How SpotnEats Online Restaurant Table Reservation App Gives Customers The Freedom To Make A Booking Management With Few Easy Steps?

Nowadays, integrating new software with the business has become the fashion for success. The integration of the software system allows the customers to quickly place their orders easily. When it comes to the software then it should be designed correctly and wisely because it will be the key for your business to succeed.

After the arrival of the on-demand food delivery system, we all forget about the restaurant and hang out at restaurants. But still, there are people who want to take their food from the restaurant mostly in rush or peak time. We can’t find ourselves a table at the restaurant. We have to wait for the other customer to finish.

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But here comes the table reservation process that allows you to pre-book a table for your convenience. This blog is all about the table reservation management system and how our software application helps you with our pre-developed tools. Keep reading this blog without skipping any part so that you can gain massive knowledge about the table reservation system.

How The Table Reservation App For Restaurants Is A Convenient Self-Service That Maximize Your Business? 

In simple words, table reservation is nothing but a special arrangement for the customer’s preference to take their meal at your restaurant at their preferable time. Many don’t have specific software or websites to make their customers place their reservations. But now without a reservation process, one can’t run the restaurant business.

Some of the customers will be more productive in their life if they want to book their tables a week before. If you don’t have any software, then you aren’t able to meet your customer’s requirements today. Because on the particular date, sometimes the reservation may mismatch.

Though the love towards foods is kept on increasing among the people, with the help of technology the restaurant owners are also able to reach their customer’s expectations. One such thing is the table reservation app for restaurants. But, when it comes to the software-based solution, people are making some common mistakes while choosing it.

  • Purchasing the software that is not applicable for the long term. It has been designed for a short period of time to gain revenue in your business.
  • Purchasing the application that doesn’t allow you to communicate with your employees or customers properly or on a regular period of time.
  • The horror thing is people use to call their service as cloud-based but it doesn’t. They still used to do mandatory work with poorly developed software.
  • Choosing an old version to suit your budgets but it literally ends-up the lifespan of your business soon. 

The above mentioned are the few of the common mistakes that have been done by most of the entrepreneurs during the selection of a software-based application for their restaurant business. But in SpotnEats you will get the exact solution for your restaurant business with advanced key-features.

SpotnEats powerful restaurant reservation and table management system

Our software application is a ready-made one with a fully customizable facility so that it can be configured in many different ways according to your demand. Moreover, SpotnEats is one of the market’s best and affordable table reservation software systems for restaurants. Depending upon the current trends and customer’s needs our software has been developed.

  • Easy and user-friendly – Our software is incredibly easy to use for both the end players and it also provides the best overview of the table reservations for the customers. This allows them to take the correct decisions.
  • Instant message notification – An Automatic greet and sends the notifications to the customers for the confirmation code or the table reservation. It also makes reminders for the customers according to the reservations.
  • Easy implementation – The implementation was made simple with our software you’re allowed to implement the software according to the restaurant demands either offers or discounts on the seasonal time. 

With the help of our application, you will be gaining these above-mentioned benefits. In our application software package, you will be getting the full package four interfaces and as an add-on technical support for before and after the launch of your service. By using our software, your customers can easily consume their time.

  • Like on-demand applications, your customers have to download the application from the respective stores. Once they have downloaded the application,  they have to sign up to place their table reservation. The singing-in the process has been made simple with the help of social media integration in your application.
  • The customers are allowed to search their required tables on the respective restaurant that are available on their preferable time. Since it is a cloud-based application, the reserved tables will be marked instantly. So that, there won’t be any mismatch in between the reservation process.
  • The application has an in-build chatbox to send the updated offers and discounts on seasonal times. It is also used as the remainder of the customer’s reservation time. Once the customer reaches the restaurant, it will be sending them a greeting text that allows you to gain the customer’s expectations. 
  • The service providers are allowed to check the availability of the tables and the pending reservation. Once the service provider accepts the customer’s request then only the customers are allowed to pay for their reservation or else the customers have to wait for the service provider’s approval.

The above mentioned are the workflow of your restaurant table booking process. As I already mentioned, our application is more flexible so it is suitable for any type of business model either commission or peer to peer business model. Here, let me share with you about it in-detail as follows

  1. Commission model – If you’re not owning a physical restaurant, then you can get adapted to this business model. By adapting to this commission-based business model, you can link your application with the nearby restaurant in your region. So that your customers can book the reservation according to their preferred restaurant. You will be getting a commission for each booking that takes place in your application.
  2. Peer to Peer model – If you’re owning a physical restaurant, then this model exactly suits your restaurant reservation system. There is no third party involvement where the owner acts as an admin who is able to check all the activity that happens in your restaurant rather than the reservation. With the help of our application, you can easily manage and track all your restaurant reservation activity.

I hope that by now you might have decided which type of business model exactly suits your business. Keep reading to know about the pre-developed tools that are readily available with your application. 

The SponEats restaurant table booking app tools that allows you to control table and reservations

  • Online booking – This is one of the methods that Increases the convenience of the customer’s conversions and it also helps you to optimize the table booking in your restaurant accordingly. The process helps the customers to place their reservation at any time by just creating their profile on your application. 
  • Reservation management – Since it is a table reservation system, our software gives a built-in reservation management system that permits the admin to add or edit or delete reservations according to their convenience. The admin can also manage their customer’s data and availability.
  • Voucher system – A niche feature that runs the promotions and discount offers of your reservation system. This allows your customers to know about the updated offers and discounts on a regular basis. This gives an advantage to the customers to check the offer before making a reservation.
  • Table management – This feature helps the customers to manage their table booking by checking the restaurant’s available seats or tables for reservation. This shows the entire floors that are available for the reservation for example AC or Non-AC. Table management gives full flexibility to the customers to choose their preferred table.
  • Payment methods – You can enable or disable the online payment method according to your restaurant convenience. If it comes to offline payment means you can also consider CC or wire transfer or cash payments respectively. But we have given more choices for the online payment method for the customer’s convenience. 
  • Service Review – This is one of the important features that let you know about your service from the customer’s point of view. This also lets you improve your service by checking the customer’s review. Once the customer finishes their meal, they can drop their comments on your restaurant service through this feature.

Bottom line

Since the growth of technology has brought many possible ways for young entrepreneurs to create their own software easily and quickly, adapting to the right application reduces your task and maximizes your business. One such solution is available in the SpotnEats that gives you the best service at an affordable price. 

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The table reservation process is one of the important things that every restaurant should get adapted to it. By using our software solution, you can easily track and manage all your restaurant reservations easily with just a tap. To reach us, please fill the below form or contact us at [email protected] and we will catch you soon.

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