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Strategic Plan of Uber Eats: What Can You Learn?

Could you tell me which app was designed first for food delivery? 

It’s World Wide Waiter and was established in 1995. And the best part is, it still works with the name “Waiter.com”. 

But how can an online food delivery business sustain itself for the long term like Waiter.com? 

Simply, it needs the right strategy and execution process. In case you’re running or planning to establish an on-demand food delivery service, check out the working strategies of top food delivery services. It’ll guide you toward success! 

Here, in this blog, you can find strategic plan of Uber Eats, one of the top food delivery apps in the USA. It’ll help you to plot effective strategies for your food delivery business. 

Strategic Plan of Uber Eats: The Top Food Delivery App in the USA

Despite Waiter.com having been sustaining for a long term, it’s not as popular as Uber Eats. So, analyzing the strategic plan of Uber Eats is the right choice to get the best references. 

Uber Eats Pricing Strategy

To boost the sales of a product or service a firm handles multiple strategies including adjustments in its prices. Usually, a firm fix its service or product price based on multiple factors depending on the scenario. For instance, if it plans to introduce a new product/ service, mostly it follows the “Penetration Pricing Strategy” which is nothing but providing a product/service at a low price in the market. 

In case your brand is new to the market or has less visibility, it is the best strategy to follow. If it already exists as a well-known brand, then following the “Premium Pricing Strategy” will be the right choice. 

On another hand, the “Competitive Pricing Strategy” is the right choice when you want to compete with the real-time competitor in the market. Uber Eats followed this kind of pricing strategy in its initial stage. 

Until 2018, Uber Eats charged its customers 4.99$ as a fixed delivery fee. Afterward, the firm changed its delivery fee calculation rate based on the distance. The firm made this step to compete with its competitor Seamless and Grubhub. 

Meanwhile, the firm announced its delivery fee was calculated based on the value of the order in the UK and Ireland. 

Following this, the firm reduced its fee from 35% of the order’s value to 30% to compete with Deliveroo and Just Eat. 

So, these events show us the pricing strategy of Uber Eats is the “Competitive Pricing Strategy”.

Business Expansion Strategy of Uber Eats

Business expansion is a vital area to focus on for any kind of business including food delivery service. Uber Eats knows this well. 

When it was launched, it only operated in Santa Monica, California of USA with the name of “UberFRESH”. Then the food delivery service was expanded to other regions with the new brand tag of “Uber Eats”.

To ease the functionality of online food ordering, the firm developed a dedicated mobile application for Uber Eats. 

As of 2018, the company operated in 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa region. That means the firm expanded its service drastically in its first three years. The popularity of the Uber taxi service helped the firm to achieve this in a short period. 

As per the recent report from Business of Apps, Uber Eats has been operating in more than 6,000 cities in 45 countries.

The firm follows virtual restaurants as a part of its business expansion strategy. Especially, when it was focusing on the UK market, it created many opportunities for cloud kitchens to integrate with its business. Still, it encourages such cloud kitchens to participate in its UberEats Merchant Virtual Restaurant program.

So, follow the best working strategy to expand your business like the Virtual Restaurants of Uber. It works!!

Utilizing Opportunities

Ups and downs in the market are always happening and it’s quite a normal thing. As an entrepreneur, you should always look for opportunities. A few successful brands were established amidst critical times. 

For example, Microsoft was established during the oil-induced recession in 1975. During the Great Recession of 2007-2009, Netflix launched its first over-the-top service. 

Most importantly, Uber Technologies was also founded in 2009, a recession time. Uber knows to utilize opportunities in hard times potentially. The success of Uber Eats during the pandemic period is a great example of this. 

As per the report, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Uber Eats gained 30% more new customers. 

So, beyond the ups and downs, you have to know how to handle the situation efficiently to make the best of your business with the opportunities you have. 

Plan for Business Stability

When you’re running a business, it’s important to analyze to find innovative technologies, practices, and personalized strategies to be sustained in the market for the long term. Investing in this process will help your business grow and be a front-runner. 

Finding the things which are going to rule the food delivery industry and adopting them in advance make your service ahead of the competition. 

We can trace the involvement of Uber Eats in the processes to be future-ready. For example, recently in 2022 December, the firm made a tie-up deal with Cartken to enable “Sidewalk Robot Deliveries

As the first phase, the company enables its consumers in Miami to get the opportunity to have orders delivered by Cartken’s self-driving robot. As per the latest report, AI-powered sidewalk delivery robots have been utilized for neighborhood food, grocery delivery, and other things delivery. 

The firm also claims that it takes a part in reducing road traffic congestion and emission-free deliveries. 

Meanwhile, Uber Eats has been showing interest in drone delivery also. It has been recorded by major news handles like Forbes and others. According to that, to enable drone-powered food delivery, Uber Eats is collaborating with Uber Elevate, Uber’s urban air mobility division.

So, being future-ready is the key strategy to accomplish business stability. 

These are the most important strategies of Uber Eats to make success in the food delivery service industry. 

Key Takeaway

From this understanding, it’s clear that you must have the following strategies for your food delivery service to succeed in the market. 

  • Effective Pricing Strategy,
  • Business Expansion Strategy,
  • Efficiency To Be Profitable Even in Hard Times, and
  • Plan for Business Stability.

Alongside this, an effective mobile application like Uber Eats is essential to take advantage of a seamless online ordering process. So, adopting UberEats clone script will be the best choice for your food delivery service.

We at Uplogic Technologies have SpotnEats a customizable UberEats clone app script that’ll be compatible with your food delivery service. To get more details contact our experts now!

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