Welcome 2020 with AI in SpotnEats Food Delivery Clone App

Want to earn more money within a short period from your comfort place by investing some dollars? Then you’re on the right track keep reading this blog and I’m sure that you’re going to taste the flavor of success as a young entrepreneur. 

Artificial Intelligence catching the attention of the food industry by giving 100% comfort and happiness to the customers. AI is an ongoing process it will learn from our day to day activities or the options we are choosing. Here we are introducing Artificial Intelligence in your food delivery app by SpotnEats. Before going to the working process of AI in Your food delivery app let me introduce you to the SpotnEats.

What is SpotnEats Food Delivery Clone App?

SpotnEats allows you to start your own food delivery business similar to Ubereats, Swiggy, Food Panda, Zomato and etc. We aid you, entrepreneurs by creating a clone app exact like Ubereats and Food Panda.

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Why you should choose a Food Delivery clone app?

Have ever heard from the developer, how long it will take to create a perfect app with all the features it will take more time than you think. They cost as per days or hrs. To start a business at first we think smart to act quickly. Food delivery clone app is an exact copy of the Food delivery app.

So that you no need of any technical knowledge if you require any changes to be made or want to add some features it can be done within a few days with us, our team will assist you in all cases. Like other food delivery app, yours also has four integrations but the unique in your app is Artificial intelligence. Keep reading to know more about your food delivery app and its features.


There are four integrations as listed below.

  1. Customer app (IOS and Android)
  2. Delivery app (IOS and Android)
  3. Restaurant panel
  4. Admin panel

Features in Your food delivery app

Let me list the features in all four integrations

In Customer app

  • Multiple ways to browse the foods and the nearest restaurant.
  • Able to check the full details of the restaurant and their menus.
  • Users are able to browse their history.
  • Instant notifications will pop up once the food is packed and taken from the restaurant.

 In Delivery app

  • Instant notification when the customer ordered their food.
  • The delivery person can able to switch his status to offline or online to pick his order.
  • Live update about the restaurant food process.
  • Automatically track the customer’s location. 
  • He can able to manage his orders and earnings easily.

In Restaurant panel

  • Open and close timing can be fixed.
  • Easily access the orders and able to view the order history.
  • Live tracking of the food delivery person.
  • Able to update the offers 24*7.
  • Able to fix the price for packing

In Admin panel

  • The Dashboard is the default option for the admin easy for quick access.
  • Can able to manage both customers and delivery persons.
  • Growth notification use to check your growth as per day or week or month.

These are common features like other apps. Now let’s get into the 3 AI features available in your food delivery app.

  1. Mood selector when the customer opens the app there will be a pop appears as asking your mood of the day and foods are suggested as per that. It will suggest the food next time according to the foods you had ordered as per your moods.
  2. Sorting of foods – it sorts the food according to your orders history.
  3. Decision making – if you doubt to choose which restaurant or food, the AI technology used in the app will help you to make the decisions.

So these are the three AI features of your food delivery app. Let me explain about the working process

  • At first, the person who needs to order the food has to download the app and fill the following details to continue with your service.
  • Once the above process is done a pop-up notification will display you have to choose your mood of that day. So that it can learn about your mood and suggest the foods accordingly.
  • If your a regular user of this app it will suggest your food according to that day’s special and help you to make decisions too.
  • Next after placing order, you have to choose the payment method online banking or COD.
  • Once the order is placed it will alter the restaurant where you have ordered your food
  • Next, it will also notify the nearby food delivery man to take the food when it is prepared and packed.
  • You as an admin can able to check the growth and your daily commissions accordingly. 

Since we SpotnEats provide you with full service and our app will be user-friendly and has good looks to impress your customers and the restaurant. The food industry growing faster you can select this for your business to earn billions of dollars. Addition info for a young entrepreneur you can also able to make your app Native.

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Final say

By now you would have the idea about the AI feature in your food delivery app and our SpotnEats solution. We are looking to engage with enthusiastic entrepreneurs to launch our product.

To get more details and queries about SpotnEats, tap a message to [email protected]. We are available 24/7 to cater to your needs.

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