How SpotnEats On-field Sales Rep Management App Solution Minimizes The Risks In Sales Activity And Empowers Workforce?

Accessing everything in one place is the background metric for the success of the online business. Giants in the online platform directly show their products and fill the needs of the customer by performing unique ways like a seamless showcase of the products, tracking the orders, feel-free app payments, etc.

Understanding these concepts, many of the Small and Mid-Enterprises (SME) designed their own products and started to sell to the customers. Encouraging the services offered by the mobile application can boost up the sales adversely. Normally, the products are pickup and delivered by the delivery drivers who are having only the experience on the delivery side and they lack product specifications.

Unaware of what products they are handled bring the insufficiencies while handling the healthcare, electronic goods, and other sensitive products. To resolve this issue, the company itself uses the sales team to bring down the knowledge on the necessities of products shipped to the customer doorstep.

The sales team not only focuses on the delivery side itself, but it also monitors the sales rep activities, challenging issues on manufacturing and distribution, etc. is it possible to carry all such activities by the paper-based operations? Definitely not. To simplify the tasks, SMEs emerge from the use of field sales management app solutions and monitor all the activities easily.

To look deeply on the sales team, two personalities such as sales managers and sales representatives shortly known as sales reps are theirs. The sales rep plays the exact mid-way among the SMEs and customers and making this mid man strong means the entire supply chain is stable.

Sales managers assign the activities to the reps on each day and control their activities by the digital partner namely field sales tracking app solution. In the same way, the app for sales reps also acts as the digital friend to carry the tasks assigned by the sales manager and carry without any missing.

When you look into the market, the stats that depict the importance of the sales team are as follows: 

  • Among the customers, 71% wish to meet the sales reps prior to the buying process
  • While doing the traditional way of business, around 40% of sales agents said that getting the response is harder.
  • In-call conversations about the products can increase sales by 74%
  • Focusing on the delivery side, answering the prospect calls by the right sales rep can increase the sales by 96%. 

Upon studying these statistics, you are aware of the need for a well-qualified sales team to assure the success of the business. By understanding these, enterprise owners are seeking the right field sales management app solution to increase sales.

SpotnEats, a promising solution provider for the distribution sector now extends its solution into a field sales management platform to sort out the issues raised in the SME while transporting the goods to either individual or other business stations. 

To know details about that, you first be aware of the field sales management platform and why it is needed for the SME delivery business.

Field Sales Rep Management App Solution: Building Partner For SME Delivery Business

Driving the sales team gets peak attention on enterprise owners since they are the end-user side. But, they lack in adopting a strong field management application. If they know the effectiveness means, then there is no need to urge the sales team for increasing sales. How to drive a sales team to enhance the performance in field services?. Below are the pin-points.

  • Refining strategies

Each one has the desired skill. Allowing them to set the meetings as per the customer demands, promoting the knowledge on products that you are going to sell, and being productive by effective time management are the initial strategies to be followed up on your enterprise.

While meeting the customers in on-fields, carrying the orders from the customers by the paper, the refining strategy such as using the mobile application to add the requests in the cart, collecting the information of users such as name, location and personal credentials may speed up the delivery process.

  • Tracking on-field Activities

Though the products are categorized as per the demand, the delivery or sales side suffers from various issues that break the supply chain. To sort out this, the supply chain to be strengthened by the digital solution including the tracking concept.

With the monitoring or tracking of the sales representatives’ activities, the owner can identify the breaking point easily. With the tracking feature, the business owners identify the current location of the sales rep and convey the information to the customers to prevent the delay in product delivery.

  •  Effective Identification of Top-Performers

With paper-based operations, identifying the top performer on a day or month is a crucial issue for the sales manager and business owners. If you integrate the sales team with the on demand application means, the top performers can easily bring down to your eyes.

As per the option on review and rating option, the customer can easily value the services of the sales rep. By analyzing them, the top sales rep is identified and recognized by the valid promotion activities through the application itself.

Understanding the effectiveness of field sales management in the above-mentioned ways, strengthening this by the digital solution is fairly important for the enterprise owners. Prior to adopting, they must know the strategies that killed effective field sales and how they are scrutinized by the application.

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Strategies to kill Effective Field Sales and Solutions through Field Sales Application

Keeping the mobile workforce is strong, the mobile application called field sales management app has an important role in it. With the help of these apps, the tiredness of keeping the product details on fingertips, managing the in-out orders, payment, status of delivery to the customers all are easy. This section describes the practices that killed on-field sales and associated solutions.

  •  Lack of Information Access

The first strategy that kills the field sales is the lack of information access on the customer side. Unaware about the number of customers ordered, products ordered, price listing and inventory such as the stock is available on the store or not disrupt the on-field sales heavily.

The field sales management app solution addresses this issue in their own unique way with the options such as customer management, order management, associated price listing, and the availability option easily. Hence, the solution is to adopt the right management app to boost sales. 

  • Inefficient in data handling

Handling the customer as well as the enterprise’s data is a headache task for both the owners and the sales managers. On a growing stage, evolving a customer base is natural. Right from collecting the credentials of the customer to the delivery of the products in their hand, data analytics are unavoidable.

Once the data size is large, then it creates confusion and consumes your valuable time. To resolve these issues, the on demand field sales management application inherits with the feature tracking the sales data. If you provide valuable inputs, then the application eliminates the risks in data handling.

  • No time to Meet

The absence of a digital solution in the on-field sales increases the time value of handling the customer data. Since the sales manager doesn’t have the time to meet the sales team, finding a lagging point on the sales is difficult. Conducting periodical meetings with the team can find the solutions easily to boost up sales.

To sort out this issue, the digital platform says mobile applications can maintain all the activities in a synchronizing way, and the quality time is handed over to the sales manager. Thereby, they can make the sales meeting on a periodic basis and find the solutions for the minimization of sales.

Integrating the technologies on the work practices saves your time, refines your data management, and easy information access. Then, let’s start the development. SpotnEats solution provider is waiting for you with a handful of features. Let’s have a look at how It minimizes the risks in field sales and strengthens the workforce.

Risk Minimization Ways of SpotnEats On-field Sales Rep App Solution on Field Sales Management

Prior to looking at risk minimization tactics, the workflow to support industries like pharma production distribution, banking/insurance, home services, and retail industries preceded by the interfaces namely customer, sales representatives, distribution industries, and sales manager or admin. If you are a field sales manager, then this app is highly beneficial for you. 

Once the registration process is over, the customer places the requests in terms of needed product, location. Then, the sales representative gets alert and visits the customer’s place and collects the orders. Directing the order information to the distribution industries by the field sales application itself enables the preparation of products.

Once the packing is ready, then the information is sent to the sales rep and they collect the orders and deliver them to the customer place. The ways of SpotnEats on-field sales rep app solution in minimizing the risks are listed as follows: 

  • In-App Conversation 

The first and foremost difficulty observed on the customer side is the lack of conversation ability regarding the product specifications. The SpotnEats field sales rep app solution tracks the order history of the customers and makes the conversations through the app itself and conveys the specifications and the usage facilities directly. If customers face difficulties in product usage, they can easily communicate and clarify their doubts instantly.

  •  Smart Route Finder

Route identification and more time consumption are risky factors in on-field sales.  Enabling the real-time analytic feature in SpotnEats on-field sales rep app solution allows the sales rep to find the optimal route from the available routes. 

The route identification in a smarter way helps them to save time and make this time utilizes in searching for new leads. Besides, it supports in timely-delivery of the goods to the customers.

  •  Secure Platform

Though the application offers numerous benefits to the clients, a secure environment is a questionable thing. To sort out this issue, storage of the customer credentials in a robust platform in the SpotnEats field sales rep app solution provides a secure environment, and all the data transferred among the industries and the customers are highly confidential.

  •  Attractive Catalog

One of the advantages of an on demand field sales management app is the information access window. Showcasing the products associated with the specifications and price tag makes the customer pick up the right thing.

Instead of a sales rep carrying the wide range of product samples in hand while traveling, the digital catalog in SpotnEats fields sales management app solution brings the attractive images of product specifications. This showcase offers a seamless selection experience to the customers.

How SpotnEats On-field Sales Rep App Solution Strengthens Sales Workforce?

On-field sales management application from SpotnEats not only offers the solution to the risks in the retail industry, but it also strengthens the workforce efficiently with the following strategies.

  • Automated New Leads

With the inclusion of the GPS location information in SpotnEats solution, the sales rep utilizes the time between the meetings in searching the new nearest lead easily. The direct identification of new leads for the business in processing the delivery of existing orders saves time effectively and increases productivity.

  •  Stay Away from Papers

The way of collecting all the order information, reminders, product showcasing is done in paper to confuse both the manager and sales representatives. Contradictorily, the SpotnEats field sales rep app solution offers the digital platform to record all the details in the app itself. This helps them to analyze the sales records wherever applicable.

  • Close Deal on a Day

The field sales management suffers from the waiting time issue.  Normally, they collect the orders from the customer side and make a call for the availability of orders on the warehouse. This time limitation is completely reduced by the direct listing of available options and closes the deal on the day itself.

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Wrapping Up

Summarizing, the demand for on-field sales management applications is growing since many of the retail players and the needed customers are more. Managing the orders and delivery in time are the key factors for the success of the sales management team. 

With the right digital partner SpotnEats field sales management app solution, make your field sales even better. The technical team is waiting in [email protected] to receive your dreamy ideas in the field sales business. 

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