How SpotnEats Food Delivery App Solution Aid for the Great Movement for Organic Foods with Farm-To-Table Concept?

A warm welcome to foodies. I think you are all searching for local and organic foods to ensure a healthy life. With the extensive usage of smartphones, coupled with the low-cost internet, accessing the information of organic food and their merits for a healthy life is very simple. People start moving to fresh organic foods and this is the reason for the growth of that industry.  

The way of reaching the food to your plate is a magical process and it is the best example for the supply chain. Farmers are a big source of production. Besides, the actors played in the supply chain model are processing centres, distribution centres, local retailers and hungry customers. With the rise of great customer expectations on organic food, the idea of collecting fresh food from the local farmers has now emerged as a new concept. This blog will give you a depth analysis of Farm-to-Table concept, workflow, the key factors for the success, and How SpotnEats food delivery script fit for the growth of this movement. If you are a foodie and interested in doing the perfect startup in the organic industry, this blog will definitely attract you. 

How SpotnEats Organic Food Delivery App Solution Fits for Farm to Table Concept?

What is Farm-to-Table?

The increasing expectations regarding the visibility of the source of the food and the quality in the customer side turn the food industry to the Farm-to-Table movement. Being the restaurant owners or the new venture creators, they must understand the incredible growth and popularity of the Farm-to-Table concept in recent years. 

Farm-to-Table movement is generally termed as the big social movement in restaurants where they collect the fresh ingredients from the local farmers through the extensive learning of production. The lifespan of the food products play a major role in running the restaurant. Providing fresh local and organic foods with the support of this concept, the brand level of restaurants is increased in the competitive market. In other words, the cost of the food is also important. But, the customers are willing to pay 12% more of the normal consumption, if the food is an organic one. Hence, this concept is fairly adaptable and grows consistently in future years. 

Is Farm-to-Table Really Works?

The connection between the food and the people is the simple definition for the Farm-to-Table concept and this was lost nowadays. Knowing the source of food and the person is an interesting thing in this concept. Due to the drastic development of on demand mobile applications, people ordering their food online. But, they are unaware of who produced this food and is it made by the natural ingredients. This issue is resolved in the Farm-to-Table concept and this also reestablishes the connection effectively. To assure the quality of the delivered foods to the customers, restaurants turned to apply the concept in addition to the following factors. 

  • Health Conscious

Recent studies showed that the customer expectations are now inclined to a healthier lifestyle. The survey reports also indicated that 93% of people need healthy food at least some time and 63% of people need healthy at all times. Farm-to-Table is not only regarded as the new trend and it becomes the way of living. Hence, if the restaurants offered the organically produced food means, then, they will get popularity immediately. 

  • Environmental Impact

Industrialization and food production companies are the major contributors to the greenhouse gases that affect the ecological balance heavily. By the local sourcing and the removal of the need for shipping out-of-season ingredients, the environmental impact is reduced. If the Farm-to-Table restaurants are doing that, then these businesses are increasingly grown in the market. 

  • Local Economy Boost

Consumption of packaged foods adding benefits to the large corporations. In contrast, ordering the foods from the restaurants where the ingredients are sourced from the local farms will support their own community growth. Nowadays, more people are starting to go on it.

With the above-listed factors, you know that the Farm-to-Table concept is fairly working in the present and future scenarios. As a grower with your own startup in the market, you must know the benefits of selling organic food to restaurants. Let’s discuss in the successive sessions. 

Key Insights on Farm-to-Table for Successful Food Industry

The direct dealing of the restaurant owners with the farmers make sure the money is going directly to the hands of the farmer. This helps for their individual growth and contributes to the local economy. Besides, some more key beneficiary points are added in selling the organic products to the restaurant owners. They are as follows:

  • Multidimensional Guarantee

The application of the Farm-to-Table concept is beneficial to both the restaurants and farmers. On the restaurant side, the delicious and fresh foods are delivered to the customer. Farmers get the recognition for their hard work and provide the guarantee business to the world.  

  • Time Efficient

Time management is a major factor in the food industry. Farmers need to ask the restaurant owners for meetings for the contracts and scheduling the weekly orders. Thereby, the processing of the food according to the client’s needs is a well-operated one.  Hence, the lack of food delivery to the clients on time is avoided. 

From there, you understand the necessity of Farm-to-Table concept for the successful restaurant business. But, if you look deeply, the Farm-to-Table lies in two dimensions, to the people and to the restaurants. Let’s have a detailed discussion on it prior to the development. 

How Farm-to-People / Farm-to-Restaurant Happens?

The priorities of the diners play a major role in Farm-to-Table concept as you already know. The partnering of local farmers with peoples enables the knowledge in farming and how the goods are produced. In the same way, partnering with the restaurants increase the economy even for small farms. 

  • Farm-to-People

With the help of email and mobile phones, people made the registration process on the website portal. After the registration, the foods sourced from the local farmers weekly are shown in box format. Customers select the box as per the wish and filter the rest through the customized window. After selection, the customers need to include their address. Finally, the fresh food products reached their doorstep effectively. 

  • Farm-to-Restaurant

With the extensive rise up of online portals, restaurant owners build a relationship with the new product farmers frequently in the local area. Restaurant owners privately made their registration on this portal and showcase the menu and how they are trying to include more Farm-to-Table concepts for their brands. From the showcase, the local farmers have the ability to cultivate the products prior and deliver the ingredients on time. One more thing in this partnership is to put up the special page in their online portal to show you are serving the locally grown food. 

Upon the above description, you know the working of Farm-to-Table in both customer as well as the restaurant side. To build these types of linking, a suitable interface is required in real-time. We SpotnEats act as the perfect interface and supports Farm-to-Table concept for the successful growth of the local economy. 

How SpotnEats fit for the Farm-to-Table concept to make the movement for organic foods?

SpotnEats allows you to start your own startup to deliver healthy foods to the customers and participate in the grand movement of the organic food industry. SpotnEats exactly acts as the middleman between the restaurant owners/customers and the farmers. The following points stated how the SpotnEats fits into the Farm-to-Table concept. 

  • Flexible Listing

The major key factor for the Farm-to-Table concept is offering local foods. So, the SpotnEats provide the ability of changes in the menu either on a regular basis or weekly basis on the customer side. This also provides a flexible listing of the fresh products on the farmer side. Restaurant owners participated in this interface means, they also have the ability to showcase the local processing foods according to the client’s needs. So acquiring SpotnEats solution for your startup provides the best experience to all clients. 

  • Tracking

With SpotnEats solution, you are allowed either restaurant owner and the customer to track their orders from the farmer’s side. The provision of live updates helpful for making the food processing decisions effectively. 

  • Pricing Management

This feature allows the Farmers to decide their own price for the food products. This ensures the guaranteed money is arrived at the hands of farmers and enhances the local people’s growth. 

Well, The Farm-to-Table concept with the aid of SpotnEats transforms the entire industry to organic. Since the movement is observed in recent years, this is the right time for your startup. Make use of the right time without fail. 

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Wrapping up

The implications on the application of the Farm-to-Table concept in the food industry and the transformation of organic are highlighted for your concern. The beneficiary concept in all dimensions of the food sector turned all the entrepreneur’s mindset to apply for their startup. SpotnEats is ready to address this concept in a smooth way and provide the solution for you in a technical manner. Turn the food environment as organic by dropping your idea to [email protected].

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