How to Start a Food Ordering and Delivery Business in Kuwait with SpotnEats?

Kuwait among other Middle East countries is situated in an ideal location for intense economic activity; Kuwait has a well-built port; one of the top airports is located here; an ideal place to connect easily from Asia Pacific. Kuwait also performs better in terms of GDP and ease of doing business among other neighbors. It is a highly oil-dependent economy and has world-renowned oil production facilities. But, times have changed and owing to climate change concerns they are contemplating to steer their economy away from oil. The best option for them is to have tech startups like on-demand bookings, food delivery, cloud services, etc.

Which is the Best On-Demand Startup Idea to Launch in Kuwait?

Startups in Kuwait

Work has already started in Kuwait to build infrastructure to house startups and encourage startups from other countries. Some have started their operations and they have shared good insights about the startup ecosystem.

  • 40% of the startups were able to raise a couple of funding rounds easily with the help of a consortium of investors.
  • 65% of the startups say that access to quality internet infrastructure is easy
  • 50% of the startups say that the Kuwait govt is easily accessible for any aid.   

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Financial institutions in Kuwait are now less risk-averse and are looking to fund small level startups that create more employment to locals and add value to the country. Single window clearance is developed by consolidating multiple departments to reduce the starting time.

A startup accelerator is launched in Kuwait to aid new and bootstrapping startups. They do the following. 

Access to affordable co-working space with all basic amenities. Startup mentorship for potential ideas and an incubation cell to give a head start to prospective startups. Exclusive discounts and perks for marketing and consulting services. These are just a glimpse and connect with them to get more details.

Startup idea to launch in Kuwait

Among the tech startup models, the one which caught my eye is the on-demand food ordering and delivery idea. I have multiple reasons to defend my claim; on-demand startups are easy to build with nominal investment; quick turnaround time for app development; multiple vendors available for app development; no technical knowledge needed.

Carriage, Talabat, and Bilbayt are the leading food delivery firms in Kuwait. The Kuwait government is also planning to make it “World’s food capital” by 2030. And, Kuwait is the only country to have an accelerator for food app startups named Savour Ventures. 

So by all counts, I can say that the on-demand food delivery model is a safe potential bet. Let your new food app startup coincide with Kuwait’s ambition for World’s food capital.

Making your new on-demand food app startup in Kuwait successful

Constant learning from feedback and reviews is vital for on-demand startups. In fact, many food app startups like food delivery and Deliveroo have made some breakthrough changes in their app after analyzing feedback. This way of perfecting the app using customer feedback is called the lean startup model.

Silicon valley on-demand startups are reaping great benefits because of following the lean startup model. In order to create a complete food app solution you have to get customer feedback constantly and build a prototype out of it. The prototype must be revised several times until it gets perfect.

Kuwait offers several resources and using it you can build a comprehensive food delivery startup with little investment. Since you create a lot of jobs in terms of delivery executives, you are entitled to get some perks and incentives.

Getting the app solution done from SpotnEats

It is way better to partner with an app development partner for the app solution and with SpotnEats you will get additional perks and benefits. SpotnEats are well versed in lean app development; our constant touch with leading food app firms help us get valuable customer feedback. Perks of getting food app solution from SpotnEats are as follows.

  1. SpotnEats is a pre-built app, so you need not wait a long time to build the app. Even if there is any patchwork or customization we do it quickly using our skilled team. 
  2. Since we have delivered food app solutions worldwide for many years, we assure you that you cannot spot a single bug. Top testing standards are being followed.
  3. Access to instant upgrades and support is available with SpotnEats. A dedicated team of professionals and a project manager will guide you and give instant support anytime. We also give free technical assistance for some time. 
  4. SpotnEats is a modular solution wherein you can apply or remove any features or functions anytime. 20+ optional features inspired by various food apps are available with us. 
  5. Well versed in both native and hybrid app development. We analyze your requirements, target markets and suggest the best development process.

Final say!

From my experience, I confidently say that the Kuwait market is the best place to start a food delivery app like Talabat or carriage. Some space is still left in the market for affordable food service.

You tweak the basic business and revenue model of the food app to add innovative stuff and then enter the market. SpotnEats team are receptive to innovations and make your ideas into reality.

For further details about us, please send an email to [email protected]. We are looking forward to partner with you!  

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