How SpotnEats Travel Concierge App Solution Win the Hearts of Business Traveller and Overwhelmed the Digital Pitfalls of the Hospitality Industry?

Revolutionizing the travel ways are now common due to the mobile-assisted bookings in the hospitality industry. With the objective of stimulating the loyal customers to come back again and again, The restaurant and the hotel owners exceed their expectations rather than to meet them to get high revenue in online travel concierge business. Hence, the usage of concierge services has evolved nowadays.

By the old-school approach, resort owners acquire low customer bookings thereby gaining low revenue, spending more money will not give you any valid return of investment to them. Hence, the upscale resorts and hotels prefer suitable Concierge Service App Solution to achieve cost-effective approaches.

Market analysis depicted that the popularity of concierge apps is still on the rise. The revenue of the hospitality industry in the year 2016 is $550 billion globally. In the same way, 5 million apps are the target value of the app store in the year 2022. If this is running in the same way, surely the global market for the concierge services to be attained the value of $773.3 million in the year 2025.

I think now you are in the middle stage. Concentrating on the Concierge App Development is the smart move and gains your revenue through the cutting edge technology. Offering hybrid services to business travelers by combining with the digital platform is the greatest opportunity for the concierge service startup owners.

SpotnEats is the revolutionary platform that inherits the specialized features in order to meet the needs of higher-end professionals and hence the assurance of repeated travel history. To know more about the impact of concierge apps and how SpotnEats make its stamp on the hospitality industry, get into the blog.   

How SpotnEats Travel Concierge App Solution Forges You to Be an Elite in the Hospitality Industry?

Concierge-style customer service-Next level Customer Loyalty 

Providing remembrance services to the guests is one of the key points to make great revenue for the five-star hotels. Concierge acts as the trusted advisor and they also work as the personal assistant for the business travelers. Research brings down some of the observations for the travel concierge service startup owners and they listed as follows:

  • Delight Digitally 

Surprising the guests with efficient service are the style of concierge and getting loyalty from the customer requires a suitable digital platform. Offering the following types of concierge services satisfy the technical needs of the customers.

For instance, availing the e-commerce service app button within the mobile app solution with the integration of payment gateways.

Integrating the online-only pharmacy with the platform helps the customers to draw the medicine through the chats with the concierge on 24/7.

  •  Engage In-Store Experience 

A digital concierge has the tendency to provide the services simultaneously. The interactive map and the in-app chats are the beneficiary points of the concierge service. Business travelers have a tendency to acquire many customized services. 

Nowadays, smartphones provide plenty of options like interaction with the chef about the needed ingredients, finding out the best route, recommendations about local institutions and places. 

  • Improvement of Productivity 

Most of the time business trips are scheduled in order to handle the various appointments within the time limit. Unnecessary waiting time degrades productivity and hence there is a need for finding transportation to the hotel, booking the visits to the popular attractions in spare time. With these features, concierge services reduce time and improve productivity.

         With the above-listed extensions, concierge services allow the restaurant owners to gain a loyal relationship with the higher-end professionals. Delighting them with suitable services at the right time explores the new potential customers and thereby the revenue of the hospitality industry can go enormously.  

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Digital Pitfalls Retaliate Hospitality Industry

         As per the discussion in the previous session, you arrived at a conclusion digital solution is the best choice for handling all the tasks effectively. This section highlights some of the digital pitfalls that need to be concentrated on hospitality players.

  • Prohibit Cross-channel sharing 

Participation of the diverse team with their own systems protecting the cross channel information sharing.  This greatly limits the communication, collaboration in services and thereby the efficiency is limited.

Utilization of these business people data for your business promotions and marketing is only done by the suitable sharing practices. Similarly, this helps to make better decisions from their point of view while traveling. 

  • Lack of competitive edge maintenance 

Smarter by sending timely offers and adopting the dedicated interface for maintaining the interactions are the major ones to increase operational efficiency. Besides, the organization and managing the information under one centralized interface make the customer get any services instantly when they require it.

  • Inconsistent connectivity at scale

Reliable connectivity is the challenging factor and this requires the mobile-based platform with the digital payment options. The capture of the guest data for promotional activities must be secure and your app will have strong cloud-based back-end support. 

  • Lack invisibility

Though the restaurant owners provide numerous services, there may be some fluctuations or chances of getting a human error while maintaining the ledgers for concierge services. In the same way, identifying the downside of either staff’s performance or the internal difficulties requires a strong and smart automation platform. 

Handling numerous service requests and monitoring how the staff’s productivity fluctuates through a suitable mobile app solution increases productivity considerably.

         These are all the digital pitfalls to be considered on the concierge services mobile app development. With those digital pitfalls, you need to know the requests of travelers through such mobile apps like reservations, directions, tickets to tourist attractions and commercial services.

Is it a challenge for opting multi-services in a single app?

         Offering luxury services is the conservative industry and the most important aspect is not to be open to digitization. Normal users staying in the hotel or resort have enough e-commerce apps to avail of the services. In contrast, business travelers or VIP clients need extremely personalized care services.

         Nowadays, there is a big market opened to develop such type of concierge services app to handle luxury services. For the app development players in the market, the challenging factor is whether it is possible to opt under a single app. Yes certainly true.

Due to technological innovations, the integration of services is possible. Proper configuration with respect to the needs of hospitality management and the concierge staff is required. Identifying the possible functions and getting the quality team for the app development convey that opting services is not a challenging one. The functions must be included for the concierge services are listed as follows:

  • Control over the requests
  • Consistent follow up of travelers expectations
  • Instant order processing
  • Alert notifications regarding the order status.
  • Well syncing activities
  • Get information in fingertips

Now the next stage is getting the qualified team for app development. Though you have innovative business ideas, partnering with a suitable app development team is one of the major issues for the hospitality players. Being the experienced player in the on-demand pickup and delivery market, SpotnEats qualified team is there for you to engage your customers with a better personalization concierge experience.

How SpotnEats Concierge Service App Solution stimulate booking count and its solutions for pitfalls?

Rapid going tech company SpotnEats targets the business travelers who are familiar with in-app communication through their smartphones. SpotnEats concierge service mobile app solution provides business travelers with the ability to make consistent interactions and avail the plenty of services instantly.

The workflow of the SpotnEats concierge mobile app is as follows: travelers who need the services can directly log in to the app and make the requests. The concerned concierge staff gets notified when the requests are raised.

Then, they processed the orders in an extremely conscious manner and delivered the orders to travelers instantly. Multiple restaurants and the resort owners have their own interfaces to handle the service requests from the business travelers. Finally, you can act as the admin to monitor all the activities performed by the players involved in your application. The following unique features make you specialize in the hospitality industry.

  • Smarter Service Provisioning

Engaging the travelers with the numerous service options is the only solution for retaining them. Considering this, SpotnEats provides a detailed list of services under a single platform. With this information, business travelers can easily search what type of services and associated service cost information. By the way, they can choose effortlessly.

  • Digitally sharing

When the business travelers opt for respect services, the data and their traveling interest are captured by the hospitality industrialists. This data can easily be shared among the travel agencies partnered with it. In this way, the SpotnEats availed cross-platform sharing and explored the new possibilities of revenue growth.

  • Consistent Scalable Link

Making the people digitally connected will not give you degradation. Here, the interconnecting of numerous restaurants and the concierge staff strengthen the pickup delivery link with the consistent notifications, messaging, alerts on promotions. In the same way, the scalability option in SpotnEats can easily add or remove the respective player on the basis of the traveler experience.

  • Convenience through real-time features

Traveler’s convenience is the deciding factor for the success of the hospitality industry. Adopting the real-time features like tracking, in-app messaging and customer management offers convenience in service. This assures attaining a huge customer base and extends the revenue opportunities for the resort owners.

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Final Say

Delighting the business travelers with the digital interface is the main theme of this blog. Upon the study of this blog, you have gained the information on why the digital interface is needed for efficient concierge services. Besides, the digital pitfalls in the hospitality industry are addressed and how the SpotnEats travel concierge service mobile app solution recovers the hospitality industry from those pitfalls have shown in detail. Explore the new revenue opportunities by partnering with us at [email protected]

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