Essential Guidelines To Launch Your Online Medicine Delivery Business On Post Pandemic

By the simple tappings in mobile phones, getting things directly at the doorstep is the trendy business these days. On the basis of two major things: comfort ordering and convenience, most of the customers prefer such models rather than purchasing via footsteps. Instant basis and details at fingertips are the necessary things to be expected from the customer side. 

The same concept is applicable for medicine delivery business where the pharmacy store owners provide the necessary medicine to the customers as per the prescription. Generally buying medicine from the pharmacy store is difficult due to the long queue. 

Suppose the prescribed drug is unavailable in the medical shop, the customers switch on to the next shop after a huge waiting period in the queue. This initiates the demand for the online medicine ordering business models heavily. 

In parallel, the details of the medicines such as manufactured, expiry date, chemical composition, details of the manufacturers are also essential things for the customer side. Hassle-free medicine buying experience from anywhere and anytime with all such things is the major expectation from the customer side. 

For the pharmacy shop owners, they faced major issues while maintaining the record of medicines availability, customer’s history, repetitive orders, scheduling, etc. By giving the importance to the customer and pharmacy owner’s needs, your business model surely gets an essential familiarity quickly in the market. This blog will show you the essential guidelines to develop a medicine delivery business app in this new normal condition. 

Online Medicine Delivery Business -Offering Rich Medicine Buying Experience

Prior to launch, it is necessary to identify the scope of the business. Since we are running in a post-pandemic scenario after COVID-19, the demand for medicines is huge in the market. Most of the famous medical shops struggled during the lockdown period since they don’t have the infrastructure for doorstep delivery. 

The lack of structure also makes their potential customers switch over from them to others. Capturing their attention back and attracting new customers are the tedious tasks observed in the delivery market. To achieve this, the use of online medicine delivery business models is an essential thing for the pharmacy shop owners. 

Every launcher has a doubt on whether the launching gives the financial benefits. Following statistics regarding the medicine delivery business clarifies such doubt. 

  • With the increase in the use of smartphones with an internet connection, the economic value of the global e-pharmacy market was observed as 42.32 bn USD in 2019. The growth value for this business is to be observed as 107.53 bn USD by the end of 2024. 
  • A large customer base says 2.05 bn (approx) of the population used the eCommerce business models to get the necessary commodities. This number is definitely going to reach 2.14 bn in 2021. 

From the stats, it is observed that the global impact of the online medicine delivery business in economic growth. The pandemic situation causes a sharp decline in medicine availability and this stimulates both the customers and medical shop owners to create a stock for medicines, sanitizers, and health-related essential things. 

Ordering via an on-demand medicine delivery app like uber by sitting in the home is one of the safest activities in the contactless delivery scenario. This assures the guarantee of revenue generation through the launch of an online medicine delivery business. Also, the convenience and the timely purchase are the specific benefits from the customer side by using this type of business model. 

Aware of Business Models Commonly Available in Market

Developing the uber for medicine delivery depends on which business model is selected, how the workflow will be in real-time?. The common business models available in the medicine delivery are two: Single Player, aggregator.

Single Player: With the use of the medicine delivery software, the customer directly places the prescriptions at the medical store. Checking of this prescription, analyzing whether the medicines in the prescription exist in the store or not, show the availability to the customers, get the orders and deliver them via independent players such as delivery drivers. If the requested medicine is received, then the customers pay the respective amount via multiple options. 

Aggregator Model: This model acts as the multi-dimensional supporting platform where several numbers of the pharmacy stores are grouped through the app-based models and deliver the medicines to the customer’s place directly. 

As soon as the customer places their order or prescription in such a model, it identifies the nearby pharmacy shop owners and provides the alerts to them. The pharmacy owners analyze the prescription and check whether the medicine is available in-store or not. Then, they start the package and give alerts to the drivers for pickup. 

Compared to the single-player, the aggregator model fulfills the customer needs quickly since the number of shops is grouped. Having a simple knowledge of medicine and contacts with the medical shops, launching the aggregator model for the online medicine delivery business is the easy one. The top challenges of designing a suitable business model are listed as follows:

Innovative Application-Providing the innovations while app usage is the important stage to get the attention of the customers. But, the standards followed in the launching region limit the creativity and innovation in business models. 

Hassles in a healthy Lifestyle-Each country has defined a set of rules and regulations in order to make the people live a healthy lifestyle in a new normal situation. Coping up with those is the necessary one. To make it happen, an adaptive business model like app-based business models is an important requirement.

Secure Storage-Keeping medical records for the patients is highly confidential and is the essential one for the customers to stay on your business model for a long time. Hence, the app-based models opted for the medicine delivery business should contain secure storage. 

Adopting the new ways with the needed features eradicate the common challenges in the listed above and make the business models as highly professional with the advanced strategies. Online app-based business models should meet the needs of the end-users without fail. To achieve this, proper feature selection is an important one. 

Essential Feature-set to Provide the Convenience for All Users

Providing a convenient medicine purchasing experience to the patients is the main attractive thing for either pharmacy shop owners or aggregators. Hence, the design of dashboards and the features included are accordingly varied. The features commonly included in the medicine delivery business depend on the interfaces that are shortly illustrated as follows. 

Customer or Patient Interface

  • Instantly, patients register themselves through their personal credentials like email, mobile number, and social media profiles. 
  • The search for nearby pharmacy stores based on location, medicines available, preferences based on the diseases is the next important feature to be added in the app. 
  • Place the medicine ordered by direct specification or prescription loading. Then, add the medicines to the cart.
  • Fix the schedules for medicines arrival based on patients or customers on behalf of their availability. 
  • After the medicine order is confirmed, shop owners provide their details to the delivery drivers and share the locational details with the delivery drivers. 
  • Pay the amount with the integrated third-party payment apps smartly after receiving medicines correctly on a doorstep. 
  • Track the ordered medicines right from the pharmacy shops to the doorstep. 
  • Rate or review about the pharmacy shops, delivery services finally.  

Pharmacy Shop Owners 

  • Showcase the medicines available in the interactive template with the manufactured, expiry date, chemical composition, price details, etc.
  • Collect the number of medicines to be ordered from the customers and make a package of all such medicines listed in the prescription. 
  • Intimate the delivery driver to collect the medicine package and provide the alerts in the customer panel regarding shipment. 
  • Validate the history of medicine orders for both potential or new customers. With this record maintenance, the ordering next time is easy for the customer, and delivery also easy for the shop owners itself. 
  • Receive the notifications for medicine orders instantly when the customer places their prescription in the app models.  

Delivery Partner

  • Create own profile with the listing of experience and credentials for trust validation by pharmacy shop owners and the customers
  • Manage the history of medicine orders going to be covered for a day, completed orders, yet to be covered orders, etc. 
  • Use the GPS enabling to identify the short distance between the shop owners and the patients. Thus, the trip time is minimum and that enables the delivery driver to carry many orders. 
  • Provide the delivery status update to both the medical shop owners and customers for medical plans further. 
  • Receive the payments from the pharmacy shop owners or the aggregator of several medical shop owners. 
  • Keep records of entire delivery orders must be easily accessible.  

Admin or Aggregator

  • Analyze the dashboards of stakeholders like pharmacy shop owners and delivery players regarding the number of orders processed daily basis instantly. 
  • Have a clear record of the patient’s order history, medicine choices as per the prescription, and their supplier details for smart access. 
  • Collect payments for medicine orders processed digitally. Also, get the commissions from the delivery drivers and the shop owners if they prefer the top position in the search panel. 
  • Manage the overall settings of the medicine delivery application and update it according to the patient’s needs. 

Including the right features is the necessary one for the application to be effective for both the stakeholders and the customers. The above-listed feature-set is commonly required to make the entire business model profitable and provide high-quality medicine delivery services to the patients. 

Is it Possible to Get a Readymade Medicine Delivery Clone App Solution?

Professionals who have an interest in launching the customized medicine delivery business stuck on common risks as follows:

  • Time for the app development process
  • Doubt on whether the app fits into adaptive changes
  • Features included in the app should be fit for a regional basis. 
  • Whether the app brings convenience to the end-users
  • Look for a money-saving platform

For the development phase, there are two choices available. First, one is building an app from scratch and looking for any ready-made white label solution. Upon the basis of time and money, a ready-made app solution is the best choice for the new startup business launchers. 

Opting for ready-made medicine delivery clone apps from SpotnEats will definitely help you to change the workflow of the business and attract a huge patient base. The common reasons to prefer such a pre-built app solution is listed as follows:

Branding Quickly

The pre-built version is the integrated form and adaptive to the market or customer’s needs and hence acquiring the brand value in the market. As an owner, you do not have the time to promote your brand value in the market. Partnering with the right application allows you to make your own brand in the market. 

Easy Customer Satisfaction

Offering a unique and timely purchasing experience to the patients makes the business model sustainable for long days. Developing a solution by own means, the inclusion of new features as per the customer’s demands takes time. This causes the customers to switch over from your business model to others. This reduces customer engagement rate. 

Trustworthy Platform

Building a trustworthy platform is an achievable thing if you prefer a ready-made app solution. With the minimum time and money spent, the integration platform from SpotnEats allows the medical shop owners to build a loyal relationship with the customers.

Bottom Line

Pandemic scenarios will give a new face to the delivery business sectors. Partnering with the SpotnEats ready-made medicine delivery clone app, the aggregator like you launch your own medicine delivery business easily. 

SpotnEats offers a unique feature set to any type of business model and includes the real-time features to make your business a familiar one. Want to launch an online medicine delivery business, make a partnership with us by filling the form below. 

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