What Are the Tactics You Should Implement While Entering into the On-Demand Food Delivery Industry?

Online food delivery industry achieved unprecedented growth in the last three years. At the same time, we also see many startups closing their operations. Not using new technologies and following inconsistent strategies are the reason for most failures.

What are the Tactics the Food Delivery Startups Should Follow?

New startups in the food delivery market can avoid these mistakes even before entering and make a place for them in the market. In this blog, I have explained some tactics to follow for new startups. Also, it is not too late for existing companies to implement these points. Now we shall move on to the important part.

Provide Great Comfort to the Users

As a food delivery startup, you will be partnering with restaurants and eateries. It should not be just another partnership. Join with them to give the best service to the customers. Have frequent checks in any possible way regarding the quality of food, method of cooking, and ingredients used. 

Again in the food delivery process, you must work closely with the delivery agent to make sure what is delivered is as expected by the user. In simple words, you need to be a part of the entire process so as to give max. comfort to the user. Even the menus and subcategories in the app must be elegantly made so that users don’t find any fuss.

The main reason for the people to choose online food ordering is its quick doorstep delivery option. This main function should be focussed and not overlooked. You can use innovative supply chain techniques to make the delivery as quickly as possible to any locations.

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Incorporate New Things at a Constant Interval

The user must feel refreshed whenever he opens your app to order any food. The first step to do that is to build the app with responsive designs and excellent user interface. The second step is to avoid having the same design for a very long time.

You can incorporate changes like adding new features, enhance designs, and bring a new look to the app at constant intervals. 

For example, dominos online food ordering introduced a way to order food from twitter. Users just need to send a tweet with the menu along with a particular emoji to dominos. The location of the user will be found on twitter. Cool isn’t it? 

In the same way, dominos integrated voice-based food ordering. The users need not even touch the mobile to place an order. Customers will be happy after seeing such features.

Have Good Knowledge of Where You are at Present

This should be the first point because if you don’t have a good understanding of your present situation it is not worth to pursue further. When partnering with restaurants start small and make yourself stable. Expand to more restaurants only if you feel the need to do it. 

Even before planning to join with restaurants, analyze the eating patterns, popular cuisines and then get on-board restaurants based on this.

The future forecast for online food delivery market is bright and steady & stable expansion itself is enough. Some startups end up burning a lot of money for expansion. Quick expansion indiscriminately increases the overhead cost.


Always don’t provide things that you want to see people using it. Instead, give what is needed for the users.  Online streaming movies and video apps are popular nowadays. It is obvious that people love to eat while enjoying movies and shows. So try to integrate your food app API with online video streaming applications so that users can order food while watching.

This idea is already in use by a popular food app and their sales skyrocketed after this. 

Team Up with Influencers

There is nothing more powerful and effective as word of mouth. People always believe and like something if it is endorsed by another person. Word of mouth is also a type of social marketing. 

There are many food bloggers, food enthusiasts, and travel bloggers. It would be nice to team up with them and make videos and write blogs about the type of food you offer. These people are influencers and they can take you to the next level. This way of using influencers works only with quality service.

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Choose the Right Technology Partner

Above all of the said points, it is highly necessary to have a top-notch app for your food startup. If you are already bootstrapping your startup, then getting the app solution from skilled app makers is the right choice.

SpotnEats is one app maker which you would like to join. They have a perfect track record of developing and providing on-demand food delivery apps to many startups around the globe. 

SpotnEats food delivery app is readily available with all the necessary features in it. The development team can modify the app to any shape as expected by you. Like I said before, new features and design must be added constantly and SpotnEats team are well versed in it. They have a one-to-one discussion before bringing any changes.

I hope they will be a good technology partner for you. To know more details about SpotnEats food app, kindly send a message to [email protected]

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