Enrich The Wall Decor Business With The Customized Options Of SpotnEats Online Wall Decor Items Delivery App Solution

The Décor industry not only gives the pleasant look to the home but also a big commercial market where more investors participate and launch different services for the customers. One such service is the wall décor business that includes wall decorative items and delivers the respective items directly to the doorstep.

Wall décor business is the imperative one for both the suppliers and customers. Even providing the small changes in color compositions, tapestries, hangings and wallpapers bring big impressions to the residing people and visitors also.

Mostly, the DIY-based wall décor business is highly critical due to the accumulation of the various products and this needs the combination of various suppliers, retailers, and own makers. 

Aggregating all the stakeholders in a single-window through the wall décor items delivery service startup brings the possibilities of the revenue made by sitting in the home. The wall décor items available in the market with the range as follows.

Whiteboard Films: This one is an efficient tool in the office where the ideas sharing, notes for upcoming projects, and the things that must be notable are mentioned in whiteboards. Right from drilling to easy-to-move type whiteboard films are available.

Brand-Assurance Wall Items– For some organizations, promoting their own brand value to the customers through wall-design templates is a big need. Hence, they access the wall-template makers to create brand assurance pictures or texts in wallpapers and order those items.

Character Projection- This is one of the imperative things for the sellers where the wall décor items project the character of staying people. The items regarding project players, celebrities, and inspiring persons are preferred from the customer point of view.

Printed Wall Papers-These papers transform the blind look of the room into an attractive one. The use of printed wallpapers in both 2D and 3D forms gives a pleasant look and attracts the guests.

Wall photos with Inspiring Quotes- The wall photos containing the inspirational quotes are highly preferred in organizations and the healthcare sectors. The quotes and the related images are merged in an appropriate form that makes an empty wall to be the inspired tool.

To carry such a wide range of demands, the entrepreneurs look for any app for wall décor item delivery and create the marketplace for handmade items efficiently. On the basis of this, SpotnEats develops a new one namely online wall décor items delivery app solution with the inclusion of dedicated interfaces for all the stakeholders.

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This blog illustrates the details about how to create a competitive environment with the online solutions, how the custom solution allows the service providers to meet all the demands raised by the customer, the impact of SpotnEats solution on the creation of the imaginative marketplace and quality enhancement in all the aspects. 

Make A Competitive Environment For Wall Decor Business With Online Solutions

According to the Global Wall Décor Market research analysis report, the following observations are made.

  • Among the global economical value, the segment of the wall art paintings constitute a 27.1% share and bring the new look to the wall of the room.
  • The wallpaper segment has a share of 7.3% on global wall décor items sales. With this, the visual appearance is enhanced without any paintings.
  • On the basis of geographical analysis, North America has the maximum share value as 23.4% and the fastest growing market value is observed in Asia-Pacific say 6.3%.
  • The overall economic value for the wall décor business observed as 61600 mn USD in 2019 and the rate of increase during the forecast period 2019-2024 will be observed as 3% and the corresponding value is 73400 mn USD in 2024.

Upon studying the industrial statistics, you are very clear about the demand for wall décor business. Creating the brand value and contributing as one of the shareholders in the global growth value are the top needs of the wall décor startup owners. You can create a competitive business environment by addressing the following aspects by online solutions.  

  • Multi-Dimensional Products

The wall décor items are ranging from wallpapers to the latest hangings that bring the occupation of the huge dimensionality items. In parallel, the customers are also ranging from homeowners to the administrators of various sectors.

Hence, creating the composite or interface between them is the necessary one which is assured with the help of online solutions. The one-stop solution for all the wall décor items interact with huge audiences and allow the service providers to create the potential base.

  • Boost-up DIY Participation

Compared to the traditional in-store purchases, the recognition of DIY making is highly appreciable one in online solutions. While looking into the market, the numbers of individuals involved in making handmade hangings and decorating items say, wallpaper artists, wall frame makers, etc.

The online solutions provide the marketplace for their products and allow them to showcase their inner creative ideas to outside consumers. By using this visibility, the global recognition of their creations and the considerable revenue are assured.

  • Keep Brand Value Consistently

Online solutions support the professionals to start their own wall décor business easily and in a simple manner. Assurance of brand value of product business through the common factors like differentiation in delivery services, greeting the customers with various real-time options makes your business as familiar in the market.

To participate in the globally competitive business race, the professionals highly need customized solutions where they can optimize their workflow and bring the necessary quality in services offered.

Need for Customized Solutions to Meet the Diverse Demands for Wall Art

You all know about the competency in the wall décor items and the one who meets all the customer demands effectively is the top one in the market. To acquire that position shortly, the customized solutions are preferred with the following necessities.

  • Creative Showcases

The first imperative thing in the wall décor business is how far the wall décor items look like. The creative showcase platform is the immediate requirement that contains the list of wall décor items, specifications related to the materials used for wall presentation, type of textures, artists’ details, price list, etc.

If you are entering the market with this creativity, the customers landed on the web page of your services getting increased. Providing the comparative platform for them helps to select the best-fit wall items according to their needs.

  • Possibilities for Multi-Dimensional Players

The second important thing needed from the business providers is the accumulation of a wide range of players. As soon as the customer requests are raised, the product package, instant shipments are the top-required activities and these are carried with extreme synchronization by online solutions.

For supplier or delivery drivers, the number of players is more and the interface created is in the form of dedicated to all of them. By registering as one of the participants in the application, the recognition of individual talent is easily processed.

  • Need to Explore More Revenue Options

Giving importance to service expansion is the necessary one for the business providers the same as quality product delivery. But, the real time-limiting factor for the service provider is managing inner activities for a long time. Alternatively, the online solutions simplify the tasks for you and make you focus on service expansion.

One of the key players in the wall décor business is the delivery driver where they can participate easily and keep all the delivery promises with extreme care. Keeping the timely delivery process also helps the delivery drivers to increase the orders that scale up revenue.

On the whole, the workflow can be remodeled with customized solutions to allow you to address all the above metrics easily. Having enough experience in customized home decor delivery mobile app solution development, SpotnEats creates the online décor items delivery service app solution that supports the service provider to create their own brand value easily.

Create an Imaginative Marketplace for a Wide Range of Wall Decor Items with SpotnEats Solution

The creation of an imaginative marketplace is the essential one for a wide range of players involved in the wall décor business. To meet all the prerequisites, SpotnEats solution offers support through the following interfaces.

Customers- Homeowners, wall art gallery setup owners, healthcare officials, corporate officials who are in need of wall decor items search the suppliers available in the market.

Wall Decor Items Suppliers- The suppliers, wall artists, retailers are registered as one of the stakeholders and bring all the latest items to the customer’s view.

Wall Decor Items Delivery Driver– The persons having the vehicles or the logistics company owners participate in this business able to carry the pickup and delivery process easily.

Service Owners- This interface is highly useful for you to manage all the activities of stakeholders of the business and make service as a high-transparent one.

The features of SpotnEats solution support you to create an imaginative marketplace are discussed as follows.

  • Quality Wall Decor Showcase

The SpotnEats solution allows the suppliers to showcase their products and the independent design makers to present their own creations pleasantly in the template form. 

The aggregation of a wide range of products associated with the necessary descriptions like the type of texture used in wallpapers, sizes, and the price range brings the necessary convenience to the customers while selection. 

  • Dedicated Stakeholders Dashboards

Since the players involved in the business are more such as suppliers, delivery partners, and customers, the dedicated dashboard for all of them is the necessary one for a seamless process. 

SpotnEats solution holds such dashboards and this makes the selection to delivery tasks so easiest and synchronized one. The individual dashboards also help the service provider to manage their activities by directly looking at them. 

  • Equipped with Brand Assurance Metrics

Meeting with all range customer demands with the latest real-time metrics is the special one if you partner with the SpotnEats solution. Mostly, the customers show their wish on getting the clarifications about the products in detail.

Hence, the SpotnEats solution has successive options like in-app chat, push notifications, and the necessary alert messages for the delivery process which makes the purchase as lively one and ensures the brand value of the wall decor business. 

How SpotnEats Wall Decor Items Delivery App Solution Enrich the Quality of Business

After the arrival of on-demand solutions, the wall decor business is a highly competitive business environment and brings new requirements from the customer point of view. Satisfying these requirements with extreme consciousness is the necessary one for the service providers. The SpotnEats solution will take care of it with the following fruitful features. 

  • Easy Build up of Wall-Decor Community

The creation of a wall decor community is the special one and it helps the suppliers to address the wide range of customer preferences easily. By integrating the social platform-based registration, the validation of consumer behavior consistently is possible and aggregate the products on the basis of that is the possible one. 

Besides, the encouragement of customers to share their purchasing experience with your application on their profile brings new customers towards your business. This also gives the familiar for services. 

  • Top-Runners Aggregation

The Spotneats solution also holds the options for review and ratings that provide the top-qualified player in the market. Aggregating them at the top of the search result and getting the commission for that is also one of the revenue options for you. The top-qualified players available in the market assure the professionalism of the services 

  • Valuing the Wall-Decor Artist Services

With the allocation of reviews and ratings, the identification of top-players is the easy one. After this, valuing their services by assigning promo code purchasing options and rewards make the players retain your services consistently. In the same way, the membership options and financially promoting options to the customers also assure the guarantee of customer retention. 

Final Say

Wall decor is one of the supplementary things in the home decor business platform and the products accumulated to make the wall as pleasant are widening. Parallelly, the expectations from the customer side also varied widely on the basis of the evolution of on-demand solutions. 

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Greeting the customers with the various impressive options is one of the ways for you to stand in a competitive market. The SpotnEats solution provides the necessary options for creating a competitive environment and imaginative marketplace for all range stakeholders. 
If you have an idea to launch a wall decor business with impressive options, share your ideas with us on [email protected], and create your own brand.

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