How to Create On-demand Delivery Marketplace Smartly to Meet Current Trends

Years before, if we need anything we have to go and fetch it from the respective place. It might be anything either food or cloth. Today, with the help of the latest technologies, we are able to buy the required things easily from our home. This big trend change in shopping has been brought about by the on-demand delivery business model. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the entire world standstill not only environmental catastrophe but also economically. This on-demand delivery business model like UberEats is the savior for many entrepreneurs as well as customers during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

To run a business smartly in 2021 further, entrepreneurs have to get adapted to the current situation and build a solution to meet the customers’ needs. Here, this blog will be a guide to lead your business to meet your customer’s expectations timely in all possible ways. 

Huge drop on the 2020 on-demand delivery marketplace 

Due to social distance norms and lockdown from COVID-19, we people aren’t able to get back to our normal life track. Still, everyone raises the question “how long will this impact continue and how to take the business on trackback?” If you are also the one who is seeking the same answer, then you’re at the right place. 

Since the world is facing unpredictable losses economically, entrepreneurs are starting to reach their customers directly to stock up their requirements. This doorstep delivery process is not a new thing in the market. Already, several on-demand delivery apps like UberEats have existed in the market since 2014. This type of app-based business model took a sudden rise in the on-demand delivery marketplace during the lockdown.

Yes, if we take a survey on the top grocery delivery services like Shipt, Walmart, and others. They have gained new users on a daily basis by the downloads of 218% rapidly. At the same time, the food delivery industry has also witnessed a similar surge and it is also expected to double its share by the end of 2025 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This situation brought many similar players to catch up their place back in the market. The COVID-19 impact seems to be continued in 2021 as well. Even if the vaccines are available by the mid of 2021, it may take at least two years to bring everything back to the state. This means there is a boom in the on-demand delivery marketplace in the upcoming years.

  • According to the on-demand economy, the estimated revenue gain by the end of 2017 was $213 bn. 
  • By the end of 2021, it is expected to reach $435 bn with an annual growth rate of 49%.
  • The CAGR of the food delivery service is projected to reach 32% by the end of 2021.

The market survey mentioned above shows the impact of on-demand delivery apps in 2021. This is an interesting and easiest phase for the entrepreneurs to run their business successfully in a smart way. At the same time, the customers are also able to get their needs fulfilled from their destination.

The reason behind the success of the on-demand delivery marketplace is an incredibly safer position to attain everything from home easily. Apart from making the customers buy their requirements from the on-demand delivery app, it is necessary to fulfill the customer’s expectations with the unique metrics. 

At the same time, it is necessary to know the major customer expectations in 2021 as the owner of the on-demand delivery marketplace. Here, let us take a look at the customer’s expectations in the 2021 on-demand delivery marketplace. 

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Current expectations of customers from on-demand delivery

  • Mini-Meal Delivery – Generally, most of the people are experienced with on-demand delivery apps to order bulk and get it delivered. However, the customers are also in need to buy some small bites timely, when they run out of stocks. 

These small orders are about to increase in 2021. Many restaurants are starting to promote their smaller meals and snacks. It is also expected to see a higher rate in the upcoming days. Since the small bites are significantly lower in the delivery charge, more and more people are looking to place small meal orders. 

  • Multi-Orders via Single Interface – Till, now people are able to order only a meal from a single restaurant or place an order at a time. Few third-party delivery drivers are delivering multiple orders at the same time. 

However, offering the customers to handle multiple orders in a single interface will simplify their work. In 2021, many seniors are going to change as third-party delivery companies to expand their service and fulfill the customer’s requirements timely. 

  • Timely Delivery Service – The main concept of the on-demand delivery apps is to deliver the customer’s needs shortly and safely. The on-demand delivery marketplace has become quite popular in 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19. 

Since it’s going to be rampant in 2021, people are expecting a step higher. Thereby focusing on the delivery service will improve the service quality as well as can fulfill the customer’s expectations.  

Though these are the customer’s expectations on the on-demand delivery marketplace. You as an entrepreneur have to develop or update your existing on-demand delivery app to meet out the above-listed things. If you’re new to this field then you have to choose an app that has everything as a single solution. One such thing is available in SpotnEats on-demand delivery app. 

Here, in the upcoming section, I have listed out the key-features that meet out the customer’s expectations in 2021. 

Meet out the current trends smartly with SpotnEats 

SpotnEats is an On-demand Delivery app solution that has been developed with the latest tech stack and designed with unique interfaces. Here, we are grouped with a team of experienced developers who are ready to help you with your queries timely and get you to understand technically the on-demand delivery marketplace. 

Other than solving the quires, we also provide free launch support as well as after launch technical support for a short period. This makes you get well standard with your on-demand delivery app in the real-time market. Apart from helping you with your service, we also help you to build your business according to current trends with the help of an on-demand delivery app like UberEats. 

  • Impressing Options for Customers – To meet the customer’s expectations daily, we provide a current offer and discount feature. This feature lets you update your offers and discounts to the customers without fail. Therefore the customers can adapt to the current offers and discounts to order their small meals rapidly without second thoughts. 
  • Accurate Multi-Orders Tracking – The customers are able to place their multiple orders in a single interface. This helps them to place the orders rapidly from different restaurants at a time and track the multiple orders seamlessly. This improves service flexibility as well as lets the users decide their needs continuously.
  • Quick Route Locating – Now the delivery agents can quickly analyze the routes to reach the customers shortly. The delivery agent will be getting multiple choices to reach a customer, the route can be chosen by the delivery agent from the listed routes on their interface. At the other end, the customer can track the delivery agent in real-time. 

These three features will meet out the customer’s expectations as listed in the previous section. Other than that, we also include many other features like scheduled orders, smart payment transfer, review and rating, and inventory management. We are ready with the pre-developed on-demand delivery app solution, with your business demand it can be customized and delivered on time. 

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Many industries are experiencing huge losses in the pandemic period. By implementing your business with the right on-demand delivery app, the entrepreneurs are able to uplift their service and get placed in the 2021 on-demand delivery marketplace with high revenue gain. Choosing an app like SpotnEats will assure your business growth at a veiled price. 

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