How SpotnEats Customizable Handicrafts Delivery Management App Solution Makes Strong e-tailing and Ensures Maximum Profits for Artisans?

How to do an attractive and interactive business? Handicraft, a business emphasizes the craft talents from human beings and shows it to the world. Many of the ladies are interestingly participating in this business and earn money for the family needs.

The online handicraft marketplace business model promotes handmade products from local peoples to international. Many artisans participate in this business either full time or part-time. How can you grow such a business?

Thrilled factors are low investment, options for export and huge gain, etc and many of the associated industries like fashion, real estate, interior design, and home décor are benefited from this business. Hence, the exploration options are high and the revenue generation from such a type of business is also an attractive one.

Traditionally, if customers need handicraft items, they go to the production place and buy the products directly. Nowadays, the techie innovations and the redefining methods make the business as a structured form.

The arrival of e-tailing in the retail business changes the selling platform as an electronic form where all the handmade items are listed in a single window. Customers place their orders and receive them through this online portal.

The interesting fact is the diversity of products and the interaction of artisans across various regions through the online handicraft marketplace app. Yes. With the single window, you can have clarity on their cultural diversities, product formation process, and sharing economy.

The emergence of smartphones and mobile applications make everything in hand. So connecting handy devices to the handicrafts is easy and values the localized artisan’s effort by a globalized form.

This blog brings the impact of e-tailing on handicraft businesses and factors affecting the growth of the industry in detail. Further, how SpotnEats handicraft management app solution brings visibility to localized artisans and increases the revenue of the players. Before looking to the SpotnEats section, let’s have a quick look at the background of the handicraft industry.

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How SpotnEats App Delivery Solution Makes Online Handicraft Marketplace Business Visible to the World?

With the use of an e-tailing platform, customers have diverse options for the selection of products and convey the needed design patterns directly to the artisans. The business reports stated that when people sell the products from an e-commerce platform, the large volume of artisans is benefited and make 40% revenue growth compared to direct sales. Below are the reasons why e-tailing has increased potentially.

  • Reduced Investment cost

When you perform the handicraft business through e-tailing, you need not invest the money for maintaining the warehouse or showrooms. The only thing you should perform is aggregating the nearby handicraft artisans.

Once you are aggregated through the online marketplace, the cost of the maintenance of the virtual handicraft store is comparatively less compared to the physical handicraft store.

  • Easily Accessible

With the few clicks of available dashboards in the marketplace, the customers can easily access all the products with their own price specifications. If you look at the traditional retailing business, the searching process of the needed items took more time. In some cases, the middle man or untrained professionals are there and they utilize all the profits of the business.

In contrast, e-tailing business is considerably reducing the time for searching the favorite items and also everybody who participates in the business is beneficial.

  • Customization on every Aspect

E-tailing has the option to monitor the entire orders, past transactions and the placement of products based on the artisans and hence the visibility of the suppliers is increased considerably. Besides, the tracking of the product orders and the intercommunication through the chat options make the link a stable one between the delivery partners, technicians, and the customers.

         With these features, the e-tailing places a major role to promote handicraft items outside the region. To implement such an online marketplace, many of the decline factors affect the sustainability of the business. Hence, the next section is the study of those factors and how they eliminate them.

What are the decline factors of handicraft business and how are they eliminated by online platforms?

Though the handicraft business offers numerous benefits to the players, not all of them have participated. The following are the factors that prevent the players from participating in the business. This section also suggests the solutions for decline factors for handicraft business.

  • Unorganized Sectors

Without an online platform, artisans faced numerous challenges like low investment, unaware of the technical practices, lack of promoting strategies for the handmade product. Besides, the middleman in the business eats 95% of the money without reaching into the artisan’s hands.

To resolve this, the evolution of online platforms engages enough awareness about technical innovations, promoting practices, etc. The emergence of the online selling platform provides the responsible interface for the sharing economy among all the players involved in the business.

  •  Lack of Financial Security

Traditional selling practices are stuck into the financial limitations that make the younger generations to switch from this business to others. Offering the services within the regional limits can lead to minimal profit and revenue.

In contrast, the arrival of online platforms like e-tailing expanded the services to hundreds or thousands of peoples through online shops. Thereby, the business gets enough visibility and assures financial security.

  •  Lack of Authenticity

Authenticity is the only reward of creators. If the handicraft business is on the offline platform, the intermediate makes their own stamp for the product and sells to the customers easily. The lack of trace of the origin of the product is an important issue in this type of business.

Alternatively, the online platforms allow the artisans to make their identity of the product. When the list of the products is shown in the online marketplace, the artisans responsible for the creation also specified. The logistics team like the delivery partner aggregates the product from their house and carries them to the customer’s place effectively.

  •  Lingual Limitations

The major limitation to be considered is enough lingual support to promote the products. When the products to be sold out of the region, the proficiency in the regional language is the needed term in order to communicate design patterns and outcome of the product.

To resolve this issue, the online marketplace business should be engaged with multilingual support and thereby the design patterns and the product specifications are easily communicated among the customers and artisans.

  With these factors, the handicraft business suffers from various implementation issues. The only solution to overcome all these factors is to adopt a suitable online platform. Besides, the online platform also makes the customers to be engaged with the product creative knowledge and the specialized native designs. 

How SpotnEats handicraft delivery solution eliminates ensure profit of artisans?

Understanding the beneficiary points of the online marketplace, everyone nowadays enters the market with a well-developed application. One of the qualified applications is SpotnEats mainly concerns the pickup and delivery tasks in the eCommerce business. Now, it defines the interfaces to the handicraft business like customers, artisans, delivery partners, and administrators. 

When the new requests are raised, the artisans get notifications regarding the specifications of products and the region information. First, the availability of the product is checked and then this information is communicated to the customers and delivery partners simultaneously. 

Upon receiving the delivery task information, locally available delivery partners collect the goods and deliver them to the doorstep of the customers. After the reception, the customers provide the ratings regarding the product and delivery partners easily. 

In the previous section, the hurdles faced by the artisans are investigated. Here, the following aspects of the SpotnEats handicraft delivery management app solution provide valid solutions to those issues. 

  • Authenticity of Product

The first and foremost thing in SpotnEats solution is valuing the service of artisans. Artisans participating in the business are directly shown associated with the product information and this recognizes the talents of the customers and eliminates the middleman profit-making tasks. Besides, the recognition of creative talents makes them participate in global competition and explores them on diverse design knowledge. 

  • Assure of Financial Security

The dedicated options in the SpotnEats solution are responsible for splitting the revenue equally among the players. Offering promotions to the artisans and the top-rank holder and the subscriptions to the repetitive customers through the options are the factors of financial security and this retains huge artisans. 

  • Multi-Lingual Support

Offering multi-lingual support by the SpotnEats delivery app solution is the special one. With the use of this feature, the customer and artisans both are directly communicated and convey the design patterns and rate concessions directly without any language barriers. Promotion out of regional limitations can help the artisans to acquire valid visibility and profit. 

How SpotnEats handicraft delivery solution strengthens the e-tailing chain for the handicraft industry?

Besides the profit assurance tactics, the SpotnEats handicraft management delivery app solution also strengthens the e-tailing link in the following ways.

  •  Ensuring Availability

Once the requests are arrived, checking the requested products are available or not is the initial process. If the products are available, then the notifications can be sent to both customers and delivery partners. If not, then this is also sent by the mobile app itself. This feasibility makes the customer take the fine decision on searching other artisans.

  • Live Tracking

With the real-time tracking options, the customers can easily track ordered items from the manufacturing to the delivery stages. In the same way, the delivery partner also has the live tracking GPS enabled map to identify the destination. Once the feasible route is identified, then the time required for the delivery of the product is minimized comparatively by the use of SpotnEats

  • Dynamicity

With the customizable nature of the SpotnEats handicraft management delivery app solution, the product catalog can be easily updated whenever required. Similarly, adding or removing the artisans and the delivery partners is easy to process based on the response from the customers that makes the link more stable.

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Wrap it Up 

Having an idea to launch the creative handicraft management business and searching the app development players means, this blog enlightens your path. The background of the handicraft business like why e-tailing is adaptable for handicraft selling a business and what are the factors affecting are discussed in detail.

How the SpotnEats handicraft management delivery app solution provides the support to handicraft business is also illustrated with their own features and smart ways. If you have still queries on workflow and modeling, feel free to contact us at [email protected] directly and our team will be very happy to help you. 

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