UberEats Clone App Surprising Secrets to Scale-up Revenue

Food delivery apps make it easier to get meals from local restaurants or food cooperatives delivered to you. Customers can order food from a number of restaurants with a single tap on their phone using online food delivery apps.

With each passing day, the popularity of the online food delivery system like UberEats clone grows exponentially. Customers can order high-quality food delivery from apps like UberEats, Zomato, and many others. According to a survey, the food distribution industry is projected to generate $2.5-$3.5 billion in revenue by 2021.

Foodies can find their favorite cuisines or navigate different restaurants more easily with a location-based search feature for bars, pubs, and restaurants. Foodies will get up-to-the-minute updates on their order status thanks to a GPS-linked dashboard.

But how does one go about starting a high revenue-generating food delivery business? What are the various business models available? In this blog, we are going to get a solution for these. 

Types of Monetization Options in UberEats Clone App:

Food delivery via apps has become extremely popular and well-established in the age of on-demand services. So, what’s the deal with this app? A customer can order food from a favorite restaurant by downloading it to their smartphone. The restaurant receives the notification of the order right away and begins preparing the food. The food is then shipped to the customer’s stated address as the final move. However, if you’re considering developing a food delivery app you might be wondering how to make money from food delivery apps and improve the food delivery service like UberEats. Here are some tips  to make money with your app:

Fees for Delivery: If a restaurant does not have its own delivery team, an app like this will handle it for a fee. Depending on the distance, delivery costs may be a percentage of the order price or a flat fee.

This method of monetization is used by UberEats Clone App. UberEats Clone app made £129 million from delivering restaurant food to customers’ homes, according to the study. The business makes money by charging consumers £2.50 for each delivery and charging restaurant owners commission (generally 10 percent of the order price). UberEats drivers can earn an average of £16.50 per hour.

Role of Advertisements in Revenue Generation:

  • Food delivery apps also make money from advertising. Restaurants can pay for extra ads via a delivery app. Advertising in a delivery app can mean putting a restaurant at the top of the search results for a set period of time. UberEat’s revenue comes primarily from this source. UberEats charges restaurant owners money to have their establishments included in the app. Restaurants that appear on a featured list appear above those in search results, potentially attracting more customers.
  • UberEats makes money by charging restaurant partners for ads. UberEats charges restaurant owners a marketing fee to promote their establishments. 
  • Since there are so many restaurants on the market today, there is a lot of competition. Many people want to promote their restaurants and stand out from the crowd. Advertising is a great way to make money. However, only work with reputable restaurants that have received positive reviews from customers.
  • Offline Advertisements: Customers can see advertisements printed on the food packages by the food distribution company. It is also possible to send posters and pamphlets with the meal. As a result, the app is able to generate revenue by charging restaurants for these placements.

The Percentage of Commission:

A commission percentage is another way to monetize a food delivery app. Restaurants and online food delivery apps will work together on predetermined commission rates based on order size. From the selling of food, most delivery apps receive a predetermined commission. If the app owner and a restaurant agree on a 10% fee, the app will receive that amount on any order placed through the app.

UberEats clone app from SpotnEats is another example of an organization that uses this approach to monetization. Over the past three years, charging restaurants commission has raised UberEats revenue by 20 to 25 percent each month. UberEats Clone’s most recent funding round, which closed in February 2021, raised $100 million, valuing the company at about $600 million.

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Hope you now have captured the strategies to scale up your revenue generation. People enjoy the convenience of ordering food online because they don’t have to drive up to the restaurant or interrupt what they’re doing to pick up their meal. As a result, online food distribution has become a thriving industry with a lot of potentials. You’ll start making money from commissions, shipping costs, advertising, and other revenue sources as soon as you have an app like UberEats Clone that works with a number of restaurants and is popular with users.

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