Discover the Missing Organs During Transit: Innovative SpotnEats Organ Transplant Delivery Management App Solution for Human Organ Transport

An aging population, globalization skills and the burdening of lifestyle factors transfer the medical industry and enable the need for organ transplant services. Since the organ is meant for life or death of the patient, specialized care and training are required while transporting the organs for transplant services. 

With the evolution of app-based delivery systems for human organ transport, organ transplant services are made simpler than ever nowadays. There are two main processes prior to organ transplants such as preservation and transportation. 

Prior to reaching into the transplant center, the recovered organs must be preserved using special solutions and ice. The ensure of special packaging with labels is necessary and this is carried out in the hospitals where the organs are recovered. 

Then, transportation is an important stage and it is performed in two scenarios from hospital to the transplant center and transplant center to the hospitals where the surgery takes place. Carrying multiple activities by humans leads to an error during communication, issues in transport, etc. 

Making accurate transport and delivery through the mobile app for transplant organ courier services, everyone can save human life when they are in an emergency. According to the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS) report, around 113000 peoples are currently waiting for the organ transplant and for every 10 minutes, a new person can be added to the list. 

How to bridge this waiting list to the donor list?. SpotnEats offers the best solution for matching and it easily integrates the donors from the hospital to the transplant center. The dedicated option called delivery partner in SpotnEats offers real-time support to the medical courier services. Prior to digging into deep, let’s have a quick look at medical courier service and the issues while transiting. 

Tactics Of Medical Courier Business And Why High In Demand

Dealing the urgent deliveries is the most important and this is the factor that differentiates the medical courier delivery from the normal delivery. Assuring the confidentiality of the clients in medical sectors, maintaining the availability of transportation resources regardless of the timings, consistent communication is the predominant factor that decides the performance of the medical courier business. 

The well-effective medical courier management software is the major requirement for making the above activities executable. Scientific medical courier management inherits with the following features to go high on demand. 

  • Realization of Urgency Needs

Many courier groups participate in the race and the reason behind the high on demand is the realization of a patient’s emergency.  When both the transplant centers and the hospitals are involved, they understand the emergency situation of the patient’s side and they involve the suitable delivery partners like the speedy transport to meet the needs. 

  • Specialized Care 

Due to the inheritance of skillful and experienced professionals, medical courier services have had a remarkable boom nowadays. Reaching the right destination at the right time with the problem-free manner is the specialization for medical couriers. During the packaging and transporting the organs, they take big care and thus they recognize the significance of the client’s needs. 

  • Track and control

With the unique preserving feasibility like refrigerations and the packing of organs with the specialized solutions, medical courier professionals make a tie-up with the transportation services. Ensure of preserving the organs either in the hospitals or during the travel till the destination point makes the demand high. 

  • Efficient Verbal Exchange

The most important one in the medical courier business is the communication of updates regarding the location or the status of organs effortlessly. This type of real-time feature regardless of the time either day or night synchronizes the players like the transplant center, hospital, and the donors. Getting updates through diverse modes like emails, smartphone apps and websites makes medical courier services reach the top. 

As a result, the healthcare industry is completely dependent on the medical courier dispatch business in order to save human life. Digitization in the working process and the tracking feasibilities decided the effectiveness of medical courier management software. This is in a general point of view, Now take a look deeply on the transplant organs services and associated facts.  

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Know the facts: Transplant Organ Courier Services

As per the discussion in the introduction section, Transplant organ courier services involve the player as transplant centers who act as the interface between the hospital to hospital and the hospital to delivery partners. 

Any business starts with the agreement and here also, the transplant center does the agreements with the local hospitals and the transportation services. In some cases, the hospitals inherit the feasibility of ambulance services with the preserving facilities to assure effective delivery. The necessities for the transplant organ courier services are listed as follows:

  • Reliable Transportation

The ultimate aim is to transfer the organs from one hospital to the next hospitals. The reliability of the transport service providers must be assured through the validation of the license of the delivery partners. Since the delivery process is the time-sensitive and life-saving one, the transplant center is solely responsible for this activity. 

If the needed hospital is in a remote area, then there is a need for a helicopter or the plane to deliver the organs. This makes to expand the streams of transports and offers more job opportunities.

  • Secure Agreement 

The digitized agreement between the hospitals and transplant centers offers numerous supports to keep transparency in price-fixing, cost deciding factors, number of trips covered by the delivery partners, their payroll management and promotional activities. The entire validation by the owner digitally helps the owner to make the fine decision on selecting the best service provider and satisfy the patient’s needs on time. 

  • Responsiveness

This is the most important one in the transplant organ courier services. Since there are no pre-planned actions or happened in these services, anytime ready is the right concept. The requests arrived from the hospitals to carry the organs to either transplant centers or into other hospitals at any time. Hence, your solution must be available at any time. The minimization of traveling time by the feasible route-based surely maximizes the transplant potential. 

The above-listed facts behind the transplant organ courier services bring many more players to be involved. But, when you look into real-time numbers of organs are delayed or missed even after shipping. Being the new player, you must know the precautionary things to resolve these issues.

Missing Organs for Transplant: Great Logistics Barrier

The UNOS reports stated that 170 organs are not transplanted due to the delay of hours and the errors in the transportation services between the year 2014-2019. Now you understand the critical issue behind the transplant organ courier services and the primary solution is either GPS or electronic tracking. 

  • Insufficient handling of huge requests

The increase in transplant requests may offer an immense burden to both the transplant center and the delivery partners. Carrying numerous requests may lead to the delay in the delivery of the organs to the respective hospital. Prioritizing based on either the time of requests or the emergency situation enhancing the performance of the system. 

  • Mismatch with Whom & Which

This is the major deficiency in the transplant organ services. As you know the organs recovered for transplant are heart, kidney, lungs, pancreas, and intestine. The diverse types of blood groups should be checked prior to transportation. Delivery of organs with mismatch leads to difficulty in saving the patient’s life.  

When the requests arise from the hospitals, the organs available in the transplant center should be cross-checked and this needs categorization.

  • Troubled Reporting

Reporting of the status of the travel or the organ is the main thing in the transplant organ courier services. Reports in each second after the shipping is used to dilute the pressure on the patient side. Further, this is helpful in the hospital side to do the preliminary checking and the surgery arrangements.

  • Lack of Synchronization

Synchronization in the activities is the major thing when the shipments of transplant organs are done. In some cases, the respective hospitals are not assured of the packaging even the requests from transplant centers are raised. Hence, the organs get delayed and there is a need for a digital link to provide efficient synchronization among the transplant center and hospitals. 

With these factors, the transplant organs get delayed or missed prior to reaching the destination. The major implication of the study of these issues is the need for digital links with unique features. SpotnEats comes under this stage and offers the solutions for the above issues and helps to increase the transplant potential. Working with the SpotnEats solution is an imperative thing for both the transplant centers and the hospitals. How it makes the transplant services transparent and the delivery partner be a specialist is discussed in the next session. 

How SpotnEats Organ Transplant Delivery Management App Solution Discover and Make More Medical Transport Specialists?

SpotnEats, a customizable interface that provides enough support to the pickup and delivery process. Since the medical courier services are also high on demand, this opens up its functionality to gain the benefit of the industry. 

Building your own medical courier management with the SpotnEats mobile app solution, you can easily perform the difficult tasks in the transplant organ courier services with the sequence of taps by sitting in anywhere and anytime. The following features make you a specialist in transport and increase the potential of your services. 

  • Next Player Services

Due to its customizable nature, you can add or remove the delivery partners to say transportation services. Hence, there is no waiting for the single services and the multi-user facility reduces the waiting time. 

Seamless browsing of transplant centers irrespective of the location also helps the patient to get the organ instantly. Employing the next player services concept in SpotnEats reduces the peer pressure of the hospitals considerably. 

  • Categorization & Grouping

As we discussed earlier, the mismatching between the needs and services delayed the arrival of the organ. The SpotnEats inherits with the categorization and grouping facilities where the transplant centers preserved the organs on the basis of either blood groups and type of organs. 

Similarly, this feature also helps the hospitals or patients to search the organs based on the blood group easily. The perfect match founded and transportation followed. 

  • Path Optimization

Most of the issues arise while the transportation and the organs for transplant get delayed or missed. Enabling the electronic tracking system through the GPS technology in SpotnEats allows the delivery partners to track their routes and find the optimal route to reach the destination on time. 

Similarly, the track option allowed the hospitals to track the organ status and the location of the delivery partner that supports the surgery arrangements prior.  

  • Feasible Reporting

This feature is the heart of the SpotnEats and it helps in numerous ways to the players involved in transplant organ courier services. The feasible interaction between either hospitals and transplant centers or the transplant centers and delivery partners helps to make the security agreement. The generation of continuous updates while traveling and the trip reports helped to select the best player based on the convenience service of the patients.

  • Transparency

The entire cost analysis, commissions for the delivery partners, payroll for each trip, multi-currency management helps the admins and transplant center owners to take the financial decisions flawlessly. The entire transaction through the digital manner ensures transparency and this makes the sustainability.

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Bottom Line

Transplant organ courier services through digitized solutions have numerous attention nowadays. Handling more requests, transportation issues and the lack of communication are the most important issues. SpotnEats, a great framework with unique capabilities, makes you launch your own startup for transplant organ courier services. The real-time functionalities inherent with the SpotnEats solution helps you to resolve the above issues and expand the potential of transplant services. Sharing your innovative ideas in [email protected]. And make a part on transplant organ courier services. 

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