How Digitalization is Rewriting the Processes of Delivery Businesses

What is delivery? Transporting the products of the business to the customer’s place. Many businesses depend on the delivery service because customers expect convenience. This delivery process has been in practice for a long time but the way it operates is evolving. The technology improvements and the app implementation have changed the delivery experience for […]

The era of social distance has increased delivery demand. The alcohol delivery business is proven to be a lucrative path for expansion for grocery shops, restaurants, and even startups. However, alcohol distribution, like any other field service operation, presents its own set of obstacles.  Customers have high expectations when it comes to delivery time, and […]

This 2021 also brought the people to self-isolated themselves by maintaining a social distance of 2 yards. Once after the government announced the COVID-19 lockdown every bar, shopping mall, restaurant, and many services have been entirely shut down. In this state, many entrepreneurs are finding difficulties in re-launching their service. But, few businesses have shown […]

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