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Do you want food for lunch or extra furniture for a special occasion? Everything can be bought from an on-demand application easily and it will be delivered right at your doorstep. A lot of the people are getting adapted to the on-demand application lifestyle and there are many possibilities to attain one such service. 

Each year many customers are getting attached to the on-demand service for the best and high-quality service at a reasonable price. If you’re already owning a heavy equipment store, then you have to upgrade your business today with an on-demand application solution to gain additional revenue than before.

This blog is everything about the heavy equipment delivery service startup and app for heavy equipment delivery. If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to start an application service or who wants to upgrade their business to the next level to gain more profit in their heavy equipment business, then this blog is helpful for you.

How To Gain Additional Revenue In The Heavy Equipment Delivery Business?

Heavy equipment is commonly known as heavy machinery, they are used to do the heavy loaded tasks mainly construction-related tasks. They cost high and getting the right and high-quality heavy equipment is tough today. Yes, there are many realtors who are ready to provide heavy equipment at a reasonable price.

Whether their equipment is good or they give the best work? It is questionable because there are many poorly built equipment. This will lead our service to loss and we have to keep maintaining it constantly. With the help of an on-demand application, you can run your heavy equipment delivery service startup smoothly.

  • The industrial statistics is expected to reach $113 bn US at the end of 2020 and it is also scaled to show 7% of CAGR at the end of 2021. Getting an app solution lets you gain extra profit today.

On-demand applications are nowadays part of our modern life and their benefits are excellent, they give equal importance and enhance the end-players experience. Today,  we are having many on-demand applications that give us instant solutions according to our demands. But is every on-demand application gaining their estimated revenue?

Mostly, not many of the on-demand applications didn’t gain the expected revenues in their service. This happens due to the poor algorithms or the low quality of service. Once the application is developed perfectly it will make the service more effective with their key-features. Yes, features play a major role in the on-demand application.

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SpotnEats heavy equipment transportation app solution

In the SpotnEats heavy equipment pickup and delivery, app solution helps the service providers to manage and maintain their business activities easily with just a tap on their dashboards. The application has been designed and developed in such a way it gives immediate solution for the customer’s search. 

It gives the customers to place the orders in a flash moment. Other than that the customers can search, monitor, and track their orders within the app itself. Simply tap on the order button and your customers are allowed to get everything that they are in need of. The customers can also get fitted with a pre-estimated cost.

  1. Constructor’s application (iOS and Android),
  2. Heavy equipment delivery driver’s application (iOS and Android),
  3. Retailer’s application (iOS and Android),
  4. Centralized admin panel.

In the SpotnEats app for heavy equipment delivery, you will be benefited with these four interfaces as a complete package. You will be getting this complete package with technical support after the launch for a certain period of time. This lets you get well familiar with your application work on the field. 

By using our app solution, the convenience of your user’s experience goes beyond the delivery. Our application comes very handily for the users at every stage of their booking process from searching to service delivery payment. Let me share the workflow of the four interfaces as follows.

  • The heavy equipment store owners are allowed to get linked with your application by uploading their documents within the app and wait for the admin’s approval. Once you as an admin approves the service provider’s request, they can list their heavy equipment with full details. This lets the customers take a look at their equipment and place the orders.
  • The service providers are allowed to manage their stores more reliably with their dashboard. Yes, the service providers are allowed to manage and track their inventory. They can get immediate access to their store orders, and check their in-stocks as well as out stocks with just a tap on their dashboard.
  • The person who wants to join as a delivery agent has to upload their driving license and other details within the app. The admin will verify and approve the service, once the admin approves the delivery agent’s profile. The delivery agents of the heavy equipment are allowed to get instant pickup and delivery orders. 
  • The delivery agents are allowed to gain customer’s expectations to attain positive reviews with the essential features in their applications. Namely, the delivery agent can reach the customer’s location quicker than before with our shortest multiple route navigation options. This lets the delivery person reach the customer’s destination soon.
  • The customers are allowed to place their orders from their respective applications to buy and monitor their order activities through the application itself. Other than that, the customers are allowed to rate and review the delivery agents as well as the service provider’s equipment too. This process lets the other customers know about their service and equipment.

You as an admin is allowed to track and monitor all the users in your application. In the admin, a centralized dashboard gives instant updates on the activist that takes place in your application. This lets you make the right decision by adding or removing the service providers or delivery agents according to their service. 

How SpotnEats essential key-features enhance the delivery experience of customers?

  • Equipment delivery management – With the help of our app you can easily meet all your end-players. The delivery management feature lets the service provider manage the delivery agents so that there won’t be any mismatches in the delivery. This feature reduces mistakes and improves efficiency in the delivery system gradually.
  • Pre-planned delivery – The customers are given the priority to personalize their bookings by adding the time and date of the equipment arrival. This lets the customers pre-plan the delivery of their ordered heavy equipment easily. Giving more flexibility to your customers let them book more from your service.
  • Placed orders management – As soon as the customer places the order under a scheduled delivery option, they are allowed to manage their orders using this feature. The delivery timing can be modified or changed but the customer can’t cancel the orders at any cause. The customers can also make the delivery quickly by changing the date.
  • Multiple short routes options – Our application has been developed with the best algorithm that helps the delivery agents to choose the shortest route from multiple choices. This lets the delivery reach the customer’s destination soon and it improves the customer’s relationship quickly.
  • Equipment inventory tracking – To make the service provider’s inventory tracking trouble-free, this feature has been developed. It allows them to check their inventory stocks and out stocks easily with just a tap on their dashboard. Moreover, the service providers can check their needed stocks according to the customer’s search.

Bottom line

With the help of an on-demand application, you can provide the best service to your customers right before their doorstep. By getting adapted with the SpotnEats heavy equipment delivery app solution, you’re able to gain a wide range of customers and this lets you double your profit. 

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