Types of On-Demand Delivery Services That Gained Popularity in Industrial Sectors

Decades before throwing a party or an event at our destination, we started to prepare a delicious homemade meal for the people who have been gathered for the party. When we decided to have a big party, we started to reach the restaurant to place the bulk order for the meal to be delivered. And keep waiting for the delivery.

Later, telephones have become a common thing that everyone holds on daily usage. After the telephone usage increased, we started to place the bulk orders through the calls. But today, with the help of a mobile app solution we are able to place bulk or single orders easily and can track the order in real-time. 

But these on-demand delivery business models are not only designed and developed for the food delivery service. In the current market, the on-demand delivery business model is applicable to many services. In this blog, you will be gaining knowledge about the different types of on-demand delivery services that gain high popularity today.

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Different types of on-demand delivery services in the market that gain high revenue

  • Food Delivery – Food delivery service is the most popular on-demand delivery service in the market. That has a huge revenue in the market and it is also projected to reach US$136,431m by the end of this year 2020. As the increasing demand for the food delivery service brought a huge need for the new players in the market. By getting into the market with a well-developed app you can win a place in the competitive market for sure.
  • Grocery Delivery – As the demand for food delivery is high, on the other side the things that are required to prepare the meal quickly are also high in the current market. The online grocery delivery services are expected to show a growth rate of CAGR of 29% and revenue of $ 631.84 billion during 2020-2024. Grocery has become an essential thing and as the working population increases, the direct shopping trend has been decreased. Taking the grocery store to the consumer’s door will increase the profit higher than before.
  • Alcohol Delivery – Everyone loves to have some beer or wine at home after long working hours. Getting out of trouble on a busy day will make us feel down without a boost of drinks. Therefore this brought the need for alcohol delivery service in the market and raised the revenue value of the alcohol in the market. The online alcohol delivery service connected with the beer, wine, and liquor industry in the US, and it is worth a $983 million industry.
  • Pharmacy Delivery – getting a quick cure for our illness will gradually heal our health and make us get active in the upcoming days. But in between the working hours or in a busy schedule, we aren’t able to reach the pharmacy and get the medicines. This brings the online pharmacy for those people in the industry. The online pharmacy is expected to reach a value of $121.560.0 million by the end of 2027. The worth of building an online pharmacy will be the right choice for entrepreneurs who want to taste their success quickly.
  • Flower Delivery – A good smell flower will improve our day and help us to gloom the entire day. Greeting or attending an event without flowers won’t be acceptable. The flower has become an essential thing to attract the people around us. Getting the flowers directly from our home or gifting the flower to our loved ones at home has been possible with a flower delivery service. The online flower delivery service is expected to expand the revenue range of CAGR 18.1% during the forecast period. Getting into the market now will be the right choice.
  • Water Can Delivery – Water has become an essential thing to keep our body hydrated therefore taking more water will improve our health daily. But during long trips or in the middle of the road, we aren’t able to get the water for our needs. Here, by implementing the cost in the water can deliver business, you can easily gain high revenue and get branded soon in the market.
  • Bakery Delivery – treating ourselves after a heavy breakfast or lunch will increase the taste buds. Baking products are highly demanded in the market and this brought the doorstep delivery service. The baking products industrial survey was projected to show a growth of 3.2% CAGR in between the period of 2019 to 2025. If you’re already owning a baking retail store then take it to the next level with an online baking delivery service.

Before deciding about your startup, please take a look at the upcoming on-demand delivery business model. This will help you to make the right decision as per your regional market demand and helps you to increase the revenue. 

The three major categories in the On-demand delivery business model 

For an example I have listed out the delivery business model based on the restaurant, which is also applicable for other services too. 

Type-1 Aggregator business model 

Aggregator business model is also familiarly known as the mediator. This aggregator business model actually works as a mediator for the service provider and the service consumer. With help of this business model, you can connect many local restaurants with the consumers to place the order. 

Four players are involved in this business model as follows

  1. Meal delivery seekers, 
  2. Local restaurants,
  3. Admin’s centralized dashboard,
  4. Third-party delivery agents.

The local restaurant getting access to this business model, helps them to take their service to the next level by upgrading their menu log in a digital platform to reach the consumers and take the order directly from the online. At the same time, the connected restaurant has to pay a commission charge for each order and delivery that takes place in this business model. 

Type-2 New delivery business model 

This business model is similar to the aggregator business model. In this, the restaurant owners or the service providers get benefited from the logistics support from the admin. The admin will provide a delivery agent service to pick up and drop the placed order on their platforms. The admin will take the entire responsibility for the delivery service. 

In this business model, you will be attaining the same four interfaces as mentioned below 

  1. Food delivery seekers,
  2. Local restaurants,
  3. Admin’s centralized dashboard,
  4. Admin’s delivery agents.

The admin will get compensation for the delivery service from both end-players (service providers and service seekers). Therefore, the entire delivery charge won’t be collected from the service providers like that of the aggregator delivery business model. UberEats is a familiar delivery business model, where the restaurant owners will be getting the double benefit by building partnerships with it. 

Type-3 Full-serviced on-demand delivery business model 

Here, to meet the consumers quickly and fulfill their expectations, in this business model there is no third-party involvement. This business model is entirely taken by the admin or the restaurant owner. The restaurant owner will act as an admin and he can link his chained restaurant to build visibility across the seas. 

The four application interfaces that take place in this business model are 

  1. Restaurant owner’s centralized dashboard, 
  2. Restaurant order taking app, 
  3. Meal seeker’s app, 
  4. Restaurant delivery agents.

For example, this business model is like that of the top brand dominos and KFC. where the entire restaurant or the service will take the whole responsibility for their service in the market. In this service, they have to hire their own in-staff delivery agents to keep up the delivery time quicker for a timely delivery.

Here, in SpotnEats you can expect all these three business models at an affordable price. We SpotnEats provide a customized app solution as per the client’s business demand. Therefore, you’re able to run your on-demand delivery service as you have planned in the market and get branded soon with our app solution. 

Attractive features you can expect in the SpotnEats on-demand delivery business model 

  • Eye-catching Service Listing – This helps the service providers to gather the consumers to their service easily. 
  • Speedy Order Acceptance Status – the service provider can quickly accept the order from the consumers and the status will be automatically updated to the users. 
  • Multiple Choices for Flexibility – We provide multiple feature options to simplify the ordering and delivery process of your service. 
  • Make it happen now or later – This feature option helps the users to make their decision and book it as they are in need of it. 

Reach us today to take your business to the next level with the help of the right on-demand delivery app solution, that is exactly applicable to your business demands. We are ready to help you with your business by providing the right app solution. By filling the below form you can reach us today.

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