Six Proven Tactics of White-Label UberEats Clone App to Get Back From Covid-19 Drop

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, the government declared an emergency and restricted the people’s movement in the last year 2020. This has serious reflections in all the businesses. An upgrade is required where the digitized platform is used to streamline the operations and provide a high-convenience while purchasing. 

The food delivery industry has serious consequences like the loss of potential customers, switch over to takeout model, app-based food purchasing, etc. The direct-to-consumer model has evolved and this brings real convenience to the customers where they purchase the food via a digitized platform say food delivery application. 

Since the on-demand food delivery industry is flooded with UberEats, Swiggy, Zomato, etc, competing with them through the in-store food delivery model is not an effective task. Hence, they look for innovative features and customized delivery that initiate white-label UberEats clone app development.

Being an experienced player in on-demand food delivery app solution provider, SpotnEats uses the six proven tactics in UberEats clone app development in order to get back the restaurant sales after Covid-19 drops. This blog brings you a clear depiction of those tips and the inferences of covid-19 on the food delivery industry. 

Insights on Food Deliveries After Covid-19

Even Though all the business sectors faced many consequences and shut down due to Covid-19, food deliveries escaped with the help of the ‘direct-to-delivery’ model. Yes. Food and drink businesses continue the operations by simply switching over to the delivery-type business model. 

Right from the design to the delivery, the upgrade or the big changes are required to get the audiences back. The food standards and the agency declared special considerations to the food delivery industry for each part of the world. 

Coping up with those considerations and the use of an adaptive app-based business model to those considerations are the major requirements from the restaurant owners’ side. At first, you need to take a look at the preliminary considerations to start or upgrade the business. 

Smart Way of Registration

As food business operators, they are in need to register their delivery service, get the license prior to starting the food delivery operations in the region. Showcasing this license to the customers is the main thing to place the food orders. 

Paper-based work is the familiar one for business people and this will be a risky one if the details presented in the document are any errors. The digital platform acts as the better replacement of the paper-based work where the smart validation is done by uploading the documents digitally. 

Smart Delivery Trends

The delivery process has undergone drastic changes and new trends due to the arrival of new players and innovations respectively. Timely-delivery, multi-order delivery, event-based delivery, drone-based delivery (due to contactless) are the commonly evolved trends in the market. Coping up with these trends and planning to create a platform to be synchronized with these trends is the necessary one for the restaurant owners.

Independent Delivery Players 

The arrival of independent delivery players is more after the covid-19 attack is more. Due to the big shut-down on the small and medium -scale business, the working people look for an alternate chance to get the immediate job and the instant payment. Ultimately, they preferred the food delivery business model via an app-based framework. 

By simply registering in the UberEats clone app as the delivery executive and the vehicle details, they act as the coworker for the restaurant business to get the instant payment. This causes the huge number of delivery players towards the food delivery business and the organization of them, assigning their duties as per priority-basis need the special updates in Ubereats clone app. 

Plan for Profitable Deals

In order to fulfill the wide range of food order requests from various regions, the synchronization among the branches in the region or the collaboration of the restaurant players located in the region is the necessary thing. Hence, the aggregation or grouping of the restaurants only depends on what platform you selected and how this will be used for deal-making. 

Real-Time Analytics of Drop Deliveries

Deliveries dropped at the doorstep is the trendy one in this new norm situation where the contactless aspect is also the main consideration. While performing the doorstep drop delivery, the tracking of the status of the food, the current location is the necessary one from the customer side. 

Also, the delivery players are in the urge of completing the delivery tasks timely and able to handle more orders per day. Focusing on this aspect, the location-aware protocols must be applied and the navigation-features are incorporated in the UberEats clone business model. 

With these metrics, the food delivery business has undergone big revolutions and rapid development practices in real-time. SpotnEats considers all these scenarios while developing the food delivery application and includes the optimal features to meet these scenarios in real-time. 

How SpotnEats White-Label UberEats Clone App Bring Chances to You

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the dine-in behaviors for the customers are totally changed like they prefer online models rather than the visits, they consider healthy meals and focus on ingredients used to prepare the food. These changes in the customer behavior innovate the app platform with the digitized template containing the food ingredients and the restaurant quality rating.  

While looking into market statistics, the forecast report regarding the analysis of pre and post scenarios of food delivery on Covid-19 brings the following observations to you. 

  • The growth rate during pre-covid-19 on the food delivery business was estimated at 9%  and the post-covid-19 increases this value to 13% in 2020. 
  • On these increasing rate values, the forecast report during 2020-2025 stated the two observations such as pre-covid-19 CAGR as 15 % and post-covid-19 rate as 21%. 

As per this growth rate, the development of a perfect fit business model according to the scenario will definitely make you contribute your share of this growth value.

But, every food delivery business owner is stuck on two scenarios like what is the cost value and how to approach the familiar food delivery app solution provider in the market. Most of the upgrades are confined to investment. Plan for the proper investment is the main requirement. Here, the metrics where SpotnEats proves its effectiveness in plan limits are listed.

Fit for Multi-platform Users

The mobile devices that penetrated the market are two Android, iOS. And hence the users are bivariate. The developed UberEats clone app should meet the considerations dedicated to android or iOS or both. This is one of the essential ways to grasp customers. 

Connecting Points

As already said earlier in this blog, the connecting points are the most important ones for the restaurant players who run multiple branches in real-time or multiple restaurants. Technically, the connecting points are the dedicated interfaces for the restaurant players and the super admin and the delivery players. The synchronization among all the connecting points is the feasible option to do endless delivery. 

Go for White-label Solution

Focusing on the financial aspect, the development from the scratch file is a cost-effective technique. Even though the creation from the scratch file, the own brand name, and the image also required. Hence, the white-label UberEats clone app solutions are largely preferred in the market. 

Get Delicious Meals Instantly

Still, there must be restrictions that are followed and the complete changes in the customer behavior (delivery model preferred rather than dine-in), where the app-based business models are highly preferred.  Customers use these models to get delicious meals instantly anywhere and anytime. 

Six Proven Tactics of White-Label UberEats Clone to Get Back Your Sales

UberEats clone apps are the better alternatives during these pandemic scenarios where multiple players are involved to fulfill the huge delivery requirements from the customer side. This criterion is now extended to the small-scale restaurants by the white-label UberEats clone app solution from SpotnEats in the following aspects to get back their sales. 

Smart Onboarding

Having smart and simple onboarding is the superior criteria where the small and medium scale restaurant owners registered as one of the stakeholders by simply registering by their email or social media profile. This simple registration process allows them to show their online presence consistently. 

Ease of Profitable Deals

For the restaurant owners, they are in need to create profitable deals to make the delivery process as an easy and complete one. Plenty of independent delivery players available in the market either my own or by the network of delivery executives. 

SpotnEats provided the UberEats clone app solution that acts as the perfect medium between the restaurant owners and the delivery players. Both of them used this online platform to communicate effectively and get connected closely to make the delivery an easy one. Carrying a wide range of delivery orders improves the profit value of the restaurants through the advanced features of the SpotnEats white-label UberEats clone.  

Map-Based Locating and Tracking

With the inclusion of a geolocation-based framework in the UberEats clone, the interactive search on nearby restaurants is easily identified. Also, the suggestions of nearby restaurants for the customer specified location makes the customer make the smart decision in restaurant selection. 

In the same way, the smart way of GPS-based tracking feature allows the customer to track the food delivery status while on the trips. This makes the customer feel comfortable with food selection and delivery. 

Productivity Improvement

The GPS-enabling within the white-label app solution is also helpful for the delivery professionals to complete the trip in minimum time. This provides additional time to cover more delivery orders. The increase in food delivery orders increases the overall market revenue value directly. 

Digitized Interactive Templates

The template shows the food varieties, ingredients, and the top accessible rating from the customer side. This template allows the customer to filter the restaurants as per these categories and food also to make the orders easily. 

The digitized impressive templates of the food categories also make the customers bring new customers for the food delivery business that also boost the overall sales value of the restaurant business. 

Customer-Attentive Options

Getting customer attention is an important one in recent days. Right from the food listings, selection options, payment, and doorstep delivery, the customers are expecting smartness in all aspects. 

Not only at the attraction state, staying customers for a long time also need information about discounts or offers. Further to make the customers continue to make the partnership, the subscription and the promo code-based earnings also included in SpotnEats white-label UberEats clone app solution.

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Get Your White-Label UberEats Clone

Developing the on-demand UberEats clone application with the prominent features is a trendy business and many players are involved in it. Among them, SpotnEats registered its pace in the on-demand delivery app development with its unique operating ways. 

Getting back the original sales and bringing numerous customers to the business depends on which platform you have chosen. If you wish to boost your sales and attain a specific growth, share your business plan with us at [email protected]  and get the perfect white-label UberEats clone app solution. 

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