How SpotnEats Delivery Management App Solution Add White Glove Delivery Business to the Carrier Mix for New Age Professionals?

Are you waiting for a large purchase delivery service? Hope this blog is for you. Nowadays, online shopping is familiar across the Gen Z peoples. Everyone purchases the needed things from the shopping portal or mobile app in a doorstep. Here, items are smaller means, delivery partners or the courier delivery services taken care of them and handover to the customers efficiently through delivery scheduling app for small business.

When coming into high-value large size items like building raw materials for a construction site, furniture for the home, climate-sensitive items, artwork, lighting fixtures, etc, extreme care is required while shipping and transporting. Hence, the owners corresponding to those items collaborating with the carrier called White glove delivery business in order to satisfy the customers.

White glove delivery services, a term that describes the services offered peculiar products like heavy or oddly shaped items and deliver them to either home or office with extreme care. One of the most interesting aspects compared to other delivery services is the delivery partner can act as the assembler role who is responsible for assembling the items in respective places.

  Here, the price is can’t fixed but controlled. Why? Because, the factors affecting price are moving location, area of the destination and the products which are going to be moved. The last factor is not in the white glove service provider’s hand. But, the remaining two can be controlled by the suitable delivery driver management app.

Yes. Here, the new partnership like transportation services or delivery agents is raised. When new partnerships created, then the financial transactions and monitoring the delivery trips, revenue sharing all come into action. How to handle all these activities?. Is it by yourself or by some other person?. Technology will give you the right solution.

Delivery Management App is the best value choice in order to handle the above activities effortlessly. Coping up with the technology growth and standing in your band value are only made by a suitable mobile app. SpotnEats delivery management app solution offers great support to the entrepreneurs who are having the passion to launch their own white glove delivery services. 

Statistical reports showed that the global B2C e-commerce sales value is going to be exceeded $4.5 trillion in the year 2021. Besides, for the retailers, the average cost spent on fulfillment is 70% of the average order value.

On the delivery side, the statistics suggested that 38% of the online shoppers will cancel their orders if the delivery time is longer than a week. A big compromise between the retailers and the delivery partners is needed. 

Upon the market statistics, this is the perfect time for launching your own White glove delivery service startup with the right delivery scheduling app. SpotnEats delivery management adds value to the compromise.  

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White Glove Delivery Business: Good Hand-in-Hand Services

In global logistics strategies, white glove delivery services are termed as gold services due to it’s added up services and accountability. Nowadays, technology growth makes white global delivery service as a specialized service due to more specialized equipment are shipped and delivered to the respective places. Below terms prove why the white glove delivery services are regarded as the gold.

  •  High Standard Last-Mile Services

Generally, customers are expected timely notifications regarding the status of ordered products irrespective of the sizes. Here, the size may be large and customers are home individuals or office professionals. Satisfying them with the timely delivery and categorized services are two critical things for the new white glove service business.

Expectations from the customer are ever-changing one. Since the white glove delivery service dealing with the high-price commodities, extreme care while packaging and delivering makes the service as the standard one.

  •  Repetitive Purchases

Validating the status of the previous purchases regarding how the service is offered, is it deliver at the right time, the responsiveness of the delivery partner decides the new purchase. This way leads to repetitive purchases.

When coming into repetitive, customers not only need alert notifications, they also need value-added services from the last-mile logistics team. Accountability and more detailed information are needed things from the service providers.

  •  Backed up with Advanced Technologies

From handling a new shipment request to delivery of the product to the doorstep of the customers, several activities are performed. Varying customer intentions and managing delivery schedules are complicated tasks for the shippers. Hence, they need an option asset tracking where the sipped goods are tracked continuously and reported to the customers.

Besides, the shipped goods are various and there is a need for special price listing, grouping the goods according to the end-users while performing white glove services. Manual operations for these activities consume more time and hence there is a need for automation in every stage.

There is a delivery trend observed in a future case where robotics and drones participated. Communicating with such automatons needs a digital solution. Besides, the arrival of a cloud-based CRM platform to handle rerouting, managing shipments, etc, brings the white glove service into standardized logistics.

          Concluding this section, there are two implications are gained such as managing customers with the needed options, maintaining a potential customer base that requires a suitable technology platform. When you look into deeply, some of the tuning requirements are needed in 2020 and for the coming years.

Tuning Requirements for White Glove Delivery Services in 2020

Coping up with the customer demands and adopting the technical transitions decide the sustainability of the white glove business. Prior to investing your cost on the app development, some of the following tuning requirements you must know.

  • Lack in Consistency Link

Since the shipping goods are highly valued, the consistent link between either in-store owners or shippers, delivery drivers, and the end-users is necessary. This link is established only with the help of effective communication.

Upgrading the services with the features text messaging, calls, SOS alerts, recipients are received continuous updates about the package.

  •  Optimize on-road travel

Knowing the route for the destination is common in all the shopping. As discussed in the previous section the pricing factors for white glove service is mainly depend on the location or routes for travel.

Identifying the risk-free routes is the major task for the delivery partners while the sensitive equipment is transported is the major requirement and this enables the need for suitable digital tracking.

In addition to this, the optimal minimal distance reduces the traveling period and thereby fuel cost also minimizes.

  •  Category and rating Management

White glove services deal with many high-value items and associated in-stores. Categorizing them based on the customer demands or the items is a necessary thing for the convenience in operation.

In the same way, valuing the service is also a necessary thing. Because the high-professionalism and more positive reviews are the deciding metrics of best white glove service providers in the market.

          Upon the study of tuning requirements, you have gained three important metrics such as making digital links through messaging, tracking and validating options are required to perform the efficient white glove service in 2020. How to get these options?. You can opt for the SpotnEats delivery management app solution and this makes your business suit the latest trends.

Tactics of SpotnEats Delivery Management App Solution Break White Glove Delivery Experience

SpotnEats, a well-known delivery app solution and is specially designed to perform the wide activities in pickup and delivery business. The customizable interfaces designed are customers, shippers or in-store owners and delivery partners. It explores the possibilities of white glove service with the following tactics.

  •  Scheduling window

This is one of the important tactics in SpotnEats delivery management where the delivery partners organize the routes based on the number of orders on the same route. When more orders to be delivered means, a scheduling window allows them to prioritize the orders based on the date and time.

In the same way, the customers are getting notified of this scheduling trip via email, text messaging in order to make planning accordingly. The scheduling and the organizing routes reduces the stress on the delivery partner side that attracts more delivery partners to have participated.

  •  Flexible Control over Multi-order Management

When the size of the players is increased, then the management or control of all the activities such as the number of shipment orders, availability of goods in in-store & drivers, report analysis, commission processing is extremely difficult. SpotnEats has an option for admin to process all the activities within a sequence of the tap.

Instant management and hosting of entire activities to the cloud-based management, secure environment are assured. Retaining the customer base is also possible with the promo offers option in SpotnEats.

  •  Automating Tasks

The removal of human intervention is the special case for SpotnEats solution where the error is minimized. Automation through the delivery management app solution, challenges like incorrect addresses, delay in delivery trips, failed attempts are easily handled. Active maintenance of all the activities through the automation increases the customer base and improves the long-term customer experience.

How SpotnEats Delivery Management app Solution Make White Glove Delivery service as remarkable?

In the previous section, the tactics of the SpotnEats delivery management app solution is listed to assure flawless delivery. The standardization of white glove business is achieved by following unique features.

  •  Customizable Seamless Packaging

Based on the number of orders, and routes, the items are segregated by the categorize option in the SpotnEats delivery management app solution. By the special packaging, the delivery partners prepare the schedules based on the routes and the customer demands. This prior scheduling offers convenient operation and reduces the stress effectively.

  •  Real-Time Tracking

This is one of the most prominent features in the SpotnEats delivery management app solution where both the customers and delivery partners are benefited. Real-time tracking allows the driver to find the risk-free routes and reaches the destination on-time.

In the same way, the customers get easily notified by the status of the goods and delivery drivers easily. 

  • Consistent Link 

With the dedicated option called chatbox, the customers easily interact with the shippers and delivery partners regarding the schedules, status of the items, specifications on pricing, reduction in pricing, etc. Similarly, the immediate notifications regarding any promo codes attract new customers.

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 Want to launch white glove service Startup

Whether you are a retailer, owner of any fulfillment center and want to make more money, launch a white glove service startup now and improve the already running service with the SpotnEats delivery management app.

This blog widely covers all sorts of a white glove service business such as the tuning requirements needed, how the tactics of SpotnEats improve the business and unique features that offer standardization.

Studying this blog will increase your knowledge of the service industry. Once you step into the industry with the SpotnEats solution, visibility of your business is increased and thereby the revenue earned is more. Explore more at [email protected]

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