Why React Native Framework is the Ideal Selection for SpotnEats Grocery App Development

One of the big essentials for people’s life is mobile applications and they acted as virtual helpers to the customers to fill a wide range of needs in real-time. Online shopping is a big answer to all the purchase-related queries. Grocery delivery application is the viable option for the users to do grocery shopping from multiple stores from anywhere and anytime. 

Why React Native Framework is the Ideal Selection for SpotnEats Grocery App Development

For a single grocery store or multiple grocery shops, the owner faced a lot of management issues via manual-based management. To overcome such issues, they switch over to online platforms to monitor all the activities seamlessly and provide high-quality delivery services to the customers. 

The well-crafted interconnected platform between store owners and the customers say on-demand grocery delivery application is the most-needed one to elevate the workflow on the basis of market trends and customer behavior in the market. The online shopping app had better fame prior to the pandemic crisis. Now, it turns to be a global trend in advanced ways. 

One of the major critical things is the framework selection for the online grocery shopping application and it must be a standard one. The top frameworks that are highly involved in the grocery app development are react native and flutter. 

Among them, the selection of react native, and the top five reasons for it are discussed in this blog. Further, how SpotnEats assists you to launch the fruitful on-demand grocery delivery business with the most needed framework is also discussed. 

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Pandemic Influence: Online Grocery Delivery Attain Peak Limits

Due to the virus outbreak, panic states that makes the users buy more things beyond the required level. The increase in things increases the sales value unpredictably for the grocery shop owners. The top things that have a specific rise are food and beverages, health and personal care items, etc. 

Still, there is fear in the customer’s heart that restricts them to go outside and purchase what they need. This situation brings a positive direction for the growth of the grocery industry and brings more orders to the business models. The e-grocery platforms available in the market like BigBasket recorded the daily user rate as 40000 during this global pandemic period. 

  • As per the data experts, the online grocery grabs the 2.8% sales increase percentage with the use of grocery shopping apps. The research report from the eMarket predicted that the number of online grocery shoppers in 2018 is 18 million and it is estimated to reach 30 million at the end of 2020. 
  • The big outbreak due to Covid-19 brings specific growth to the grocery delivery market. Between February to March, the top-giant pliers like Walmart, and shipt increase user engagement. 
  • A forecast report on grocery delivery sales is predicted that the revenue value is approximated to reach 29.7 bn USD in the year 2021. 
  • From the analysis report of the Business Insider, it is observed that the overall sales value of online grocery delivery to be reached at 117 bn USD in 2023. 

In addition to these wonderful economic growth, there are some certain challenges that also exist in the market. Overwhelming those also needed one to make the entire grocery as the profitable one in the market. The top challenges are listed as follows:

Business model changes-To avoid physical contact, the mobile app-based payment models are getting familiar. Also, the customers feel hesitant to stand in the long queue and avoid crowded grocery stores in real-time. These scenarios initiate the need for the online grocery delivery business models rather than store-based purchases. 

Supply Chain Management: The poor supply-chain management interface is the big reason for the customers to switch over from one to another who offers better supply-chain management. 

Limited Workforce: Right from the order collection to the delivery, the manual-operations are getting a failure. People focused on contactless options and hence the workforce is a limited one. 

Transition in Customer Behavior: One of the biggest challenges observed in the on-demand grocery delivery industry is the drastic changes between demand and search behavior. Compared to customer behavior in 2018, the dinner count is now increased from 3.8 to 6 weekly. In such situations, the shoppers are unable to find 40% of the grocery items even during store visits. 

The top challenges listed above that turn the grocery delivery app as the essential ones to make the delivery business as familiar in the market. For the perfect grocery app development, the framework selection is the preliminary option. SpotnEats uses the React Native framework for app development due to various metrics. Identification of them is helpful for efficient development. 

Top 5 Reasons to Select React Native Framework for Grocery App Development

Generally speaking, the React Native framework is the dedicated one for cross-platform app development and this will be helpful for the developers to write the code in a comfortable manner with the JavaScript library. The pinpoint features for the react native framework as the most needed platform for the on-demand mobile app development are listed as follows. 

  • Code applicability to other platforms
  • Flexible transformation of the web to a mobile responsive application
  • Efficient delivery of the personalized UX 
  • Successful MVP implementation. 

Also, there are certain reasons for React Native framework selection and they are listed as follows. 

Platform Compatibility

The specific mention of the react-native framework selections is the platform compatibility or cross-platform support where the code is written in one language and it can be easily run on the various platforms like Android, iOS, etc. 

To prove the efficiency of react native application, the major proficiencies observed are javascript development, app user interfaces, and better APIs. etc in react native framework. 

Faster Development

Due to their scalability and agility, the react native framework provides a seamless working experience to the users. Without any compromise in quality, the react native framework supports app development as fast at an affordable rate. The cost reduction by adapting  react native framework is observed as 70%. 

Easy Transit from Web to Mobile 

The modular and intuitive nature of the react-native framework allows simple reuse of the code and provide the update for two platforms. This frame selection is also used to identify and correct the bugs easily. 

Easy-to-Implement MVP Features 

Because of the single code, the chances for bugs are less and the implementation of MVP is in an easy way. For the new startup, the react native framework is the fruitful option for MVP implementation. 

Successful Personalization

Using the React native framework, personalized UX is the possible one and implementation of custom styles as per the customer or business needs is completed successfully. For the single react native framework structure, the split-up of native code, framework code is possible and hence the entire application can be customized according to business preferences. 

Supportive Framework for 3-rd Party Plugins

Usually, the third party plugin doesn’t need any special functions for web-view and operation. The linking of this plugin with the native model via React native framework assures the guarantee of the following things: fast operation, feasible memory management, and error-free running. 

Due to the above-mentioned metrics, the React-native framework is the best selection framework and it drives the grocery app development in the right direction. SpotnEats took this framework for on-demand grocery app development and applies any customization as per the business needs accordingly. 

How SpotnEats Assist You To Launch React Native-Based Grocery App Development?

The unawareness of the modern business needs and the current trends make the new grocery startup owners stick on tech-stack selection. In the same way, the experienced players also faced the issues while integrating the multiple grocery stores into a single domain and delivering instant high-quality services to the customers.

SpotnEats is the perfect partner for them to launch the grocery delivery business with the most-efficient metrics. The implementation of the SpotnEats via the react-native framework supports multiple genres in the grocery delivery industry. They are shortly illustrated as follows;

Subscription Boxes

By allowing the subscription box feature inside the app model, the customers can have fresh products directly from the farm itself. This allows the grocery store owners to tie-up with the farmers and enables multi-dimensional partnership. Since this is one of the attractive customizations, the react native framework is the feasible option. 

Unique Features Inclusion

As per the customer’s purchasing behavior and competitiveness, the unique features included in the trendy one to make the grocery delivery business stand out in the market. Smart search, scheduled delivery, social interaction platform, smart payment module integration are the top specific options. Including those into the grocery delivery app highly demands to react native framework. 

Monetization Strategies 

Revenue making strategies are highly essential for grocery shop owners. Based on the number of orders, membership, high-price products, and the busy-hours delivery charges, the monetization strategies implemented within the app adds the extra-revenue to the service providers. 

Summing Up

Building the adaptive grocery delivery business model highly demands the customization process, platform support, and the transformation of the web to mobile apps. To make it happen effectively, the selection of a react-native framework is the preliminary option. 

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The top reasons listed in this blog bring the necessary clearances on framework selection. With the help of SpotnEats, the launch of a unique-grocery delivery business via advanced application is possible. Get more details on framework and tech-stack selection from our technical expert by sending queries to [email protected]

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