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Decorating the room has become the favorite hobby for the many teenagers and young adults out there. When it comes to the decoration of the bedroom or living area, decor lights are important things. These decor lights ensure adequate illumination and offer full light coverage to the room.

These decor lights come in various sizes and colors with the brightness adjusting option. Therefore the users are able to adjust the brightness according to their peace. The industrial expectations on the decor lights were high in the upcoming period. This shows the demand for new decor light delivery service startups.

  • The global market survey on the decor lighting industrial size was valued at 34.6 billion USD  in 2018. It is also expected to expand at 3.0% of CAGR in the forecasting period of 2019 to 2024.

If you’re willing to start an on-demand delivery business, then decor light delivery service startup will be the right choice to gain revenue in the upcoming period. In an online decor light delivery business, features are more important to improve the service to gain the customer’s attention and expectations. 

Metrics To Be Considered For A Perfect Online Decor Lights Delivery Startup

There are a number of options to enhance the online decor light delivery business but to enrich the decor light delivery service startup. The app for decor light delivery must have required key-features to improve the delivery service and make online decor light delivery business more reliable.

  • Access to data – When the app for decor light delivery gives access to more decor lights and service providers, then the customers will be easily get adapted to your decor light delivery service startup. Access to the data brings the interest among the customers and makes their choice quickly with the detailed information on each product.
  • Multi-payment integration – On-demand app solution gives comfort to the users to place the orders at the same time, and makes sure the app for decor light delivery gives the same comfort for the payment too. Many users are now preferring direct cash and few online payments bring both the payable option in the online decor light delivery business.
  • Tracking delivery status – Letting the customers know about their delivery status will improve the service quality quickly. Therefore, make the delivery status as a real-time tracking option, this will let the customers to track and monitor their orders easily in real-time. This feature will reduce the waiting time of the customers.
  • Service review option –  To filter the quality service providers and delivery agents in the online decor light delivery business, this feature comes as a handy solution for the admin. You as an admin can check the customer’s review on each order flawlessly to make the instant changes in the decor light delivery service startup.

These are a few of the features that will gradually improve the online decor light delivery business shortly. There are many more features to increase service quality. The suitable home decor delivery app places an important role in the decor light delivery service startup revenue growth. In SpotnEats you’re able to get all amenities at a reasonable price. 

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SpotnEats eye-catching on-demand delivery app solution

SpotnEats is an application-based solution that has been developed and enhanced with the latest technology at present in the market. Though our application solution is pre-developed, the entrepreneurs are able to get their service quickly according to their startup demands and feature requirements.

SpotnEats decor light delivery app solutions have the necessary key-features to improve the delivery service and enrich the dealer’s service to improve the customer’s experience with an app solution. Our online decor light delivery business is adaptable for both the business models as follows.

  • online decor light delivery business aggregator model – This is considered as the traditional business model with application support for an online presence. In this business model, the service providers are able to get visibility online and able to get orders from the customer’s through an application. Your app solution acts as a third party helper to the service providers who have been linked with your decor light delivery app solution. The customers are able to check the service providers, listed decors, rate and review, pricing, and offers. The delivery service should be taken care of by the service providers. 
  • online decor light delivery business with logistic support – in this business model the service providers will get the logistics support. This business model will be more beneficial for small scale businesses. You as an admin will be giving them the full delivery support to the dealers fruitfully. With the help of this business model, the customers are able to track the service in real-time and let them know about their service arrival. The customers are able to view and verify their booked orders from the service provider’s acceptance to dropping. This is considered as a highly profitable business model.

By now,  I hope that you might have decided on your decor light delivery service startup business model. As I mentioned above, our app for decor light delivery is more flexible which is adaptable for both the business model. By joining your hands with us, lets you increase the service efficiency easily.

Other than the business model, we have also made the app for decor light delivery more attractive. This helps you to cover the end player’s attention easily and the interfaces have developed with the required features to enrich the service as well as to develop the online decor light delivery business profit easily.

Actable revenue schemes of SpotnEats delivery business model 

Commission on each order 

The commission charge can be charged from each of your service providers. This commission percentage on each order can be fixed by you as an admin before or after launching your service in the region. The commission fare will be automatically credited from the service provider on each order that takes place in your application. 

In build service promotion 

Most of the service providers won’t get visibility when there are a bunch of other big service providers in your application service platform. Therefore, this revenue scheme is for those service providers who want more orders and get benefited from the service visibility. The service provider has to pay the fare for the in-build advertisement. 

Order’s drop fare 

In online decor light delivery business, other than the commission and promotion cost. The admin can also get benefited from the delivery fare too. This delivery fare commission can also be fixed by the admin either 10% to 20% of each delivery of the orders. This delivery fare commission will be charged by the customer’s who place the orders.

Most of the decor light delivery app solutions, won’t let the admin or the entrepreneurs gain the full revenue due to the poor development of the application. In the SpotnEats app for decor light delivery, you’re able to gain the full profit without any loss of revenue easily and quickly from the starting of the service. 

Final say 

The industrial survey shows the demand for the online decor light delivery business, by upgrading the decor light delivery service startup with the right app solution will improve the service efficiency quickly. In SpotnEats decor light delivery app solution you’re able to get the best service and support according to your demands.

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