Foodpanda Clone Script from SpotnEats for Your Restaurant Business Venture

Why Do You Need a Foodpanda Clone Script to Launch Your Restaurant Business Venture?

Foodpanda Clone Script from SpotnEats for Your Restaurant Business Venture

As the growth of the on-demand food delivery business revenue and brand visibility increases, entrepreneurs started to print their footsteps in it. Building an app like Foodpanda and other top brands applications are quite tough and consume time. By choosing a clone version of it will reduce the time and gives you an enriched solution.

Foodpanda clone is an exact look-alike of the most coveted Foodpanda food app. This clone solution is used by small-time restaurateurs and on-demand food entrepreneurs to get the look and feel of Foodpanda. SpotnEats is one of the top developers of this on-demand food app solution and the point here is that we built our solution using a bottom-up approach.

If you are an existing restauranteur or a person looking to enter the on-demand food delivery market, then you will rethink your decision about the food app solution at the end of this blog. I have mentioned various reasons for using the Foodpanda clone for your restaurant venture and that too from SpotnEats.

Benefits of SpotnEats Foodpanda Clone App

Some may feel that my claim of using Foodpanda like solution SpotnEats to be a bit hollow, so here are some points to uphold my claim.

  • Uber Eats, Foodpanda, etc are technology-driven startups. Their main USP is their app’s GPS navigation. Our solution has this feature. The customer can view the delivery person’s position on his smartphone. Another hand, the delivery agent tracks the customer’s address using the map in the app and avoids hassles.
  • Building your app solution from scratch using your own resources will end up with a very high cost. But our SpotnEats app is already built and has the flexibility to modify. So the cost of our solution is affordable and takes a few days to get there.
  • Extraordinary Ideas from you are welcome. Our skilled developer’s team and project managers will discuss the feasibility and incorporate it into our clone app. Doing this in a newly built app is difficult.
  • The admin web panel of ours works fine even with high traffic around the clock. Also, some of the tools in our admin panel app are unique to us. We designed it to suit any geographical position. Inventory management, offline order, etc are some of our add-on features.
  • On-demand apps need constant change according to the trend in the software market and feature addition/removal. This is possible only if we have a long-term commitment with our clients and we do it with much ease. Our after-sales assistance is something you can look out for.

On-demand food delivery app like Foodpanda have helped people to start a food delivery business from home. This impact brought many new firms into the on-demand food delivery industry. If you’re wishing to be an entrepreneur and succeed in 2021 then you must consider on-demand food delivery ventures. Let me share how our app works.

How Our Foodpanda Clone App Works?

The Foodpanda clone app like Foodpanda has four interfaces like the customer mobile app, delivery agent app, restaurant web app, and admin web app.

  • The customer downloads the app, registers all the necessary details along with the address, marks the location on the map, and browses the menu from listed restaurants and eateries.
  • Filters are available to curate the searching option. Liked menus are added to the cart. The user can state any specific messages to the restaurants.
  • Select a payment option and pay securely. The restaurant or web admin can specify the mode of payment.
  • The restaurant then gets a notification of the order and the food preparation starts. Notification is also sent to nearby delivery agents.
  • The user can track the order right from the point where the delivery person picks the order.
  • The delivery agent tracks the address in the delivery agent mobile app and precisely delivers the order at the doorstep. The estimated time of arrival of the order is notified to the user in real-time.

The flexibility of the App

Our SpotnEats food delivery app can be used for two purposes: 

  • One as a standalone online food delivery app for your restaurant or eatery. 
  • The second is to use it as an online marketplace for restaurants in your region. 

We designed the app in such a way to accommodate any of both practice and modifications regarding this will be finalized during our pre-development discussion.

Exciting Features of the App

Customer App Features

The customer can select the menu more easily by using an advanced filter and search options.

  • Push Notifications – The user will get push notifications in real-time after the food is ordered.
  • E-wallet – The user can combine the e-wallet with the food app payment system.
  • Customer Support – Any grievances faced by the user can be addressed by the in-app chat feature.

Delivery Agent App Features

  • Route Optimization – While assigning a delivery agent, the app picks the nearest possible agent using algorithms. Also, the fastest possible route is shown in the delivery person app while food delivery.
  • Commission and Incentive Tracking – The delivery agent can track his commission and incentives after every order in the app itself. An in-app chat feature is also present.

Restaurant Web Panel

The restaurant admin shall manage not only online orders but also other functions in the restaurant like 

  • One-stop Management – Inventory, Offline Order, Menu Management, Payroll, etc.
  • Sales Report – Analyse reports to find the area of improvement.
  • Accept/Reject Request – The restaurant can accept or reject the order request based on availability. 

Admin Web App Panel

  • Report Generation – All kinds of reports based on sales, menus, restaurants, region, demographics, and daily sales can be analyzed. Sophisticated tools are also present to do some computations.
  • Reviews and Ratings – Each and every ratings and review for the delivery and restaurant can be viewed instantly. Suggestions can be sent to the delivery person and restaurant from the admin dashboard.

Technology and Server Requirement

SpotnEats food app is available in both Android and iOS versions. We have the knack that builds the app using both native and hybrid technology. After the app is made live, our project manager will assist the clients with server selection and deployment.

Advantages of SpotnEats

  • Testing of the app is done in multiple phases on multiple platforms to ensure the app works smoothly in any circumstances.
  • Long-term maintenance of the solution even after deployment. Constant app updates, suggestions on technology, the latest trends are sent frequently.
  • Three levels of discussion are made with clients before finalizing the design and features of the food app.
  • Restaurant management systems can also be integrated into the restaurant web panel on request.

Final Say

I hope you have had a good idea of using a food delivery app clone for your next venture and also about SpotnEats. The features list for each interface mentioned above is not exhaustive and more like them wait for you. Just tap mail anytime to [email protected] and have a chat with our executives. 

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Now we are in the process of incorporating the latest advances and designs in the food delivery app solution. So, you have every reason to choose us. Let us, partner, together and launch a wonderful food app for your startup and make big strides in the on-demand industry.

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