Build an UberEats Like App to Start a Fast-growing Business in 2021

If you like to order food online, you’ve probably come across UberEats. UberEats is a leading food delivery service in the on-demand market today, created by Uber, the pioneers in the online taxi business. UberEats, which was founded in 2014, offers a platform for people to order food from nearby restaurants via its app or website, as well as doorstep delivery. UberEats has a revenue of $251 crore as of 2021.

On-demand food delivery services had already established a well-established market for the industry due to the convenience and comfort they provided. However, with the outbreak of Coronavirus in 2020, online food delivery experienced rapid growth. Searches for “food delivery services” increased by 300 percent during this period, according to Google search data. During the lockdown, UberEats clone reports a 30% increase in the number of users who signed up for building food delivery services.

This blog aims to provide a comprehensive guide for developing such an app while keeping future market demands in mind. 

The success and popularity of UberEats have resulted in the creation of several food delivery apps. Developing a food delivery app such as UberEats necessitates meticulous planning as well as expert development and execution. Let see the procedures to develop your Uber-Eats like-app to start a fast-growing business in 2021.

Key Features to Develop UberEats Like App :

The UberEats app is divided into three sections: The Customer app, the Delivery agent app, and the Admin panel for restaurants. Let’s take a closer look at each of these sections.

Customer app; The customer app is the important portion in developing your UberEats like-app. The facilities and favorable that you are going to give in the customer app is the purpose of holding your customers for long-term usage. 

Customers can access UberEats via an iOS and Android app. It is very simple to begin ordering. Customers can browse restaurants and place orders by creating an account and signing in. The following are some of the customer app’s functional features:

  • It offers two ordering options to customers: real-time ordering and custom orders. Real-time ordering results in immediate delivery, whereas custom ordering allows customers to order ahead of time by specifying a delivery date, time, and address.
  • It allows customers to track their orders, including their location and estimated delivery time.
  • It provides customers with promo codes that they can use to get discounts on their orders.

Delivery agent app: The most powerful application is Delivery Agent, which includes features such as automatic assignment, dispatch management, live tracking, and real-time monitoring. It provides tools to efficiently manage all of your deliveries and pickups while also assisting you in generating daily reports and analytics via the app.

Delivery agents, like customers, have their mobile app. To become a part of the delivery service, they sign up and create an account. UberEats delivery agents are self-employed individuals who can set their working hours, duration, mode of delivery, and so on. The delivery is assigned based on the agent’s location and the speed with which the order is filled. The following are some of the key features of the delivery agent app:

  • An order management screen that displays order details such as pickup and delivery locations, contact numbers, and so on.
  • Provision for communicating with both restaurants and customers, as well as sending delivery updates.
  • A delivery history page that allows agents to track their deliveries.

Admin Panel for restaurants: An admin panel for restaurants is a must-have for restaurant mobile app development. After partnering with a food delivery platform can expand the delivery service. This helps you to manage the menu and the orders, restaurants make use of this admin panel. Here, the restaurants can update information such as their opening and closing time, contact information, etc. They use this interface also to update the pricing of items, changes in a menu based on the availability/unavailability of food, etc.

Food Delivery Apps, Such as UberEats, have a Monetization Strategy: 

UberEats generates revenue through three key monetization techniques.

  • Customers pay the following delivery fees:: Customers pay different delivery rates depending on the distance of delivery and the availability of delivery partners.
  • Restaurant commission fees: UberEats charges restaurants 15 percent to 40% of the total amount of each order they receive via the app. The percentage is determined by the restaurant’s market presence.
  • Restaurant advertisement fees: Restaurants pay an advertising charge to the website to appear in the top results of a search in the UberEats app.

Steps to Create UberEats Like App to Start a Fast-growing Business in 2021:

Uber takes up a lot of resources, so app development isn’t quick. The development of such an app entails many steps. So, if you want to build a good food delivery app like UberEats, It is critical to conduct analysis, prepare, and develop a well-defined framework that you can execute.

That’s where big giant companies like Uber clone play a major role in creating a flawless application that Startups and growing industries afford at a moderate cost. 

Examine the current business situation. You will only excel in making a unique app if you listen to the needs of the audience. So, before you begin developing a mobile app, research the latest developments in the online food industry. Investigate the rivals, including what they sell, how they compete, and whether or not their consumers are pleased. Determine what is currently lacking in the market and how your app will fill the void.

Choose a distribution method: Decide on the type of business model you want for your company. Depending on the model you chose, the app’s working strategy, architecture, monetization, and marketing will all change.

Select the appropriate technology: It’s important to choose the right technologies for your app’s implementation. The UberClone app has a good framework and has a consistent user experience. The following are some of the required technologies for an Uber-like app:

  • For restaurant listings, use the Grubhub API and the Foursquare API.
  • Stripe Payment gateways via PayPal
  • Registration. Google, iCloud, and social media
  • Google Maps is a service provided by Google. For spots, use Google Places.
  • Cloud messaging with Firebase, For push alerts, use Amazon SNS.

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Wrapping Up:

You might be wondering how to get started now that you’ve learned about all of the important aspects of developing a food delivery app like UberEats. Once you’ve figured out what you want to do, recruit mobile app developers to help you make it a reality. 

UberClone from SpotnEats has a  mobile app development company’s credibility, reliability, job experience, skills, interest, and support. 

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