SpotnEats Top Hacks to Effectively Onboard your Food Delivery App Service in the New Norm Market

Attracting and keeping the users engaged is the toughest task for the growing food delivery app service. Even, it is an important thing to be considered as an entrepreneur to keep up the service at the top of the on-demand space. Many startup owners fail at this point, as per the market analysis, 75% of the people are used to quitting the food delivery service in the first 25 days itself.

It doesn’t matter how hard we work to build an online food delivery platform or the amount you have invested to build an enriched app. If the food delivery app on-boarding flow is sturdy, then the app bounce rate will be increased and hard to build the brand visibility in the market. With the proper food delivery app onboarding, the user’s retention rate will be increased and chances to gain high revenue.

This article helps the young entrepreneurs in the food delivery sector to make their users fall in love with the right onboarding process. And additionally, you get to know about how we at SpotnEats hacks efficient onboarding tactics. 

Tactics for End-user Onboarding in Food Delivery App

Food delivery app onboarding is a crucial thing to establish the user’s interest and improve their experience while using your service. In other words, the food delivery onboarding process helps the users to guide and educate them about the service along with the benefits of using your service. 

3 common highlighted onboarding things expected from the end-players in a food delivery app as follows, 

  1. Collection of Data – As restaurant owners, they will be seeking a good data collection option to collect their user’s orders and trace restaurant sales growth. 
  2. Highlighting the Promotions – At the same time, the restaurants also need to deliver special offers and discounts to their users in a timely manner. 
  3. Simplified Navigation – As delivery agents, they will be seeking better navigation in the app and to reach the ordered customer’s doorstep only if the proper location details exist in the app itself. 

These 3 are the major onboarding tactics that to be considered to keep up the user’s engaged with your food delivery service. 

How SpotnEats Follow Onboarding Tactics in Food delivery App Development?

The right onboarding process improves the user’s engagement time and highlights the benefits of using your food delivery app solution. By taking those things into consideration, we at SpotnEats build the best onboarding strategy for enhancing the entrepreneur’s food delivery service with the following three types of onboarding,

  • Improving the User’s Conversion – To improve the user’s lives in your food delivery service, we have included the method to boost up the conversional rate by integrating the appropriate features. This helps you to keep the users active in your service. 
  • App Functional Transparency – Helps the users to check on the functions of the app easily without any issue. This allows them to get used to all the features without any doubt, and the widget makes them understand the interface easily.
  • Reduced Complex Workflow – Our developers get into progressive onboarding to reduce the complex workflow of the food delivery service. This makes the user’s interaction with the food delivery solution improves and chances to navigate to the checkout process quickly.

Our developers take these three things into consideration while building the on-demand food delivery app solution. We take those onboarding to the integration of the features, which makes the users be active in the app.

Top 5 Hacks for Efficient Onboarding and Increase Revenue

  • Encouraging Pop-up Notifications – Enabling the pop-up notification makes the customers and other players be active with their service. This one of the features helps the end-users to be engaged with the food delivery service to improve the conversion rate.
  • Efficient Customer Management – Helps the restaurant owners to manage their customer’s data efficiently with the possible metrics on their interface. With this feature integration, the restaurant owner can manage all the data digitally and generate the results timely. 
  • On-time Offers and Discounts Updates – Highlighting the offers and discounts will gain the user’s attention easily. One such feature will be a handy tool for the restaurant owners to make their service visible in the market. 
  • Secured Location Access – GPS navigation is one of the popular mapping tools that help people to navigate to their destination. In our food delivery app, we have integrated the GPS with the latest tech stack that enhances the navigation process.
  • Simplified Sign-up Process – The onboarding process should be simple and fast, thereby we have integrated the social media integration with the food delivery app. This allows the users to activate their profile with their social media accounts. 


A good onboarding requires the right mixture of the professional market analyzer and experienced developers to make things into one well-developed food delivery app like UberEats. One such thing can be easily acquired from SpotnEats, we are offering valuable food delivery software for young entrepreneurs to build their dream venture in the on-demand space.

Want to give a new onboarding experience to your end-users? Then reach us today with your demands, either by filling the form or dropping a mail at [email protected] will help us to reach you ASAP. 

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