How SpotnEats Print On Demand Drop Shipping Management App Solution Explore Diverse Selling Options for POD Products?

The most interesting thing observed in the supply chain nowadays is the drop shipping since this doesn’t need a physical location and inventory. This provides the facility of the customer where they can come to an empty shop with an alone computer, make a purchase and leave.

Upon the market crisis i.e. fluctuated, dropshipping is the perfect e-commerce business model that allows the entrepreneurs to do a risk-free business and stand in a competitive market with less investment. One of the interesting categories in the drop shipping is the Print on Demand (POD) where the customer expresses a demand only then does the item get printed with your design.

Looking into the differentiation of drop shipping and POD, the first one deals with the purchasing of the products directly from the wholesaler’s catalog. When the customer places the order, the dropship management system handover the order details with the wholesaler who then packages and ships the item on the customer’s behalf using suitable dropshipping automation software.

Whereas in POD, service providers handover the designs, products ordered by the customers to the printing company, they will be delivered after completing the printing tasks. In both cases, the evolution of pod drop shipping management apps plays a major role and it replaces all the manual based booking operations into the digital form.

Dropshipping management app solutions and print on demand drop shipping app solutions are raised to meet the latest trends and increase business opportunities abruptly. The sales of eCommerce business amounted to $504.6 billion in 2018 and this number is projected to be $735 billion in 2023. Among this, the shipping of apparel and accessories alone generate $138.7 billion in 2022. 

Startup with the right dropshipping management app solution is the best choice to make your stamp. SpotnEats, a delivery app solution that extends the business options for drop shipping and offers plenty of perks for selling by the development of the POD dropshipping management app. Before looking into the SpotnEats impacts, let’s have a look into the background of dropshipping and the big blunders of owners in POD business in detail. 

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Print On demand Services: Low Risky Way of Selling Custom Products

Keeping the brand value is important for POD services. The major benefit lies in no need for bulk purchases. If you own a POD service means, no need for prior payment till after sold out. If the proper setup is built-in means, then POD service is effective by the sequence of clicks. Offering POD services helps in the following aspects.

  •  Validate the existing business for the new product without inventory risks. 
  • Great service option for attracting social media clients like YouTubers, cartoonists, etc. by providing valid content.
  • The backbone of original products as per custom designs.

Upon the generic view, POD is termed as the less risky model and it inherits with the following features. 

  • Your Own Style Products

Through POD, you can engage your customers with a cool feeling of searching and buying the products. If you are a creative person, then this platform is the perfect fit and attracts the customer with good quality own-designed products like printed t-shirts, dresses, and leggings. You can also extend this opportunity to POD books.

  • Custom Packaging ability

Making their own stamp on their products is everyone’s dream in business. POD allows you to place your own logo or a sticker while packaging the products and this helps you to gain a familiarity across the world. Dropshipping is also a great business model for entrepreneurs who handle bulk order processing like high volume products with a large set of customer reviews.

  • Large Scale Selection

When you opt for the POD type dropshipping service, the diversity of products is the huge one that attracts more customers to look into it. Suppose the customer wishes to buy the dresses in different styles, dropshipping is the best choice. An unlimited way of selling products with different fabrics and styles attracts wider audiences.

  • Less risky option for selling products

POD type dropshipping business models are offering great products to the customers in their own ways. Identifying the client’s intentions and aggregating the products in a specific place is the high-risk factor for on-demand business. The POD dropshipping reduces that risk and provides convenience and high-quality experience through custom design products.

Upon looking at all the beneficiary things, most of the entrepreneurs are entering to offer the dropshipping and POD services to the customers. Attracting the customers by the different products not only decides the success of the business, continuous updates regarding new products, better commission models between the service providers and designers are also added metrics. 

Is POD realistically a profitable business? What are Big Blenders of entrepreneurs on POD?

After performing the complete research on target audiences, setting up a suitable online store gives you better earning for you compared to the traditional stores. The demographic shift, as well as the customer behavioral shift, certainly demands the digital solution.

Though the online store is not only beneficial to the product listing, it also provides a single platform to manage all the financial, multi-profile management, etc. Due to the nature of all products printed only after the arrival of new orders, the POD is extremely beneficial and it reduces the stress for the upfront cost for the entrepreneurs. Some of the big blenders committed by the baby boomers in the POD industry are highlighted in this section.

  •  Valuing suppliers upon price

Price and quality are directly connected. An increase in one of them needs a huge increase in others. If you need better quality, then the cost of the term is also high. Hence, most people are looking for a low price. If they choose the low price, then the quality of the POD products is not up to their stand.

To mitigate such issues, the online store offers the feasibility of listing the products associated with the price list. Getting good quality with the balancing price is an advantage one for POD. In the same way, the POD cannot be judged by price only, it also depends on the speed of delivery, quality and customer satisfaction level.

  • Lack of Seasonal Preparing

Segregating the products based on the events, holidays, special days may also provide valid attention from the customer side. Suppose if you are segregating the products like gift items for Christmas and a new year means, then it will provide enough revenue in winter seasons. Rather, the online store built-in with the scheduling and categorization options means the bidirectional satisfaction on the customer side is easily attainable.

  •  Lack of managing time

Manpower based operations require consistent monitoring and there is a chance for more time consumption. Suppose the issues from the customer product requests to shipping queries, preparing the answers to require more time and updating the processes as per the real-time demands are also questionable.

To sort out such issues, the online store directly integrates the customer panel with retailers and the POD designer. Hence, carrying all the tasks is an easy way compared to the traditional operation with extreme care for the customers. By reading this section, you might know where you lag in POD and drop shipping services. SpotnEats provides the necessary solutions for all these blunders in an attractive manner. 

How SpotnEats Print on demand drop shipper management app solution manages the blenders?

Being an experienced player in the web and mobile app development in the market, the SpotnEats developed the right solution for blenders of the initial players. The app inherits the four dashboards like a customer, POD player, delivery partner and admin (you). The workflow comprises as follows:

  • After the registration is over, the customer places the order requests through the mobile app itself by searching the available products or individual demand. 
  • When the new order is received, both the retailers and POD artists are getting alert. They immediately start the printing process.
  • Once after the design is completed, then the delivery partner gets the notification and they also collected the packages from the POD designers and delivered the goods to the customers. 
  • After the reception, the customer performs the payment process. Here, the commission is directly available in the app itself that assures the transparency effect and familiarity. Here are some of the tactics of Spotneats that manage the blenders.
  • Coping up with the value agreement

As you come across in the previous section, the valuing business is based on the delivery speed, quality, and price. SpotnEats dropshipping management app solution supports the buildup of real-time tracking where it shortlists the top most feasible route from the group of routes. Thereby, the time required for the pOd services is considerably less. Quality delivery within a minimal time attracts huge customers that support growth value.

  • Categorized Management

Grouping of the customer orders relating to the seasonal or materials or designs is possible with the SpotnEats dropshipping management solution. This management solution allows the grouping of dresses and other products relating to the events and customer behavior may help to deliver the items quickly.

  •  Effective Management in Delivery Time

The live map routing availability on the delivery partners supports in feasible route identification to minimize the time required for the delivery app solution. In parallel, the live status of the ordered products also communicated to the customers instantly. Besides, the reduction in travel distance can effectively manage the time and fuel of transport that makes POD a cost-effective one. 

How SpotnEats Print on demand drop shipper management app solution makes POD as an impressive business?

SpotnEats solution not only compensates the blenders of the entrepreneurs it also supports the extension of business and consistent revenue growth in the following impressive ways.

  •  Consistent Communication on Custom Design

The build-up of the real-time interaction feasibility through the chat options in the SpotnEats solution allows the customers to directly communicate their needs to the POD designers. In the same way, the POD designers and delivery partners are also effectively communicating with each other until the order is reached to the destination. Impression plays a major role in POD services. Making feasible communication regarding the designs helps to attract more customers.

  •  Effortless Promotion by Social Media

Through social media accounts, customers can log in and place their orders. By allowing this way, the users can share their experience with you on their page that increases your visibility across the world without investing any promotional cost. Replacing the general dashboards with the customized dispatch dashboards allows you to add or remove the POD designers on the basis of the ratings of the customers. 

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Final say 

If you want to impress your customers with custom printed products, POD is the special type of business and this is the perfect fit for you. Organizing the orders and selling the products at the right time with the quality designs require a suitable online marketplace. When you opt for a suitable online marketplace, SpotnEats automatically strikes your mind after reading this blog. This blog highlights the features that are needed for POD, beneficiary things for POD and dropshipping business in detail. Still more queries, drop your queries and your innovative ideas into [email protected].

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