Build The Best Online Painting Delivery Business With SpotnEats App To Transform The Professional Wall Painting Service

The power of the internet has taken the business to the next level by letting people do their business without the help of a physical store. This brought the demand among the huge market share by the way it is built, managed, processed, and tracked all the processes are maximized customer’s attention through the help of an application.

One such business that is showing their growth in the marketplace in recent years is the painting delivery business. Either you’re a dealer or a private collector, this blog is for you to know how an application takes your business to the customer’s expectations. By adapting to an application, it gives 100% safe and effective solutions for your painting business.

However, there is more you need to know about the online painting delivery business than simply launching your application service. There are so many more things that happen behind an application and one of these business processes is delivery service and well-developed application-based software.

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How Painting Delivery App Solution Brings Excellent Additional Revenue To Your Existing Painting Business?

The painting industry is expected to show the growth of 209.4 bn at the end of 2022. So it is the best idea for the young entrepreneur who is looking to kick start their own on-demand delivery service. Painting delivery business is one kind that brings demands among the young generations.

Either your painting business is a small or large store that contains everything the user wants. But, without the help of an application, you can’t earn a profit in the current world scenario. Because people are looking for time to make decisions as well as they are in need of a variety of options before them.

An application gradually brought both of these options with the cost estimations so that there won’t be end time changes in the cost. When it comes to painting business, the user wants their own personalized choice. It can be taking more time when they reach a physical store. But with the use of an application, they can surf the need at their preferred time easily.

Here, let me list out the expectations and needs that would be fulfilling your business requirements in the delivery business model. Before finding the software, you have to sit and think about your business expectations among the users in your region and needs. Are you looking for a software that gives real-time updates?

Our software that smoothify your delivery service with a route optimization technique? Here, in SpotnEats you will be getting both of them at an affordable price. It allows you to track and manage all your store tasks digitally with just a tap on your store’s dashboard. Our software automates various tasks including the customer’s orders.

How SpotnEats offers an extensive range of delivery application solutions to on-demand business

On the demand of the delivery management system, entrepreneurs are looking for an application that could take their business to the next level, to gain more revenue as well as to bring visibility among their region. This is one of the main reasons for the entrepreneurs to shift their business to the on-demand application.

Is an on-demand application only tracks and manages the business? No, a well-developed application allows you to reach your customer’s expectations and lets you expand your service across the sea. Rather than that, you can also gain more customer’s engagement time. One such application is available in the SpotnEats.

SponEats is an on-demand delivery software that has been ready-made and available at an affordable price for young entrepreneurs. By getting adapted to our application software, you can quickly start your own delivery business sooner. Why should you prefer a ready-made application than to develop an application from the beginning?

It automates your business tasks easily with advanced tools quickly. Since it is a pre-developed one, it will quickly adapt according to the demands of your business. There won’t be any lack in between the process of the application because it has been pre-developed with modern interfaces. So that gaining customer’s attention is easier.

  1. Painting store’s application (iOS and Android),
  2. Painter’s application (iOS and Android),
  3. Painting delivery drive’s application (iOS and Android),
  4. Centralized admin panel.

The above mentioned four are the interfaces that are readily available with us at an affordable price. You will get this as a whole package of interfaces with our technical consultancy services support too. So that you can easily get well trained with your application. Here, let me share with you how these interfaces work together as follows

  • Service Register and Order Request – The user who is in need of a wall painting according to their taste at same-day delivery service must register in your painting delivery application to place their painting orders according to their needs. Once the user is registered with your painting delivery app solution, they will be getting authorized to check the nearby painting stores (Service providers).
  • Service Accept and Pickup – So once the user places their painting orders, it will automatically intimate the stores. The manager of the store can accept the order or reject it accordingly, if they accept the order it will intimate the user and nearby delivery agent. To pick up the user’s order from their store. 
  • Pickup and Drop – The user is also able to timetable their painting orders to drop at their doorstep according to their convenient time. This gives the users to plan their delivery with dates and times. This option gives more flexibility to the users to book their orders. The delivery agent will get the order according to the user’s scheduled time.
  • Delivery Service fare – Once the user clicks the order button then they have to pay the service cost. The service cost will be exactly estimated with our well-developed algorithm. This will immediately notify the admin that order details who ordered? Where ordered? Who is ready to pick up the painting? Everything will be displayed in-detailed.
  • Service survey – This process brings transparency to your painting delivery service. Yes, with the help of this operation the admin can get to know about the service providers and delivery agent’s behavior. This also lets them improve their service even more than before.

The beneficial tools in SpotnEats application that modernize the painting delivery service startup

  • Painting Store Management – When it comes to application-based solutions all the retailers are looking for a management tool. That lets them manage their store with the help of that application. An application can simplify the work process of the retailers and helps them to manage their orders digitally so that there won’t be any mismatch in data.
  • Painting Orders Timeshifting – This feature allows the user to schedule their painting ordered to pick up and drop from the respective service provider at their preferred time. This feature lets them manage their order according to their choice so that they will get full flexibility on their orders. This helps you to gain a customer’s relationships.
  • Store’s order management – Normally the store can manage their employees and they are allowed to check their in & out stocks of the paintings. But this feature mainly helps the store managers to manage their orders from the user. They can accept or reject the order request from the user. 
  • Multiple route optimization integrations – Customers use to prefer on-demand services because it’s an instant solution. By taking into consideration our software has integrated this feature. This allows the delivery agents to choose the shortest path from multiple routes. With the help of this feature, you can quickly reach your user.
  • Painting storage tracking – To make the store managers work trouble-free, this feature has been developed. It helps them to know the ordered paintings and remaining paintings so that they can be well-ware about the in-stock and overstock. This helps them to fill the needed stocks according to regular timing.

The above mentioned are the few features that will help the managers to reduce their tasks by getting adapted to your application solution. This lets them tie-up with your application because your application is designed in such a way it meets the customer’s needs and fulfills the store’s revenue easily.

Bottom line

With the right delivery software for your painting business, you can easily pay attention to your business goal. I hope by now you might have a clear understanding of how our app for painting delivery service helps you to manage your business and orders. Going ahead with a well-developed application lets you reach your customer’s expectations and run your business more effectively. 

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