How SpotnEats On Demand Fruit Delivery App Helps to Kick Start Your Doorstep Fruit Delivery Business?

Starting a fruit delivery business is not as easy as you think. The primary activities behind this business process are its pre-harvesting, post-harvesting, making and delivery to the customers on the basis of the market price. One has to perform all these to sell their fruits.

But in the modern era, everything has a solution alike here too. The fruit business can transform its traditional business process into an on-demand business model. This will be very useful for small-scale growers.

They can easily sell directly to the users without a third-party distributor. With the help of this application, they no need to visit the market to analyze consumer behavior. They can target potential customers through an app.

You as a young entrepreneur can bring a solution for all the small-scale fruit vendors with your application. They are able to gain their potential customers easily without any loss in revenue.

This blog will provide you full detail about the on-demand fruit delivery app and how you can gain your profit by using our software. Keep reading to explore the on-demand fruit delivery system.

Why Do People Prefer On-Demand Fruit Ordering App service?

High quality of freshness as of now people have tasted the poor quality of the fruits in the online fruit delivery system. These Things have changed, now it’s time for them to taste the fresh fruits being sent directly from the vendor to the users in no-time. 

Therefore the freshness with a good taste of fruits is guaranteed. Even if the delivered fruits are spoiled, they are refunded immediately. These activities meet the user’s expectations with the good healthy fresh fruits at their doorsteps.

Delivery at their doorstep with just a tap brings more convenience to the users. When they get the fresh fruits at their doorstep directly, there is no need to go to the shop to buy low-quality fruit.

This kind of convenience is brought to the users by an on-demand industry. Good quality packed fruits are delivered at the user’s doorsteps. The users can book a specific slot for delivery while ordering and they can also schedule their bookings.

The online platform gives more offers and deals than traditional stores. The best offers and deals make the users buy more and allow them to save their money. It also makes transparent translations too.

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Cost factor you should consider before starting a fruit delivery service

Here let me explain in detail the cost factors that you should consider before getting started with the on-demand fruit delivery business.

  • Packaging the fresh fruit with label cost,
  • The deliver person and their transportation cost,
  • Marketing your application by  advertising and promoting cost,
  • Needed equipment cost like storage, refrigerated and freezer to keep it fresh.

If your business grows, you may need cold storage in the delivery vehicle to maintain the freshness of fruits. You may also need to get some insurance policies to road-accident, fire-related issues and motor vehicle insurance for delivery vehicles.

The above mentioned are basic costs more than that all you need is to start your own on-demand fruit delivery system as an application. Building/developing an application from the start costs you more than you have.

Here, I suggest you choose us. We have a pre-developed app with full flexibility. This allows you to add or remove any features as you wish. Build your on-demand fresh fruit delivery app with our software to gain high profits from the first order.

SpotnEats Fresh fruit delivery app development

SpotnEats, will not only give an application according to your requirements. Our team also deals with real-time issues and updates accordingly to ensure the success of your business. 

The correct value proposition based guidance by the experienced business analysts for your business model helps to increase the sales and weightage of your fruit delivery app. We have already built the fruit delivery app with flexibility. 

If any modifications are needed, it can be done. Let me tell you the overview of your fruit delivery app. We have a team of experts and we keep ourselves updated with the modern technologies to give a unique app solution to you.

5 steps of the business process in on-demand fresh fruit delivery system

Once the user logged-in by filling the required details they are allowed to proceed with your application service. Here let me tell you the five steps of the business process in your on-demand fresh fruit delivery systems.

  • Step 1 Filtered fruit stores nearby the users – Once the user logged in they will be shown the nearby fruit providers and the types of fruits they are providing along with their store ratings and reviews.
  • Step 2 Choosing the service – The users are allowed to choose the fruit providers according to their needs by checking their listed fruits along with the offers and discounts. The users can add the needed to their basket.
  • Step 3 Ordering and payment check – Once the user makes their decision by filling their basket they can place the order by just a tap. Then, they have to choose the payment option either online or COD.
  • Step 4 Get delivered at the doorstep – When the payment process is finished, it will instantly notify the fruit provider and the delivery partner nearby the provider to take away the fresh fruits that the users ordered.
  • Step 5 Posting rates and reviews – Once the ordered fresh fruits are delivered to the user’s doorstep, the users are allowed to rate and review both the delivery partner and the fruit provider.

It’s just like a cycle process again when the user wants to order the fruits again it will be started with step 1 and continue to step 5. Keep reading to know the key features that aid all these processes in your on-demand fresh fruit delivery system.

Fresh key-features in your on-demand fruit delivery business

Customer’s application (iOS and Android)

  • Tutorial – If the users are not well knowledge to use an on-demand application to place their orders can go through this tutorial. By using this feature the users are able to get to know about the benefits of your application and the fresh fruits.
  • Convenient pickup of delivery schedule – The users are allowed to specify the date and time on which time they use to get their orders to be delivered to the specified addresses. They are also allowed to book an instant delivery of the order.
  • Real-time monitoring – Once the user places their orders they are easily able to monitor their orders in real-time until it reaches their doorstep. This allows you to maintain the customer’s loyalty to your business.
  • Re-order basket – Just with a single click, the users can place the order for the same items at the same or different address. They also have an option to change the whole items or specific items in the basket of the previous order.
  • Instant pop-up notification – The users will get the instant pop up notifications related to their order status, offers, discounts provided by the service provider. This will help you to attract targeted users towards your business.
  • COD or Cashless payment process – The users are allowed to go through the payment process with a variety of options on the online net banking, stripe, Paypal, credit cards, debit cards and Paytm, or cash on delivery.

Service provider application (iOS and Android)

  • Order management – You can view the profile of all users who have placed their orders and can easily manage their orders by accepting it or rejecting it. You can also reorder the priority of the ordered list.
  • Staff management – The service provider can edit the list of delivery agents, staff members, and managers. They can also update the work routine activities of all employees like their wages, tasks, salary, working hours, etc.
  • Cost management – Can easily add or update and delete the items present in your store. It can also change the price, categories, and subcategories with the availability of status. They can also update the offers and discounts.
  • Help and Support – In-app built chat features can help the users to get connected with the store manager instantly and resolve the queries. 

Admin Web panel

  • Multi-Service provider management – You as an admin can run and manage multiple fruit service providers effortlessly under a single panel. You can also run the business aggregator from a single place.
  • Customers and delivery agent management – You admin have the access to view and manage the customers, delivery agent’s data and other information from their profile. Can check and manage the reviews, feedbacks given by the users to improve the service quality.
  • Sales and market analysis – You can get the complete sales insights after checking the reports and statistics of customers, daily sales, and expenses through the real-time graph in a dashboard, you can take business decisions easily.

The above mentioned are a few of the features available in your on-demand fruit delivery application. If you have any unique feature idea let us know it can also be added to make your business more unique.

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Final say

As people are shifting to online ordering systems, it is a good time to develop an online fruit delivery app system now. With an application, you can easily overcome the challenges that are being faced by the remaining owners of the fruit store business.

Still, why are you waiting? We love to see your Fresh fruit delivery app in action, send us your requirements now [email protected]. Our business experts will reach you soon.  

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