Why Ubereats Clone Is Gaining Popularity in Food Delivery Industry_

Why UberEats Clone Is Gaining Popularity in Food Delivery Industry?

Ever since the success of mobile taxi booking startups, the first industry that replicated the on-demand app-based booking model is the food delivery industry. Customers can order any food from their favorite restaurant in no time with just a smartphone and an app. Starting from ordering to delivery of the food, everything can be tracked in real-time on the user’s phone. 

Why Ubereats Clone Is Gaining Popularity in Food Delivery Industry_

One more feature that makes food delivery more attractive is the zero inventory business model. The only investment for the entrepreneur starting this business is the app solution. Once it is developed, he has to get on-board various restaurants and food delivery agents at an attractive commission. 

Ubereats, Foodpanda, Swiggy, Deliveroo, etc are some top food delivery startups and many other small and medium startups are also present.

Let me throw you some facts about the food delivery market.

30% of the US population order food online at least two times a week. Many food outlets reported around 20% increase in sales after partnering with food delivery startups. Since 2014, the online food ordering has grown 300% in the total number of users each year.

What is Crazy About this Business?

The first reason is the openness of the investors who are confident about this market and are also ready to put money into this. Next is the increased use of smartphones and wide internet reach which made. 

Most important of all is the convenience to the customers and ease of ordering anytime and anywhere.

What About Ubereats Clone?

Ubereats clone is an exact replica of the original app. This clone script is used by many small and medium online food delivery startups. Everyone knows that the cost of developing a solution from scratch consumes a lot of time and effort. So, to cater to the needs of small and bootstrapping entrepreneurs, Ubereats clone is built as a minimum viable product open to customization.

We are one of the top providers of Uber eats clone. Our solution, SpotnEats has all the fundamental features in the Ubereats app. Now we can see the top features in each of the apps in the solution.

Customer Food Ordering App

Live Tracking

Apart from the customer tracking the food from start to finish, they can also track the delivery partner from assigning till delivery.

Order in More than One Restaurant

Need to order food from more than one restaurant? It is possible with the Ubereats clone app. Users can order in more than one restaurant and track the order separately.

Special Instructions

The users have the provision to customize the ingredients in the food and instruct any specific cooking style in the app itself.

Single Serve Order 

Single serve foods can be ordered quickly without any delivery fee. The users don’t need to browse the food for a long time. Weekly and monthly subscription is also available.

Delivery Person App

Assigning Restaurant

In the delivery partner app, the assigned restaurant can be easily noted using notifications. Navigation to the restaurant is also available in the app.


The working hours are flexible and the delivery partner can change the status to online and offline anytime based on convenience.

Delivery Fee Management

The delivery person can see all the history of orders and delivery fee for each order. Daily delivery target and incentives will be shown in the app.

Restaurant Web Panel

Order Status

After receiving the online orders, the restaurant can track each of them until it is handed over to the assigned delivery agent for delivery.

Online Menu Management

Apart from online delivery, the restaurant will also have dine-in. So, the restaurant can add or remove any food item from the online list based on the demand in the dine-in and inventory level.

Commission Management

The restaurant can change or request for a change in the commission percentage based on demand and in peak hours.

Admin Web Panel

Push Notifications

Mass messages on cashbacks, referrals, offers, and discounts can be sent to user from the admin web panel. Details on incentives and daily targets are also sent to the delivery agents by the admin.

Detailed Reports

Analytics reports on restaurant commission, orders from a particular region, delivery person fee, etc can be derived in the admin panel dashboard.

Restaurant Listing    

Listing of the restaurant based on necessary licenses, hygiene standards, food quality, locality, and menu cost are done in the admin panel. Restaurants failing to adhere to the standards set by the admin is delisted from the app again in the admin dashboard.


Currencies, languages, dashboards menus, etc can be set in the admin panel.

Cost of Ubereats Clone

Our Ubereats clone script costs a third of what it needs to develop from scratch. Apart from cost, the time it takes to customize and deploy the script is drastically lower than other alternatives.

This short time is because we have already pre-built the app solution as a minimum viable product. So, only the customization time is taken into account which is less.


The app solution is made on both iOS and Android platforms and the solution is available in web and mobile app format. Both the app and web formats should be user-friendly, responsive, adapt to any screen size and device, and engaging to use. So, we emphasise more on design and not to mention that we have experienced designers to take care of design without any compromises.

Even testing is done on different devices and each team from our firm takes part in the testing process. Only after the solution has passed all the standards set for a quality app solution, it is deployed in the app store.

Wrapping Up!

So, the small and medium entrepreneurs who are the target customers for our Ubereats app clone script has every reason to try our solution for their food delivery startup. We will also be happy to be a part of the booming on-demand market by partnering with these business people.

You will definitely have doubts regarding our solution. So, please drop a message to [email protected]. Our business executives are available round the clock to serve you.

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