. Why?. You all know that, the flowers are easily limp due to the lack of water or heat. So instant or same delivery is the best option for success. Delivery to the customer within one or two hours is a preferable one. 

Convenience: As you know already, your startup definitely provides the convenience to your Florists and consumers. You can stand either B2B or B2C model for on-demand situations. 

Handy Features: Here, the customers are multi-dimension levels. You are developing the flower delivery app means, delivery is observed in following ways: home, corporate etc. So you must include the attractive handy features to attract diverse customers. Most of the startup is in failure because of bad user interfaceYour startup equipped with an easy user interface means more customers attracted towards you. Advanced booking, multi currency payment models order tracking are the major features for any basic app for floral business. 

Through the above, you can get the clarity of what is happening in floral business and features contributed to it in a clear way. Now, study of the platforms runned in floral business is also important for your development. 

Top platforms support Floral Business

Own startup is not only done by the preliminary ideas. It also depends on how you are understanding about your competitions to survive in industry for a long term. Here, the top most platforms associated with the floral business and what they are focusing on are listed.

1800 flowers: Focusing on arrangement of flowers according to the familiarity of brands

FTD: Florist Transworld Delivery running more than 100 years. It hits the network of local florists and gives the arrangements based on nearest to the point. 

Amazon: Subscription based model that concentrates on delivery of fresh flowers with dozens of brands without paying the shipping cost. 

ProFlowers: Fresh from field, Same day delivery 

Farmgirl Flowers: Unique arrangement of flowers. Signature-based delivery with bio-degradable bags.

Floom: Numerous florists in Los Angeles, New York and London. Same day delivery.

The above listed top most platforms with the features concentrating on flower arrangement and the same day delivery contribute highly to the Floral business industry. Your startup should meet up these features and compete with them by some enhanced features. 

Must have features of SpotnEats to make you on top

Now you are ready to start your own startup. Prior discussions clarify all the platforms available in the market focus on the freshness of flowers and same day delivery. Suppose if you look deeply, some additional features on your eyes. Yes. Here, some enhanced features of our SpotnEats product helps to meet your real time challenges. 

Analytics: App with the real time analytics offers several benefits to your partners. The dedicated admin panel in SpotnEats, review and check the live dashboard are easier tasks. The statistics of orders received/delivered, favorite categories of flowers, commissions earned , finding areas of maximum deliveries by the reports are added metrics of SpotnEats.

Notifications: Instant announcements regarding the recent offers, flower brands, status of order placed, availability of flowers which customer ordered are the advantages to the customers in making quick alternate decisions. Offering customers with more deals and regular discounts ensure the loyalty of existing as well as new customers.

Tracking: Numerous actions are involved between placement and delivery. Updating the live status to the customers is the promising feature that customers expect. By integrating the geo location based services into your models, tracking of delivery executives is made possible.

Display Trending: Displaying of most favorite flowers and showcase the new arrivals make the user make the fine decision in ordering. 

Occasion Category: Organized interface placed in the Florist panels offers the attractive arrangement of flowers on the basis of occasion. Using this interface, customers can easily book the right bouquet for the right occasion.

Well, Now you are very clear about what real time analytics are running in the market and what the customer needs. We, SpotnEats addresses all these challenges and helps you to make the right startup at the right time. 

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Winded up

To develop an extraordinary app, it is necessary to find the right development company. SpotnEats welcomes you with the bouquet in hands and skillful developers. Share your ideas and requirements with us. Team of experts guide you to develop your own startup and make you stand on top of Floral business. Catch us on [email protected].  

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