What are the Things Customers Expect In The Food Delivery App? How Will SpotnEats Fulfill It?

To offer a great service you must focus on what customers expect from it rather than applying your own ideas and fancies. This criterion applies to online food app startups as well. When you are in the development stage of an online food ordering app startup, then now is the time to know the customer’s expectations and incorporate it into the Foodpanda clone app.

In this blog, I have explained various things a typical user expects to be in a food ordering and delivery app like Foodpanda. The pros of knowing this is not only to make a great app but also to narrow down your focus and eliminate unnecessary things.

What are the Things the User Expects to be in the Food Delivery App?

As someone who is developing food delivery apps for entrepreneurs, we have gathered this information after feedback from our existing clients, market research on top food app users, and analysing apps like Ubereats, Foodpanda, and many more, along with the right techstack details. To build a perfect app, choosing the perfect framework is highly required.

Cloud Kitchens Over Standalone Restaurants

People who usually go out to restaurants for weekends and festive periods are ordering from food apps for exotic foods. But such orders are not made by people on a daily basis. This is because someone who prefers to have lunch or dinner from outside on a daily basis wants it to be affordable, have homemade flavour free of chemicals with good quality. Homemade foods are available in many in-house food outlets and cloud kitchens.

So, have options in your customer app to search for in-house kitchens. Scheduled orders and bulk bookings must be applicable for these orders. Also, have provisions for cloud kitchens to easily get on-board your restaurant app. This feature will surely add a chunk to your user base.

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Delivery Fee

There has been widespread criticism that food delivery startups charge very high delivery fees and in some cases, the prices of food are unusually higher. This is not meant to say that you must charge zero delivery fee. Instead, have a delivery fee and commission for each order in such a way that it is a win-win situation for the customers, delivery agents, and the restaurant.  

Customers are ready to pay slightly more if the service offered is good and so structure the pricing wisely. Have options in your app solution to send grievances directly to admin by any of the users.

Choosing Between More is Difficult

Adding more and more restaurants with various menus may not help customers all the time. In some cases, it may be counterproductive. This is because people have a tendency to choose the best of the options if less is available. More things may fret the customers and force them to close the app.

To make things not happen like this, show curated menus and restaurants to each user. Also, make it available to switch to an option that shows the non-curated list of restaurants. 

The categorised list is based on the user’s past orders and search patterns over a period of time. This categorising algorithm can also be based on cuisine, age, time, geography, gender, etc. It is up to you to decide the factors that must feature while categorising. Changes have to be made in the app solution to incorporate this exciting feature.

Recurring Orders

This point is more or less an extension of the first point. Scheduled orders can be divided into two categories. First is, placing an order for a particular date and time. Second is scheduling orders for a longer period of time. The latter is called recurring orders.

For example, if an office goer wants food from a particular restaurant to be delivered on a daily basis for a particular time, he need not make the order every single time. Instead, recurring order options can be used. So at a predefined time, specific order will be automatically made and can be modified only at the intervention of the user.

This feature will be loved by working people in urban areas. Imagine combining this feature with ordering from in-house kitchens. Users will be in awe

Tampering and Stolen Food

Of Late there have been many cases of food packages delivered that are damaged or missing. In such situations, customers usually contact customer care and explain the case. It is also estimated that such problems if repeated are not taken lightly by users.

Many ways are there to solve this issue. Checking the food items by the delivery agent before packing can be of much use. The delivery agent app should be modified to make the no. of items visible so that he can cross-check while packing.

With just a minor tweak this feature can be beneficial for you and your customers.

Final Say

Points explained above are just a glimpse of what we have gathered painstakingly. I hope this itself gives you the much-needed idea about how your food app solution must be. If you are satisfied with this, then there is no reason to wait. Quickly partner with us to launch a blockbuster food app for your startup.

SpotnEats is our pre-built food delivery app solution which is developed similar to Foodpanda. Features like recurring orders, curated menus for users, and many more are already present in SpotnEats. What you need to do is to just purchase, customize, test, and deploy. Worried about assistance after app deployment? We are also providing all kinds of technical assistance after-sales.

To know more customer expectations of the food app and queries regarding SpotnEats, drop a mail to [email protected]

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