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Can You Start a Meal Delivery Service from Home with an App?

The trend of home-based business is increasing rapidly worldwide. In the US alone more than 50% of all small businesses (nearly 51.6%) in the country are home-based businesses. The food industry is also witnessing many small-scale startups like food delivery service from home and others.

So, if you are an entrepreneur who is actively looking for a meal delivery service from your home, then you can participate in such a huge market as a significant part of an app solution. 

Through this blog, you can check out the details on the feasibility of food delivery app service from home business, its hardship, and how you can start homemade meal delivery services with the help of a food delivery application. 

Is it Possible to Start a Meal Delivery Service from Home?

Food delivery from the home kitchen is possible under some conditions. There are many kinds of business models here in the hotel and food processing industry. One of them is the food takeaway business. For the business model, there is no need for a dining facility. By following the business model you can establish and run an eatery startup. 

Alongside this, to maximize the profit you can provide the following kind of services to your customers. 

  • On-demand home cooked food delivery service,
  • Food delivery from home to office services, 
  • Cooking and catering services for special occasions, 
  • Online food delivery services, etc.

Through these kinds of services, you can attract and improve your loyal customer’s count for your eatery business. But to provide these, you need proper infrastructure. It includes things to cook, pack the food, and also deliver them. Before talking about such infrastructure, you have to be legally approved. That means, your food processing and preparing business must be endorsed by the official authorities. 

Legal Compliance for Food Delivery Services 

The main issues that have been faced by startups in recent days are legal compliance. To run an eatery business in any form, you must obtain a proper license. So, you can provide your service without hesitation and legal flaws. Proper licensing includes tax registration, food processing, and safety measurement, trading license, trademark registration, etc. 

The licensing process and documents will vary concerning the country you belong to. The second thing that should be noted while running an eatery, is agreement. In case you outsource any third-party delivery services to carry forward your foods, then your deal must be in letter format to ensure credible service and legal confirmation. 

Once your startup has been legally approved to do the delivery process you can establish your meal delivery business from your home. To provide the service, it must have the following infrastructures. 

Cloud Kitchen: Why is it a Perfect Solution?

To cook for a huge number of people the equipment that we used. So, it needs specialized equipment and a storage facility. In simple words, you need to have a professional kitchen set for your eatery business. 

Simply, you can call this infrastructure “Cloud Kitchen”. This kind of kitchen setup is a professional kitchen that includes all the things to run a restaurant. This concept is used by multiple restaurant chains to provide online food delivery to customers on time. 

For your home-based food delivery business, you can set the infrastructure within your premises to provide food delivery service. It can be easily licensed by having a little assistance from legal advisors or consultants. Through this cloud kitchen setup, you can provide all the services mentioned above. 

But there is another difficulty here in this business model; that is seeking the attention of the customers. It is why your eatery business hasn’t had a dining facility, it has a low capability of attracting customers. To avoid such risk in your business, you should have a potential alternative to get the customers. A food delivery application can do this for your business potentially. 

Food Delivery App Development: Can it Help you to Streamline Your Business?

A food delivery business can take your business to worldwide customers. Through the application, your customers can check the available food items in your takeaway service and their details. They can also order their foods through the application as well. 

Once they place the order, your kitchen manager can get a notification about the order and quantity. Then, he/ she intimates the staff of the kitchen to complete the food on time. After the food is prepared and ready to deliver, the manner intimate about the delivery to the delivery person through the application. 

The delivery person who accepts the delivery task, will arrive and take the food to deliver. The delivery person will reach the destination and drop off the order on time to your customer. Then the customers will rate and review the food delivery process and also the dishes through the food ordering application. 

All these processes have been done through four interfaces; the customer app, the delivery person app, the restaurant app, and the admin panel. 

Customer App (Food Ordering App)

Through this application, the customer can browse and find the best food from your home cooked food delivery service. 

  • To do that, it has powerful search tools like find, filter, sort, and select. 
  • The customers can manage their orders with multiple food items and quantities with an efficient virtual cart facility.
  • Once the order is placed, the customers can pay with multiple payment options.
  • They can track real-time progress updates with the progress bar. 
  • The customers can write their reviews and rating regarding the service and the food. 

Delivery Person App (Food Delivering App)

The application which has all the features to enhance the delivery process can be known as the delivery person application. 

  • It has the features of GPS to get the exact location of the customers to deliver the food. 
  • The delivery person can communicate with the customer or the admin by using an in-app communication facility.
  • The delivery person can update the progress through this application to maximize the transparency of the service. 
  • The real-time location of the delivery person can be monitored by the admin to ensure quality service. 
  • Once the delivery is completed, they can get their commission through an in-app wallet or third-party wallet integration. 

Restaurant App (For Manager)

It helps the manager of your restaurant/ kitchen to manage inventory, menu, and other food related data. 

  • Real-time food menu and availability management, 
  • The manager can update the food processing progress to ensure transparency, 
  • He/she can optimize the list of dishes and its variant at any time,
  • The manager can also optimize the price of the food and provide offers on the food items. 

Admin Panel 

This single platform has all the potential tools to manage and streamline the whole business.

  • User data analysis to get in-depth customer behavior,
  • Through this panel, you can organize in-app marketing campaigns,
  • You can take the upper hand in your food delivery service by having user management features. Through that, you can include or exclude any delivery person, manager, and customers. 

Besides this, multiple analytic tools can broaden your view of your business process. This will be the digital infrastructure that helps you to provide seamless homemade meal delivery services. Are you excited to get such an application to start online food delivery from home? Then, check the next part to get it in a simple process. 

Ready-made App Solution for Food Delivery Service from Home

Starting a home-based business is a good sign of success as nearly 70% of them get success in the last three years. All you need to do is, choose the right solution to build your infrastructure. 

Developing a custom application will be the best to get a tailored food delivery app for your homemade meal delivery services. But it costs you a lot. As a low-budget startup, it is hard to avail of it. So, you can choose the alternative which has an equal success rate to the custom app; that is ready-made app scripts. 

It is nothing but a pre-developed app solution that imitates other mobile applications that get success in the market of the same industry (Like UberEats, etc). But, by customizing the script you can ensure the uniqueness of your application. 

Such feasible solutions can be availed from SpotnEats. It has been distributing such legal and simple yet effective solutions for multiple businesses across the world for years. So, you can rely on us to deliver the ready-made food delivery app for your homemade meal delivery services, which is the best of its kind in the market. 


As per recent statistics, home-based businesses are generating USD 427 billion annually. So, a home-based business is one of the best startup plans to get success in the market. Food delivery from the home kitchen is one of the most demanded businesses in the food industry.

By having a ready-made food delivery application, you can provide online food delivery from home service efficiently. We, at SpotnEats are doing professional things to scale up your home cooked food delivery services with an operative food delivery app solution. 

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