On-demand delivery services occupy a huge area in the market in present times. People also can find it more convenient to order things online through mobile apps and get them delivered to their doorways.  Considering its vast development, starting up your new business in the delivery industry online will make you be a successful entrepreneur […]

If you like to order food online, you’ve probably come across UberEats. UberEats is a leading food delivery service in the on-demand market today, created by Uber, the pioneers in the online taxi business. UberEats, which was founded in 2014, offers a platform for people to order food from nearby restaurants via its app or […]

Delivery services are not a new business idea, it has evolved with the latest technology to be at the top of the market with the on-demand business model. So far, we have seen few food delivery business startups in our region. But, there are many more services that can be fit into the on-demand space […]

The on-demand delivery service sector is expanding rapidly in the market and many businesses are driving to boost sales with it. However, only a few of the startup entrepreneurs are succeeding in the industry with the desired revenue. According to industrial statistics, by the end of 2040 95% of shopping will be facilitated by an […]

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