Bring HME Into Next Level With The Help Of SpotnEats Oxygen Tank Delivery Software Solution And Streamline The Workflows Of Portable Oxygen Tank Delivery Business

Normally, we have come across the word “breathe slowly” in Yoga practices. Breathe high-quality pure air is a critical thing due to the immense pollution outside. Either senior peoples or the patients staying in-home or hospital need this pure air to maintain the blood oxygen levels in the specified ranges.

Portable Oxygen Tank (POT) is one of the key elements observed in the medical sector to provide quality air to the patients. The raising up of the Home Medical Equipment (HME) supply business joins in this process to design the tank, filled with the oxygen and sends them to the patient’s house to save their life.

Since oxygen is an important source to live life in a healthy way, the investment in the oxygen supply business assures the stable Return of Investment (ROI) to the owners. The following statistics also prove this statement.

  • The research reports on the medical oxygen cylinder market stated that the global market value in the year 2019 is $1231 million and the increasing rate is 6.6% per year.
  • If this continues, the forecast reports taken during the period of 2020-2025 showed the projected value of $1588.6 million at the end of 2025.
  • In parallel, the market value of the oxygen therapy is valued as $9399 million in the year 2018 and it will reach the value of $19884 million by 2025 with the rate of increase of 11.4%.

The above-listed statistics can bring you clarity on the scope of your business. How to make your share on this Global economic growth? Keep reading this blog to get more ideas.

Generally, the medical-grade for the oxygen depicts the following things: keeping the concentration level greater than 85% with minimized purities, getting a certificate, maintaining the oxygen cylinders without any contamination or other chemicals, and meeting the government regulations.

On looking at the background things, the space required to start the business is large. Then, how do you start your business?. No worries, the evolution of oxygen tank delivery service startup includes the answers for it. 

Keep aggregating the oxygen-filled tank suppliers under one roof; create the oxygen cylinder delivery software for the suppliers to the home care patients through the delivery drivers.

By using the above ways, you can launch your oxygen tank home delivery business with less investment. Though the oxygen tank suppliers create the large size cylinders and do the export, the unaware of the technology to meet up the wide variation of the demands from the customer side leads to potential risks for the owners, and that causes business to shut down quickly.

To sort out this issue, the SpotnEats having wonderful features necessary to support the growth of the oxygen tank delivery business. Being the high-grade player, the SpotnEats knows the various aspects of the customers and the demands of the real-world. It develops the oxygen tank delivery software to address the issues in delivery effectively.

HME Reaches New Heights With The Portable Oxygen Tank Home Delivery Business

Portable oxygen tank delivery is the renowned business model in modern business scenario it includes the services for senior peoples or home care patients. When doing home care services, the delivery model holds feasibilities related to customer needs.

The basic needs of the customer are fast interaction and consistent services. The provision of satisfactory services through repeated visits offers an emotional bond to the patient and their family.

  •  Towards Home Health Care

Traditionally, in-home care is the health care practice followed such that the hospitals provide the necessary setup for the patients and employ the nurses to care for the patients. The shift like home-care to home-health care highly demands the oxygen tank supply business.

The in-home respiratory therapy and the breathing aid on emergency scenarios make the oxygen supply business into the limelight.

  • Oxygen Cylinder Vs Oxygen Concentrator

The differences between the cylinders and the concentrators also play a vital role in selecting the on demand business model. Cylinders have a limited amount of compressed form of oxygen and it provides the inhaling till it runs out whereas, the concentrators highly demand the medical grade oxygen in infinite supply.

The major work carried out by the concentrators is to take the air, modify it, and deliver the new form like an AC. The cylinders need refilling or replacement when the oxygen runs out. Such differentiations make the patients order or request the types by an on demand process in an easy way.

  •  Compatible Platform

Since this is the life-saving business, the compatibility of the manufacturers and the delivery partners is also the needed one. The suggestions and the measures are hand-overs to the manufacturers or suppliers, they must thoroughly analyze and deliver the right value tanks to the patients.

The recognition of the uniqueness of the individual needs and making the right partnership are the two major things for the sustainability of the HME business. As soon as getting the patient’s requests arrived, carrying in a synchronized way makes the business stand different in the market.

On looking above tactics, the communication, understanding the wide range of needs, and the business scopes initiate the usage of the better platform. But, prior to acquiring this, what are the hurdles faced by the players involved in the oxygen tank suppliers is the necessary one.

Troubles in Getting Instant Oxygen that Demands Online Solutions

The delivery business for oxygen requires proper redefining practices to filter out the following issues.

  • Lack of Effective Communication

The success of HME business lies in the strong communication platform where the home-based peoples are unaware of the medical things needed. They only have a prescription from the doctors. The lack of enough communication platforms affects the patients in sharing their needs. This inefficiency causes any mismatch and that leads to affecting the patient’s life.

  • Lack of Strong Logistics

As you know in the previous section, there are two different models such as a tank or cylinder, and concentrators are available. Delivery drivers not only have just transportation skills, but they also have enough knowledge of fitting those tanks for quality breath. In the same way, they must be capable of accepting the requests raised from the suppliers and the patients instantly.

The oxygen tank comes up with lots of accessories like flow meter, gauge, and tube. Knowing the needs of the patients on these things and filling up with the suitable logistic solution is the necessary thing for the delivery drivers.

  •  Need of Branding by Smart Platform

Nowadays, around 65% of the people utilize social media accounts to search for health-related news and they also have the habit of sharing the information across friends and relatives. 

With this share, the concerned person gets the HME services instantly. But, the unaware of this technology and disallowing the integration of social media affects the brand value of the business.

  • Time Consuming Model

Traditionally, once the requests arrive, then the immediate action on these requests is the fairly needed feature for the business model and this is delayed due to the paper-based operation. Due to the handling of huge orders, the suppliers or delivery drivers suffer from the order-mismatching and the organization of equipment as per the demands of the customers.

On a wide analysis, the oxygen tank delivery business is majorly affected by the communication and the on-time delivery issues. To sort out, the SpotnEats designs the especially customizable oxygen tank delivery software that understood the needs of the customers.

How SpotnEats Oxygen Tank Delivery Software Solution Eradicates the Troubles in HMEs

The progressive way of development of the SpotnEats brings down the in-app experience to the users with interfaces like a patient, delivery drivers, oxygen tank supplier, and the admin. The first and foremost thing for you to collect the details of the suppliers in the market and aggregate them into the platform. The workflow of the SpotnEats delivery software is depicted as follows:

  • Initially, the relatives to the patients place the tank orders after the registration process. With the request, they specify the prescriptions from the doctors or they scan and send the copy to the suppliers through the application itself.
  • Once the order requests are received, suppliers fill the oxygen to the cylinders or pack the oxygen concentrators based on the preference of the customers.
  • The delivery drivers get the notification as soon as the packing process is over and then pick up the oxygen tanks and deliver them to the patient’s place on-time. 
  • After that, the respective payment is collected through the digital wallets, or the third party integrated payment apps. 

The features of SpotnEats necessary to eradicate the troubles are listed as follows:

  • Engage In-App Conversation

The first important thing is to a build-up of a strong communication platform to convey the need. SpotnEats allow the patients or the relatives to have the in-app chat experience where the patient conveys the necessary details to the suppliers clearly. With this conversation, they can also specify the number of cylinders and the time for needed easily.

  • Stable Logistics Link

The delivery driver plays the exact mid-role among the patients and the suppliers. By the enabling of live features in the SpotnEats, they know the details of pickup and delivery instantly. With this feature, they can manage the delivery schedules easily. Keeping the location updates to the patients makes them feel comfortable for the patient’s relatives.

  •  Integrating Platform 

The SpotnEats have a specific feature like integrating the social media app to your business model. With this integration, the supplier gets enough user traffic for their business. Sharing of experience with your activities by the customers enables the trust and brand their services easily.

  • Minimal Time

Allowing the GPS map on the driver-panel of SpotnEats solution brings down the optimal route for both the supplier and the patient location from the pool of routes. With this route, they can identify the feasible shortest effective path and reach the place in on-time or prior to the specified time. Thereby, time management is the specialized nature of SpotnEats solution that impacts HME business heavily.

Playing a Life-Saving Role by the SpotnEats Solution with Advanced Features

The SpotnEats solution not only offers the supporting metrics to the delivery and customers. It also plays a life-saving role with the following features.

Accurate Reporting

The digital-based reporting system such that the number of orders taken, how many trips covered per day, respective payment collection are maintained digitally and hence the accuracy of the reports is well-maintained. The price tag associated with the oxygen tank makes the patient arrive at the conclusion of whether to buy or not easily.

  • Easy Access to Frequent Users

The next important thing observed in the SpotnEats model is the grouping of the repeated visitors, where they ordered frequent sets of tanks, then they did not wait for the booting of the searching option. They specify the orders even offline also with the SMS format. In the same way, the subscription services are gifted for SpotnEats where the repeated patients pay a certain amount over the period of time and place the order.

  •  Stress-Free Management

Since the business is an evergreen platform, the arrival of the patients is increased beyond the limit. The unlimited multi-functioned panels are the necessary thing for business owners. Holding these especially management interfaces for the patients, delivery drivers, and payments, the SpotnEats makes you monitor all the activities consistently.

 Final Thoughts

Looking into the recent demands, oxygen tanks are important things for home health care patients. Either installation of new or the refilling of oxygen in the cylinder requires the repeated visits. Extending the relationship with the proper solution provider is an essential thing for booming the business into the next level. SpotnEats places its role in all sorts of HME businesses with the advanced features and renowned the platform for on demand oxygen tank delivery process. Pickup the trained team from [email protected] and starts the launch of your own oxygen tank delivery business in a new way.

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